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We Found A Custom Pet Blanket You Won't Want To Hide When Company's Over

It's ART 🎨

Woof Blankets

Why We Love It:

It’s comfy, cozy, modern and one-of-a-kind — and says “I love my pet” in a way that’s actually stylish.

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It’s everything the most obsessed pet parents never knew they needed: a custom blanket with your pet’s face on it.

But it can be tricky ordering personalized pet products because you never know just how they’ll come out.

What if it doesn’t look like your pet? What if it does, but it’s not actually comfy or functional?

Well, The Dodo tested a custom pet blanket from Woof Blankets so you don’t have to blindly take the leap.

Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Are Woof Blankets?

Woof Blankets are custom fleece blankets with your pet’s face right on them.

They come in a bunch of different styles, including:

The way it works is pretty simple. First things first: Take your pet’s picture (or track down your favorite pic). Then, you’ll select the theme, size and style of blanket you want, and upload your photo.

Once you’ve fully customized your pet blanket, you’re all set to check out.

The Woof Blankets artists will create a stylized portrait of your BFF for that super special touch, and email you design previews within five business days. If you don’t like what you see, you can just ask for a revision.

Once you’re happy with a design, approve your favorite option and the artists will get to work. At that point, all you have to do is wait for your Woof Blanket to arrive.

The Judge

We picked a Dodo dog who was in the market for a custom pet blanket to try (though her obsessed mom was the real judge here).

Boo is a 14-year-old senior Yorkie who loves grass, naps and walks by the beach.” — her mom, Marti Trgovich

So … Does It Actually Look Like Our Pet?

When Marti’s custom pet blanket arrived, she was blown away when she saw it was a spitting image of Boo.

The image of Boo is perfect! I was surprised by how well the blanket completely captures her likeness.” — Marti T.

The likeness was so uncanny that Marti said she’d definitely recommend Woof Blankets to other pet parents, or even gifting one to her friends or family.

“If I was looking for a gift, this is definitely something I would buy someone else if I thought they would like it.” — Marti T.

Boo and her twin Woof Blanket. | Marti Trgovich

What Boo Loved: It’s Super Comfy!

Boo saw the custom pet blanket and decided it was her new favorite hiding and snuggling spot. (How could it not be? It looks just like her.)

Boo loved this blanket. She immediately ran all over it and dove underneath it to play hide-and-seek before curling up on it.” — Marti T.

Boo especially loved that she could run all over it without worrying that her nails will catch on it.

“A lot of blankets that I use on the bed are knit, and Boo can easily snag a nail on a loose thread and get stuck. This blanket is very smooth, so no snagging.” — Marti T.

What Boo’s Mom Loved: It’s Actually A Great Blanket, Too!

Not only did the Woof Blanket look just like Boo, but Marti also loved how soft it is — which is one of the best things a blanket can be.

It's lightweight enough that it's not overwhelming, but it's still cozy, and it's very soft. It's also huge and covers a full-size bed (at least the size I got does).” — Marti T.

Between the material and the quality, Marti felt it’s a really nice blanket.

I wouldn't put it on par with, say, an expensive comforter that one might purchase for their bed. But it’s on par with nice fleece blankets one would buy somewhere like Target. It's much nicer than I expected!” — Marti T.

Besides, you can’t get your pet’s face on just any blanket. (And let’s be honest, that’s the real perk here!)

Any Downsides?

If you’re used to throwing all your blankets in the dryer when you do laundry, you might have to make a teeny adjustment.

My understanding is that you can't put it in a dryer, so that might be annoying for some people, but I don't mind.” — Marti T.

Marti also mentioned that the blanket is a bit on the pricey side — but if cost is a concern for you, Woof does offer some designs that are cheaper than others.

The single-color background Woof Blankets start at $54.95. The collage option starts at $65.95. The Woof Blankets with black and white backgrounds start at $89.95. All the others start at $79.95.

(But you can use our exclusive code DODO for 10% off!)

Our Takeaway: You’ll Cherish This Blanket Forever!

Woof Blankets are a great buy for people who are obsessed with their pets but want to be stylish about it.

Because they create custom portraits of your pet to use on the blanket, the final product feels much more upscale than similar options on the market (which usually just reproduce a photo of your pet). 

Plus it’s a great overall blanket, for you and your pet — comfy, soft and durable. And at its reasonable price point, it can’t be beat. 

If you want to take your pet obsession to the next level, this is one way to make it functional, too.

(And don't forget to use code DODO for 10% off!)

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