We Tried This Instagram-Worthy Walk Kit And It's Even Better IRL

So many colors 😍🌈

Wild One Harness Walk Kit

Why We Love It:

This might just be the most stylish walk kit around (we’re dying over those colors). Everything included is super high-quality, practical and totally Instagram-worthy.

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The leash-pulling problem is basically a dog parent’s right of passage.

A harness can help the issue — and bonus points if it matches your leash and poop bag dispenser.

But is a color-coordinated set worth the splurge?

Our Dodo dogs tested out the Wild One Harness Walk Kit so you don’t have to.

The results are in! Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Wild One Harness Walk Kit?

Wild One is known for its trendsetting, sleek, colorful, modern dog accessories — and the Wild One Harness Walk Kit is no exception. The harness walk kit is a bundle that includes the company’s popular adjustable leash, harness and poop bag carrier.

According to Wild One, the harness is designed to be lightweight, and the leash is waterproof and dirt-resistant.

The set comes in a bunch of fun colors — including lilac, coral, green and blue — or you can even mix and match each item if you can’t choose just one color.

The harness sizes range from extra small to large, and you can choose either a standard leash (which is 5 and a half feet) or a small leash (which is 4 and a half feet).

The kit costs $98 — a $20 discount off purchasing each item individually. (And with our code DODO, you get an additional 10% off site-wide!)

The Judges

We picked three office pups who love getting their steps in to test out the Wild One Harness Walk Kit.

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So … Did It Hold Up On Walks?

Our pet parents loved how the Wild One Harness Walk Kit looked and felt. But the surprise perk? Turns out it seriously reduced leash-pulling in all three of our testers.

“Oliver has a tendency to really pull on his walks, and sometimes it can be difficult to get him to walk ahead of me. However, I found him to continuously be walking ahead of me for a change, and with a pep in his step!” — Haley C.

“The harness offered three places to clip the leash, and we found that the clip on Moose’s middle-back reduced pulling as we walked.” — Cristal C.

“Because Auggie is a puppy, front-clip harnesses are key to our success to stop pulling! The Wild One Harness does a fantastic job at keeping our puppy on course, and really helps to minimize pulling.” — Amanda G.

Plus, those dirt-resistant and waterproof claims turned out to be pretty legit.

“The leash definitely held up in the rain, and it was clear that it is in fact dirt-resistant and waterproof. If anything gets on it, it’s really easy to wipe away with a wet paper towel or a damp cloth.” — Haley C.

“The harness is high-quality! Especially in the navy blue color, you can't see the dirt!” — Amanda G.

“The leash's texture made it extremely easy to clean.” — Cristal C.

Dog with his Wild One harness
Oliver sports his matching Wild One harness and leash. | Haley Carlucci

What Pets Loved: Going About Their Business As Usual

Two of our pups were vibing with the Wild One harness right away, and acted like they weren’t even wearing anything at all.

“Auggie enjoyed life as normal, which I consider a big success!! A harness should feel like your own skin, and this does for our puppy, Auggie!” — Amanda G.

“Moose loved it! He ran around with it on comfortably.” — Cristal C.

Oliver, however, didn’t fall in love as immediately, since the Wild One harness is thicker than the one he was used to.

But he came around pretty quickly.

“By the second walk, Oliver was much more willing to get into the harness, and he didn’t refuse to move! He was ready to get out there and didn’t put up any sort of fuss! In fact, I could swear by the end of our second walk he was strutting, even.” — Haley C.

Wild One walking harness review
Moose is the most handsome boy in his harness. | Cristal Cameron

What Parents Loved: The Quality And The Style!

At $98, the kit is a splurge compared to some lower-budget options. But our judging panel agreed that the quality really justified the cost.

“You can tell as soon as you receive the harness set in the mail that it is high-quality! The material is extremely durable and well-made.” — Haley C.

“The product is extremely well-made and easy to clean. The material and quality are amazing and the versatility is such a nice feature.” — Cristal C.

“It's an incredibly sturdy harness with great fabric.” — Amanda G.

Plus, the look was gorgeous.

“The matching harness, leash and bag holders are SO sleek and beautiful. I think it's the best-looking harness and walk kit on the market.” — Amanda G.

“The harness itself is sturdy and beautiful. We received multiple compliments on walks and in the dog park!” — Cristal C.

“I also really loved the color in person. I ordered the ‘spruce’ and it is a very vibrant green.” — Haley C.

Even the poop bags that came with the dispenser were a big hit.

“The poop bags that came with the kit are 100 percent the nicest we've ever used. They were durable, soft and a great color. I was so impressed with them that when we went back to our old ones after they ran out, I was disappointed!” — Cristal C.

“The poop bags happen to be biodegradable, and I found the bags themselves to be particularly easy to use. The bags that I have been using prior to Wild One’s have been very difficult to open, so that was a nice surprise!” — Haley C.

Cute dog in his Wild One harness
Auggie rocking his blue harness. | Amanda Gottesman

Any Downsides?

Getting the harness on and off was definitely the toughest part for our pups — and their parents.

“Removing it proved to be a bit difficult. Moose has lots of fur and fluff, so it seemed to snag on the way of us removing it over his head. Getting it on and off is not as simple as with his former harness” — Cristal C.

“It's not easy to slip it off over our dog's head. It takes a bit of time to wiggle it off, which is unfortunate.” — Amanda G.

“When I first put the harness on Oliver, he did not have the most positive reaction to it, mainly because I didn’t loosen the harness straps before putting it over his head!” — Haley C.

Sizing can also be a bit tricky if your pup’s measurements fall under two different ranges.

“If your dog is in between sizes, I would definitely recommend sizing DOWN.” — Haley C.

That being said, our entire judging panel said they’d continue using the Wild One Harness Walk Kit.

At least one pup parent is going to expand her collection.

“We plan to purchase the collar as well to use at the beach so Moose can play in the water and not leave with a soaked harness.” — Cristal C.

Our Takeaway: Treat Yourself To A Walk Kit That’s Stylish And Functional

The Wild One Harness Walk Kit definitely holds up to the hype. Even if the price tag seems hefty, you absolutely get your money’s worth. 

The material is durable, easy-to-clean and high-quality, and, as one of our testers said, it’s arguably the most stylish option on the market. 

Plus, there’s something so satisfying about having a harness, leash and poop bag carrier that all match perfectly.

(And don’t forget to use code DODO for 10% off site-wide!)

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