We Tried A Treat That Actually Helped Our Dogs' Allergies

No more itchy paws 👏🐾

Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites

Why We Love It:

These supplements actually reduced our dogs’ allergy symptoms and kept itching and paw-licking to a minimum. And our pups thought they were delicious!

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Allergy season is such a drag for pups (and parents) who tend to itch and sneeze.

But if you’re looking to help your pup with his springtime sniffles, there are actually dog supplements on the market designed to do just that.

We gave our Dodo dogs Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites so you didn’t have to try them blind.

Here’s why they earned our Dodo dogs’ Paw of Approval.

What Are Zesty Paws Dog Aller-Immune Bites?

Zesty Paws Dog Aller-Immune Bites are supplement chews designed to boost your dog’s immune system and improve his skin health (since many skin conditions in dogs are linked to underlying allergies).

According to the company, the bites should help pups with allergies or sensitive skin feel more comfortable when exposed to allergens, and provide digestive support as well.

They’re made with immune-boosting ingredients like apple cider vinegar, salmon oil and licorice root, as well as probiotics and colostrum.

Each container has 90 chews in it, which will last 30 to 90 days depending on your dog’s size, and sells for $25.97.

The Judges

We picked three office pups with allergies to test it out.

Nico is as sassy as they come, with a huge personality! He is usually described as human-like by people who meet him. He has skin allergies — he is always biting his paws.” — his mom, Vittoriana Camporeale
“Katie loves to cuddle, loves anything with water (pool, ocean, fountain, anything) and she LOVES toys. Katie has really bad allergies where she is constantly licking her paws.” — her mom, Emily Feld
“Maki is a super hilarious, high-energy, total sweetheart who loves dogs and humans. She loves hiking, birdwatching, eating and destroying all of her toys, especially the squeaky ones. She gets seasonal allergies.” — her mom, Sylvie Krekow

So … Did It Help With Our Dogs’ Allergies?

Each of our Dodo dogs were fed daily doses of the chews according to the package instructions, and all three quickly saw improvements in allergy symptoms!

The more consistently I use the product, the less itchy it seems my pet is. Especially during allergy season, Nico's itching increases substantially, but Zesty Paws definitely helps his allergies subside.” — Vittoriana C.

“While Katie’s itching/biting didn't completely go away, I haven't noticed it as much as usual. Her paws are normally really red from her biting them and they look much better after using these for a few weeks.” — Emily F.

“It's hard to say whether it's a result of the specific weather, doing more hiking vs. going to the grassy dog park, or other variables, but Maki certainly hasn't been sneezing as much as usual for spring, which is awesome!” — Sylvie K.

dog with allergies eating a Zesty Paws treat
Nico inspecting his new Zesty Paws bites | Vittoriana Camporeale

What Pets Loved: They Taste Like Treats!

We didn’t have to force our judges to take these supplements — they actually really loved them and wanted to eat them!

Maki loved them from the get-go! She would start licking her lips as soon as she saw me opening the little container, and while she is food-motivated, she doesn't get super excited about just any food/treat.” — Sylvie K.

Nico loves it. We made it a part of his morning routine so he would get a treat after he went to the bathroom in the morning. Sometimes he would take it and not eat it right away. He likes to bury his treats and save them, but it was always eaten within the hour.” — Vittoriana C.

The first time Katie tried it she spit it out, but she's incredibly picky. Now she loves them and we treat them like a treat. When I take the container out of the pantry, she runs over and starts licking her lips.” — Emily F.

Dog eating a Zesty Paws allergy chew
The face of pure happiness. | Sylvie Krekow

What Parents Loved: The Health Benefits!

Our pet parents loved that their pups’ allergies didn’t seem to be bothering them so much.

“I have tried another very similar brand, and while I liked them, I felt like these worked a little bit better.” — Emily F.

I noticed that Nico really wasn't itching as much as he usually would, especially during spring.” — Vittoriana C.

They also liked that the bites are good for their dogs’ overall health.

“It gives him his daily dose of salmon oil, which is beneficial to his health.” — Vittoriana C.

“I love that it's filled with so many great things, and I can use this as a treat to reward Katie instead of a regular dog treat.” — Emily F.

“I always love feeling like I'm giving her something extra that's good for her health.” — Sylvie K.

Our panel noticed the container was super convenient, too.

“The container is cute and easy to read. I also love that the packaging describes every ingredient and what they do.” — Emily F.

“I loved the design and packaging — we've used another Zesty Paws product, and both have been great designs with easy to open/close, solid containers.” — Sylvie K.

Plus, they felt you get a good bang for your buck.

“There's a lot of the vitamins in one container, which is nice that it lasts a while. This is priced just right. Very reasonable for 90 chews.” — Emily F.

“It seems fairly priced for the quality of ingredients.” — Sylvie K.

Dog and his Zesty Paws bites
Katie’s wondering if she can have another bite. | Emily Feld

Any Downsides?

Our panel really didn’t have anything bad to say about the bites, except for the smell.

The only thing I didn't love was the smell — it has probiotics that, while I'm sure [are] great for her tummy, smelled a little funky.” — Sylvie K.

Smell aside, two of our three pet parents are eager to keep using them, and the third tester said she likely would, too.

All three said they would recommend the Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: Your Dog Will Love The Taste, And Feeling Less Itchy

Supplements you don’t have to force your dog to take? Yes, please!

Our dog judges (and their parents) were all super impressed with how quickly the Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites started working — and what’s better than seeing your poor itchy pup get relief for once (especially at a great price)?

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