We Found A Toy That Will Drive Your Cat Nuts (In The Best Way)

Watching them paw at it is the cutest thing 😍

Yeowww! Catnip Banana Toy

Why We Love It:

It’s a toy our cats actually enjoy playing with. It’s so cute to watch them obsessively kangaroo kick it.

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Trying to find a toy your cat actually wants to play with can feel like an uphill battle, especially if he’s picky when it comes to playtime.

There are probably some things you know your cat loves, and others he won’t touch. And since catnip can be a pretty reliable incentive, we tried the Yeowww! Banana Catnip Toy on our own cats to see if they’d actually like playing with it.

The verdict? Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Yeowww! Banana Catnip Toy?

The Yeowww! banana is a cat toy that’s filled with catnip to draw in your BFF, and made with durable cotton fabric to hold up against his teeth and claws.

Yeowww! has high standards when it comes to the catnip they use in their toys. The company works with private farmers in the U.S. to grow 100 percent organic catnip, and samples each harvest for things like smell, color and freshness before deciding which batch makes it into their toys.

Yeowww! dried catnip is made using only the leaves and the flower tops, and the plant is cured before use to make the finished product extra potent. 

When it comes to the fabric, Yeowww! catnip toys are made with non-bleed, vegetable-based dyes to get those vibrant colors.

The Judges

We picked three Dodo cat judges who are extra picky about toys (to make the judging super tough).

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So … Did Our Cats Actually Play With It?

The Yeowww! banana was an instant obsession for our picky judges.

The banana toy is Rumi's favorite by far! That seems to be the toy she engages with the most — I can't get enough of her happy little kicks when she has it in her paws! ” — Zainab A.

The banana was a hit for Nike. As soon as she sees it she attacks it, and loves to do bunny kicks all day long.” — Olivia M.

Mopps stops to play with it or lick it every day!” — Yanise C.

cat and yeowww banana cat toy
Rumi and her new favorite toy | Zainab Akande

What Pets Loved: It’s Great For Kicking!

Our cats couldn’t stop kangaroo kicking the Yeowww! banana.

Rumi loves to roughhouse with it by holding onto it with her front paws and using her back paws to kick at it. The banana shape is perfect for this type of play!” — Zainab A.

Mopps is OBSESSED with this banana. Whenever I put it near him, he goes in for the lick and kick.” — Yanise C.

“The shape is really great as it allows Nike to hold onto it with her front paws and kick at it with her back paws. He just seems happier overall.” — Olivia M.

cat and yeowww banana cat toy
Mopps does this all the time. | Yanise Cabrera

What Parents Loved: It’s Got That Quality Catnip!

Our pet parents were thrilled that their picky cats couldn’t get enough of the Yeowww! banana.

Because it's hard to get him to play, I'm always happy to see him play with this banana all on his own! And he's always so cute when he does it.” — Yanise C.

They also loved how high-quality the Yeowww! catnip was.

I love that they use natural catnip and natural dyes, especially since Mopps licks it so much.” — Yanise C.

It has just enough catnip in it. Some catnip toys would smell up the entire room; the unpeeled catnip banana smell is not that strong but still does the job.” — Olivia M.

Not to mention, it’s absolutely adorable.

I thought the banana toy was cute. It was simple in design, but stood up well to my cat kicking and clawing at it while playing.” — Zainab A.

“I love it too! It's so cute. Such a cute toy.”  — Yanise C.

The Yeowww! banana is super durable and remained in great shape despite our judges getting some serious mileage out of playing with it.

“The banana toy was very firm and stiff to the touch, which makes sense as I think that texture helps it stand up to the wear and tear of a cat’s nails.” — Zainab A.

“I really like the unpeeled banana, especially because it is great quality. Despite the fact that she bites at it for hours, there's absolutely zero tear! The fabric is really soft yet strong.” — Olivia M.

It holds up to Mopps’ incessant licking. The fabric is thicker than expected.” — Yanise C.

And it’s nice and safe.

“I'm glad no strings are involved, literally and figuratively.” — Yanise C.

And at just $5.99, all three of our pet parents feel the Yeowww! catnip banana is a total steal.

Any Downsides?

Our pet parents had to seriously rack their brains to come up with anything bad to say about it.

I wish it would have been slightly bigger, but it's a great toy overall. Nothing to complain about.” — Olivia M.

So, it’s really no surprise that all three of our human testers said they would continue using the Yeowww! banana, and recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: A Great, Cheap Toy Your Cat Will Love!

Even picky cats can’t help but fall in love with the Yeowww! banana, which made it a huge win.

Seriously, what’s cuter than watching your cat happily kangaroo kick away at an adorable, banana-shaped toy?

And you can really tell how much energy the company puts into picking and stuffing the Yeowww! catnip into the banana toy. We personally love how long it lasts — without smelling overwhelming — and our cats love how strong it is, because it keeps them hooked.

It’s so affordable and durable that you’re going to get way more than your money’s worth out of this toy.

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