Our Dogs Loved Playing With These Instagrammable Toys

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Wild One Toy Kit

Wild One Toy Kit

Why We Love It:

Just look at them! Most dog toys are embarrassing eyesores but these are actually gorgeous. 

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The harsh reality is that many dog toys are really, truly ugly, which is probably why you want to put them away as soon as playtime is over.

However, in what is probably the biggest plot twist in pet- parent history, Wild One makes dog toys that are actually super stylish.

Seriously, they’re so cute that you actually wouldn’t mind having them strewn all over the floor (even when you’re expecting company).

But the question is: Are they actually fun to play with?

Our dogs took these social- media-worthy toys for a test drive — and here’s why they earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Wild One Toy Kit?

The Wild One Toy Kit is a dog toy bundle that includes three different playthings for your pup, and they’re so cute that they’re fit for your Instagram feed. (No, not just your story. We’re talking grid aesthetic.) They come in four super fun colors, including lilac, blush, navy and tan, so they’re suitable for any style.

The Triangle Tug is a tug-of-war toy made up of two shapes: a rubber triangle connected to a cotton rope ring. Having different textures is a great way to switch up such a classic game. (Just remember to watch your dog while he’s playing with rope toys, especially if he’s a heavy chewer!)

The Twist Toss isn’t your typical rubber ball dog toy. It’s got an interesting shape that’ll make it bounce unpredictably (which will keep your pup on his toes while he tries to chase it down). You can also fill it with peanut butter for an extra special play session.

The Bolt Bite is a chew toy that’s got a couple 90-degree angles to keep things interesting. The rubber should hold up against even the heaviest chewers, and there are holes on the ends where you can hide treats for extra fun. (Bonus points: You can clean it in the top rack of your dishwasher!)

If you want to mix and match the colors, or just prefer one type of toy, you could always buy the Triangle Tug, Twist Toss and Bolt Bite individually.

But if you’re planning on getting all three, it’s actually cheaper to just go for the kit. (Plus, you can get 10% off the entire Wild One site with our exclusive code DODO.)

The Judges

We picked three office pups who love to chew and tug to see if these dog toys are more than just pretty.

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So … Did Our Dogs Actually Play With Them?

The Wild One Toy Kit didn’t just look good to our pet parents — it looked good to their pups, too. Our dogs were instantly obsessed with their three new toys.

“Even when they were placed in the toy bin with other and older toys, Dash and Cali most often would select this from the pile as THE toy they wanted to run around crazy with each other and play-fight over.” —  Allison  D.

“Riley played with these toys as soon as she got them out of the package! She loves new toys and was instantly intrigued.” — Anna P.

“The Twist Toss held up the best for Moose because he didn't use it so much as a chew toy and was more interested in chasing it.” — Sami S.

Our judges liked the Wild One dog toys so much that they didn’t even fall victim to the typical new- toy burnout.

“Once Riley gets new toys she plays with ONLY them for a few weeks. We still haven't gotten over this hump where she isn't interested in them yet.” — Anna P.

Riley and her new favorite toy. | Anna Perez

What Pets Loved: There’s Something For Every Play Style!

Since the Wild One Toy Kit comes with three different dog toys, there’s something in there for every dog, no matter their play style.

In fact, each of our judges had a different favorite toy.

“Riley’s favorite by far is the Bolt Bite. I think this one is easiest for her to hold in her mouth, and also the easiest for her to get the peanut butter out from the inside.” — Anna P.

“The Twist Toss occupied Moose without much help from me. He loved chasing the toy around.” — Sami S.

“Triangle Tug was the favorite. While it was heavier and larger to carry around, they liked it enough that they didn't mind running throughout the house to taunt and play with one another in a chase to then end in a tug-of-war.” — Allison D.

Dash and Cali loved that they could use the toys to play together. | Allison Dombrow

What Parents Loved: They Aren’t Ugly!

Dog toys aren’t exactly known to be easy on the eyes. But the Wild One dog toys are so beautiful that they could practically be part of your decor.

“The designs are great and modern- looking (I don't mind them being out when company is over), whereas a lot of other toys are not so nice to look at. I also really liked the lilac color as it wasn't too flashy. They don't look gross and wet after being played with.” — Anna P.

“I loved the lilac color of it. It was very pretty.” — Allison D.

They’re not just gorgeous — they’re tough, too. The rubber held up against our dogs’ teeth (and they really love to chew things).

“They withstand the chewing my dog loves to get at, and don't break apart in her mouth. They are very heavy and feel really high-quality unlike some other brands. I could tell that these were made using nice materials and would last.” — Anna P.

“This product claims to be durable and sturdy, and it CERTAINLY was that.” — Allison D.

Moose loves a good game of tug-of-war. | Sami Shames

Any Downsides?

Unsurprisingly, the rope on the Triangle Tug toy wasn’t as sturdy as the rubber on the rest of the Wild One dog toys.

“Dash and Cali mostly played with the Triangle Tug toy and the rope did start to fray in certain spots, but that is to be expected.” — Allison D.

“The triangle part of the toy (with the rope) would sometimes hit my dog's face when she shook her head during tug- of- war. The rope also appeared to become slowly broken over time. I expect within the next two to three months it may come off with use from playing.” — Anna P.

Even the rubber wasn’t immune to a few teeth marks from a heavier chewer.

“I'm not sure the material is durable enough for an extreme chewer. If I didn't supervise Moose, I'm concerned by how much damage he may have been able to do to the Bolt Bite and Triangle Tug.” — Sami S.

Our pet parents were a little conflicted about the price (they were torn between feeling like the toys were overpriced, priced just right and expensive but fair).

The Toy Kit costs $36, a little cheaper than if you were to buy the toys individually. On their own, the Triangle Tug is $16, the Bolt Bite is $13 and the Twist Toss is $10.

“Without knowing the product or brand, I would think $36 is on the high end for three dog toys — though after using them, I do see the value and feel that it is a fair price.” — Anna P.

Overall, though, all three of our human testers said they would recommend the Wild One Toy Kit to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: They’re Instagram-Worthy Fun!

The Wild One dog toys look so good that they could turn your pup into an instant influencer with one post to the ’gram.

But your dog doesn’t care about the fame. He’ll just love that each toy is tons of fun, and the Wild One Toy Kit gives him the option to tug, fetch or just chew his little heart out.

(And don't forget to use our code DODO for 10% the whole site!)

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