This Stylish Dog Carrier Will Actually Go With Your Outfit

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Wild One Everyday Carrier

Why We Love It:

It’s as functional as it is stylish — and that’s saying something!

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Do you ever wish your dog’s carrier wasn’t so, well, ugly? Or maybe that it was a little less awkward to carry?

Enter the Wild One Everyday Carrier. We were so stoked to try this out because this carrier is actually fashionable — and even Instagram-worthy!

We decided to give it our official Paw of Approval because it’s so much more than a good-looking bag. It’s also a super sturdy carrier that makes our pets feel safe and comfortable.

Keep reading to find out what else we loved about the Wild One Everyday Carrier.

What Is The Wild One Everyday Carrier?

The Wild One Everyday Carrier is an incredibly sleek pet carrier that looks like a stylish oversized purse.

According to Wild One’s website, it can carry dogs up to 20 pounds, and it has a hook inside that you can attach to your pup’s collar so he can’t wriggle out.

To make carrying your dog extra convenient, the Wild One Everyday Carrier’s designed with two different length straps — one for carrying him by hand and one for over-the-shoulder use.

Plus, it has four pockets, both on the inside and outside of the carrier, to hold your phone and wallet on top of everything your dog needs, too.

This bag’s also made with the environment in mind, since the knit exterior is made entirely of recycled materials (80 water bottles per bag, to be exact).

And to make cleanup a little easier, the inside mat is machine washable — though you’ll still have to hand-wash the bag itself.

The Wild One Everyday Carrier is available in three gorgeous colors: black, lilac and cocoa.

Our Reviewers

We picked three Dodo dogs who need to be carried fairly frequently to give the Wild One Everyday Carrier a try.

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Does The Wild One Everyday Carrier Work?

The Wild One Everyday Carrier was perfect for carrying our dogs, especially when they needed a break from an extra-long walk.

I love to walk 3 to 3.5 miles in the morning, and so this bag has been perfect for mid-walk when she has reached her max — instead of carrying her in my arms, which I normally have to do, I brought my everyday carrier bag and it was perfect!” — Taylor C.

Our pup parents were thrilled that their BFFs were contained and comfortable while in the bag.

I would put her in, attach her to the collar hook, remove her leash and zip her in. She would then relax the rest of the walk while I got my steps in.” — Taylor C.

“Because of the higher sides of the Wild One bag, it definitely gives her more support to lean when she's sitting up.” — Jane Y.

wild one everyday carrier
Ava in her Wild One Everyday Carrier | Taylor Celentano

What We Love

There’s so much we love about the Wild One Everyday Carrier.

It holds so much

Not only does this carrier have enough space for your 20-pound dog, but there are also plenty of pockets to hold your belongings, too, which is super convenient for our testers.

“This bag is so spacious — I am able to hold my keys, wallet, phone and her leash.” — Taylor C.

It’s durable

The Wild One Everyday Carrier feels like it’s made with high-quality materials, so our pet parents are confident it’ll last quite a while.

“It's like a dense woven knit with an interior layer, so it feels thick and sturdy.” — Jane Y.

“Overall the bag and its pieces feel well constructed and long lasting. It can stand up to daily use.” — Marissa D.

Our dogs feel safe in it

Because it’s so durable and sturdy, we’re convinced our pups feel nice and secure being carried around in this bag.

“I believe it gives her a sense of safety that she didn't always have when I would have to carry her in my arms in busy streets.” — Taylor C.

Dolly, who can get anxious when there’s too much going on around her, acts super relaxed when she’s inside the Wild One Everyday Carrier.

“It relieves Dolly of being a small dog on the ground amongst a bunch of chaos. I think being in the carrier allows her to relax while still being able to comfortably see everything that's going on.” — Marissa D.

wild one everyday carrier
Lucy felt so comfortable in this bag. | Jane Yum

It’s so convenient

This bag is super easy to use, too, since getting your pup in and out’s a breeze.

“All I have to do is pick her up and place her in the bag. I love how quick it is to just place her in and zip it up.” — Marissa D.

“It's really easy to pop her in the bag, and she can easily get out of it on her own when done, so that makes for a stress-free experience, too.” — Jane Y.

It’s eco-friendly

Our pet parents really appreciated that the Wild One Everyday Carrier’s designed with sustainability in mind.

“I love that it's made of recycled plastic, and that they list what everything is made of on the slip that comes in the packaging.” — Marissa D.

It’s gorgeous

Plus, it’s absolutely stunning to look at and will actually look like it’s part of your outfit, unlike other carriers that are very obviously, well, pet carriers.

“I was struck by the beautiful color and look of it when I opened the package.” — Jane Y.

wild one everyday carrier
It’s so stylish. | Marissa Dickson

The straps are versatile

Since there are two different length straps, you can carry your dog however is most comfortable for you.

“I was super happy with the two strap sizes since I've had a hard time finding a bag with the perfect strap length. The longer straps on the Wild One bag hit at a great spot, and I didn't realize what I was missing with the smaller hand straps until I tried them here. They're so convenient for a quick pickup if you need to put the bag down for a minute.” — Jane Y.

The Downsides

There are a couple small downsides to the Wild One Everyday Carrier.

It can be a lot of weight on one shoulder

Like with any shoulder bag, adding a bunch of weight — like, say, a 20-pound dog — can be a lot on your shoulder after a while.

It does cause some shoulder strain for me if I carry Lucy for too long, but that's with any shoulder bag with 20 pounds of weight in it, so not a specific negative for this brand, just something to keep in mind with any shoulder-strap bag.” — Jane Y.

One of our pet parents wished there was a little more padding on the shoulder straps to reduce any discomfort.

I DO think maybe an additional cushion pad on the shoulder straps would be beneficial for pets who are closer to the 20-pound weight or for just long-term use no matter the dog’s weight.” — Taylor C.

Sizing isn’t perfect

The Wild One Everyday Carrier is 21.5 inches long, 7.5 inches wide and 14.25 inches high.

All dogs are shaped differently, so even if they fit this bag’s weight limit, it might not be wide or deep enough to accommodate certain pups.

“Specifically for my dog, she doesn't fit perfectly in the bag despite being 16 pounds. She has long legs, so she can't really lay down comfortably in it, but it's still easy to carry the bag with her sitting in it instead of laying.” — Marissa D.

One pet parent also noticed it’s not super clear what the weight capacity actually is.

“The weight capacity limits are a bit confusing because the website says in one place it's recommended for use with dogs up to 16 pounds, and then elsewhere it says up to 20 pounds, and then the product tag says up to 25 pounds.” — Jane Y.

wild one everyday carrier
Dolly’s legs are too long for her to lie down in the bag. | Marissa Dickson

It’s definitely a splurge

The Wild One Everyday Carrier will set you back $150, which all of our reviewers agreed is pretty expensive for a pet carrier.

Is The Wild One Everyday Carrier Worth It?

The Wild One Everyday Carrier is as functional as it is stylish, which is always amazing.

Your pup will feel comfortable and secure, and you’ll both look great while you’re toting him around.

So, all our reviewers felt the higher price tag is justified, considering you’re getting such a fashionable, high-quality and durable product.

Despite the few downsides, all of our human testers plan to continue using the Wild One Everyday Carrier and will gladly recommend it to other pet parents.


How to find the best dog carrier

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In order to figure out the right length, measure your pup from his neck to his tail and add a couple inches to give him some extra space.

To calculate the right height, measure from his shoulders to the ground.

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