This Non-Skid Dog Bowl Keeps Water Fresh

Plus it’s dishwasher safe 😍

YETI Boomer Dog Bowl

Why We Loved It:

It’s easy to clean, has a super sleek design and didn’t spill during our pups’ rough housing.

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If your pup spends tons of time outside, it’s super useful to have a designated outdoor water bowl to keep her hydrated between all that running around.

But not all outdoor water bowls are created equal, and it can be tough to find one that’ll hold up against the elements (and your dog).

While collapsible travel bowls might make sense for some trips, they can also be pretty flimsy and not hold up when getting knocked around at a dog park or in the backyard.

That’s why we were so excited to try the YETI Boomer Dog Bowl, because this bowl claims to be durable enough to withstand even the most rambunctious playtime bumps while still keeping your pup’s water fresh.

We were so happy to find out that our dogs loved drinking from the bowl, and it held up to the promise of being sturdy and durable, so we’re giving it our official Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to find out more about what we loved.

What Is The YETI Boomer Dog Bowl?

This dog bowl is designed to be as dependable and adventurous as your best friend. It was created with the intent to not only be good-looking enough to keep inside but also durable enough to be left out in the elements.

This dog bowl comes in two different sizes:

YETI Boomer 4-Cup Dog Bowl
YETI Boomer 8-Cup Dog Bowl

And multiple colors, including:

  • Brick red
  • Highlands olive
  • Seafoam
  • Stainless steel

How Does It Work?

The YETI Boomer Dog Bowl can hold 4 or 8 cups of water and is built with double-wall, non-insulated stainless steel, making it incredibly durable, easy to clean, and resistant to rust and roughhousing.

Whenever you need to clean the bowl, just throw it in the dishwasher so you can spend more time with your pup and less time scrubbing.

Our reviewers

We picked a bunch of Dodo pups who all love to spend time outdoors to see if this bowl could hang.

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Does The YETI Boomer Dog Bowl Work?

When it came to being a bowl that could hang with the big dogs, this YETI had no problem getting the job done.

“We are so impressed with the bowl. It exceeded our expectations — it is strong, sturdy, wide and very easy to clean. Best of all, Barkley seemed to make less of a mess with this bowl than others.” — Rebecca G.

Barkley enjoying his YETI Boomer Dog Bowl | Rebecca Gruber

What We Love About This Dog Bowl

Our dogs loved it

An important factor in judging the YETI Boomer Dog Bowl was if our dogs would actually drink from it — and none of our pets had an issue with it.

“All three boys loved this dog bowl and immediately took a drink when we put it down!” — Jordan S.

It’s durable

This dog bowl holds up to a lifestyle of being tossed around, both into travel bags and at the dog park.

Among YETI's top claims is that this bowl is durable. We found this to be true in our testing, having used it during both instances of play and relaxing. After several uses already, you'd be hard pressed to find any signs of wear — even after we casually tossed it in Gladys' travel bag before heading to the park and other places multiple times.” — Tony M.

Gladys and her YETI Boomer Dog Bowl | Tony Merevick

It’s really non-skid

One feature our human testers loved was that the bowl didn’t budge even when their pups knocked into it.

Our dogs can end up roughhousing, and our typical water bowl can get pushed around. The YETI bowl hasn't moved from the spot we placed it thanks to the bearfoot non-slip ring.” — Spencer F.

Hank and his YETI Boomer Dog Bowl | Jordan Shalhoub

It’s easy to clean

Since it’s dishwasher safe, this bowl can easily be cleaned any time of day.

The three best things about this product are its large size, non-slip ring and the ability to put it in the dishwasher!” — Jordan S.

It looks nice

This bowl isn’t an eyesore, no matter if you leave it inside or outside.

“The YETI Boomer Dog Bowl looks great. I know it doesn't matter what the dog's bowl looks like, but I have to say that it looks great in our kitchen with its clean lines and simple design.” — Rebecca G.

It keeps water fresh

Water kept in this bowl stayed cooler longer than water kept in previous dog bowls.

“Gladys is very particular about her water. It needs to be super fresh and super cold. Thankfully, the YETI bowl keeps water cooler than our previous dog bowls, making it ideal for when we're sitting outside at restaurants or similar places.” — Tony M.

The Downsides

It can get a little heavy

The 8-cup bowl can get a little heavy once filled to the brim.

There aren't many cons about this item, but it is a little heavy once it's filled, so you just have to be prepared for that.” — Jordan S.

So while it might not be the best portable option for carrying on a hike, you can still pack it away for a camping trip.

The 4-cup option might be a little pricey

This bowl comes in two sizes (4-cup and 8-cup), but the price for the smaller version doesn’t totally make sense. The 8-cup version is $49.99, while the 4-cup is $39.99.

Spencer says he does think the price is worth it for the 8-cup option, but isn’t too sure about the 4-cup one — especially since he has big dogs.

Personally, I would pay $50 for a well-made 8-cup multipurpose dog bowl. But, I think $40 is a little too pricey for a 4-cup bowl as 4 cups is quite small for large dogs.” — Spencer F.

Is The YETI Boomer Dog Bowl Worth It?

While you might be spending more than you typically would on a dog bowl, we think this one is totally worth it for the high-quality gear you’re investing in for your pup.

The YETI bowl is definitely a bit pricier than other dog bowls, but I'd be willing to pay the extra dollars for the comfort I have knowing that my dog can easily drink out of the bowl and make less of a mess!” — Rebecca G.

Sasha and her YETI Boomer Dog Bowl | Spencer Fiock

“Unlike other dog bowls we've used for the purpose of providing water to Gladys during play and while out and about, I'm pretty sure that this bowl will last forever. Its quality and durability make it the perfect product for these daily needs. The ability to toss it in the dishwasher will prevent us from purchasing a different bowl out of frustration.” — Tony M.

Get The YETI Boomer Dog Bowl from Amazon for $49.98


Can I customize a YETI dog bowl?

You can personalize a YETI Dog Bowl for your pup to include his name or a special design. Their customization process creates a permanent, ultra-durable finish on the exterior of the bowl, so it’s super high quality. To get your YETI personalized, click the “CUSTOMIZE IT” option on the YETI site.

Customize a 4-cup Boomer Dog Bowl
Customize a 8-cup Boomer Dog Bowl

Will YETI dog bowls keep my dogs' water cold?

These dog bowls don’t seal shut, so they won’t keep water cool for as long as a normal YETI tumbler would — but since they’re double-walled and non-insulated, water will stay fresher than it would in a standard dog bowl.

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