This Treat Is Made With Real Superfoods — And Our Dogs Are Obsessed

Total win-win 👅

Wild Earth Superfood Dog Treats With Koji

Why We Love Them:

Our dogs went totally nuts for these treats! Plus, they’re made with superfoods and natural ingredients, so we know we’re giving them something healthy.

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As a loving pet parent, you just want to give your dog the absolute best things for him. But so many treats are made with questionable meat fillers and processed ingredients.

But have you ever wondered about getting your dog in on the superfood craze that’s taken the (human) world by storm?

That’s why we wanted to try Wild Earth’s Superfood Dog Treats with koji, to see if they were worth the hype — and if premium treats full of clean ingredients would be something our dogs actually like.

Well we tested them on our own dogs, and not only are Wild Earth’s Superfood Dog Treats with koji sustainable and extremely healthy, but our dogs liked them so much that they literally started drooling.

Read on to find out more about why we loved them so much — and why they earned our Paw of Approval.

What Are The Superfood Dog Treats With Koji?

These Wild Earth dog treats claim to be the first plant-based dog treat in the world that are made with koji, a Japanese fungus that’s known as a superfood in human cuisine.

Koji is considered a complete protein, meaning it contains all 10 essential amino acids your dog needs.

Because it’s plant-based, koji is an environmentally sustainable alternative to animal protein, and, according to Wild Earth, these koji dog treats require 90 percent fewer resources to produce than meat-based treats.

Koji isn’t just healthy — it’s tasty, too! Koji is known for its umami flavor, so these treats are supposed to be extra yummy. (In human cooking, it lends its flavor to lots of delicious fermented products in Japanese cuisine, like miso paste.)

These treats are also made with other healthy, plant-based ingredients like oats, flaxseed and peanut butter.

The Wild Earth koji treats are also supposed to be good for your dog’s gut health since they’re full of prebiotics and fatty acids.

Each treat is only 15 calories and they’re free of fillers, additives and preservatives. These Wild Earth dog treats are available in three different flavors: peanut butter, strawberry and beet, and banana and cinnamon.

The Judges

We picked four office dogs with varying levels of pickiness to see if the Wild Earth Superfood Dog Treats are as delicious as they are healthy.

Ellie isn't super food motivated, so it can be hard to find treats that she really loves.” — her person, Hannah Packer
He can be picky about treats. If a treat isn't his favorite, he won't work for them. He can be stubborn.” — his person, Genevieve Farrell
“Squash is very food motivated, but he's not picky about what he eats. He's always curious to try something new.” — his person, Conor Spicer
“Levi is the most food-motivated dog I know. He eats anything and everything. I've always opted for clean, healthy foods since he was a young puppy, so he has a palate for them.” — his person, Sam Negrin

So … Did Our Dogs Actually Like Them?

Some of our judges were instantly obsessed with the Wild Earth koji treats, while others needed to take an extra sniff before falling in love.

Either way, our pups — even the extra-picky ones — became so hooked that they started doing things they really don’t do with other treats.

Levi only drools when he really wants something — seriously, he's not a big drool guy! I always make him ‘wait’ before giving him a treat, and I'm amazed at how much he salivated.” — Sam N.

After Squash got used to the size and flavor, he loved snacking on them. He'd take the treat, then lay down and devour it. He doesn't do that with any other treats.” — Conor S.

Ellie is always a bit apprehensive when trying new things, but after a few sniffs of these, she approved and gobbled them down. Ellie really seems to like these, and since she's a bit picky, that's a win!” — Hannah P.

“Bobo liked them instantly and perks up when he sees the bag. During the course of testing, Bobo finished almost all of these treats.” — Genevieve F.

dog with wild earth koji treats
Squash loves his Wild Earth koji treats. | Conor Spicer

What Pets Loved: They’re The Best Training Motivation!

Because these treats were so high-value, they made for a great training tool. The Wild Earth koji dog treats were so delicious that our pups made sure to be extra good during training sessions.

I practice commands with Ellie a few times a day, so she'd get a Wild Earth treat every time she was a good girl and listened. She did seem more excited about these treats than the ones I've given her in the past, which is helpful for me when we're training!” — Hannah P.

“I found that Bobo responded well when he saw I was holding these treat bags and would pay attention during our training sessions. If he doesn't like the treats, he won't be motivated to do what we ask him.” — Genevieve F.

“Since the treats were larger, we'd reward Squash with one after a training session.” — Conor S.

wild earth koji dog treats
Bobo is waiting so patiently like such a good boy. | Genevieve Farrell

What Parents Loved: They’re Made With Superfoods!

Our pet parents were extra excited because these Wild Earth dog treats are full of healthy ingredients that they’re obsessed with in their own diets.

I like the natural ingredients in the Wild Earth dog treats. I also liked that it was koji-based vs. meat-based — I eat koji in my own diet, so I was curious to see if Squash would also like it. And it doesn't contain any strange ingredients that Squash shouldn't be eating.” — Conor S.

“I really care about the ingredients I feed Levi, and knowing that I'm giving him health-minded treats is super important. He pretty much loved each flavor immediately, and it made me happy because I know they're healthy for him.” — Sam N.

I like that these are a healthy, sustainable, protein-packed treat. The ingredients are clean and there are no fillers/preservatives!” — Genevieve F.

These definitely seem like high-quality treats.” — Hannah P.

wild earth koji dog treats
These treats even look healthy. | Hannah Packer

These plant-based snacks are also good for the environment, which went a long way with our human testers.

“I also appreciated that they are sustainable, with 90 percent fewer resources required than meat-based treats.” — Genevieve F.

The Wild Earth koji treats are also bigger than a lot of treats out there, which our pet parents thought was a nice change of pace.

“It's a decent-sized biscuit that takes a minute or two to chew and it's good for a treat when I leave Levi at home for a little by himself or before bed.” — Sam N.

“It's a good size to be a bigger treat.” — Conor S.

wild earth koji dog treats
Levi about to gobble a Wild Earth koji treat | Sam Negrin

Any Downsides?

Since these are premium dog treats, they come at a slightly higher price point — a 5-ounce bag goes for $10. One tester noted this might be a little too expensive to regularly stock up.

“This product is definitely more expensive for dog treats. We'll likely keep a bag around as a bigger reward for Squash, but wouldn't replace our dog treats with them altogether” — Conor S.

Despite the price, all of our human judges said they’d definitely buy these treats again because the quality is that good. They also said they’d enthusiastically recommend them to other pet parents since it’s so nice to find healthy superfood treats your dog will love to eat.

Our Takeaway: Our Dogs’ Reactions Say It All!

The Wild Earth koji dog treats are as delicious as they are healthy, and that’s really saying something since they’re made with an actual superfood.

Even our most picky pups were obsessed with these snacks, and one judge was literally drooling over them.

Our dogs liked their Wild Earth treats so much that they paid extra-close attention during training sessions, so everyone wins!

(And these treats get bonus points for being sustainable, too.)


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