The Smart Tug Toy That Saves Your Fingers From Getting Nipped

It’s great for fetch, too!

West Paw Zogoflex Skamp

Why We Love It:

Its interesting shape protects our fingers during tug-of-war and makes it bounce like crazy during fetch. It’s also really durable, so it should last a while.

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How many times have you gone to play tug-of-war with your dog, just to have to tap out early because he accidentally nipped your fingers? Too many? Same.

That’s why we couldn’t wait to try out the West Paw Zogoflex Skamp. This dog toy has a unique shape designed specifically to keep those fingers safe during playtime — and it makes fetch extra fun, too.

We gladly gave it our Paw of Approval because it’s really versatile, so we could use it for lots of different games, and because it’s durable enough to hold up against some of our toughest chewers.

Keep reading to find out why we can’t get enough of this toy.

What Is The West Paw Zogoflex Skamp?

The West Paw Zogoflex Skamp is a durable dog toy with a unique, three-lobed design. The unusual shape is supposed to prevent your dog from accidentally biting your fingers during tug-of-war — and it has the bonus of allowing a second dog to get in on the fun.

It’s made of recycled materials that make it extra bouncy during games of fetch, and allow it to float in the water so you can take it to the pool or beach for even more playtime options.

According to the company, the West Paw Zogoflex Skamp is designed to be lightweight enough to go pretty far when you throw it, but durable enough to withstand gnawing from moderate chewers.

The toy is also dishwasher safe, and made with zero waste to keep things earth-friendly.

The Judges

We picked three Dodo dogs who love to play and get rough with their toys to really put the West Paw Zogoflex Skamp to the test.

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So … Did It Improve Playtime?

The West Paw Zogoflex Skamp’s creative design completely took all the stress out of tug-of-war, and totally saved our fingers.

I loved that we could safely play tug with enough room that Princess Pea never bit me in the process. The design is super clever in that way, and I'd be comfortable to play tug with rowdy, snappy dogs with it. I loved that it floated as well.” — Erica G.

“I love that there are three spokes, so it’s easy to hold and play tug.” — Hannah P.

I think it gives a great grip for both human and dog! You can always grab it, even if it's in the dog's mouth.” — Taylor W.

When it came to fetch, its rubber-like material and interesting shape made those bounces delightfully unpredictable. This made it extra fun for our dog judges to chase around, since they never knew exactly which way it was going to go.

“Princess Pea was obsessed with the bounce it had. She would throw it for herself and watch it bounce.” — Erica G.

“It can have some crazy bounces in the yard! It makes the dog go crazy trying to catch up with it!” — Taylor W.

west paw zogoflex skamp
Ellie loves to play tug-of-war with her West Paw Zogoflex Skamp. | Hannah Packer

What Pets Loved: So Many Ways To Play!

Our dog judges loved the West Paw Zogoflex Skamp because they could play with it in pretty much every way imaginable. It kept them on their toes during fetch, let them get a little rowdier with tug-of-war and floated in the water for some extra fun at the beach.

It’s different than other toys we have! I think it's a keeper because it offers a couple different ways to play with it. Cali jumped around and carried it in her mouth and chased it for hours! I know she likes it because every now and again she'll grab it on her own and bring it over to play some more!” — Taylor W.

“We took it to the beach as Princess Pea loves chasing toys into the ocean. However, she isn't a fan of returning them to shore. It was easy for me to retrieve it every time she did not as it floats great! It is our go-to beach toy now.” — Erica G.

“Ellie immediately went crazy over the West Paw Zogoflex Skamp fetch toy. She loves toys that feel rubbery and anything that works well for a game of tug. It has been her absolute favorite toy since!” — Hannah P.

While this West Paw toy doesn’t have a squeaker, squeaker-obsessed pups won’t feel like they’re missing out because it has so many exciting features.

“Princess Pea was just a happy pup with her Skamp. I was shocked how often she engaged with it sans squeaker. It’s very engaging, even for a dog that normally lives for the squeak.” — Erica G.

west paw zogoflex skamp
Cali enjoying a game of fetch | Taylor Will

What Parents Loved: It Actually Stands Up To Heavy Chewing!

Since we tried the West Paw Zogoflex Skamp out on some of our heavier chewers, our pet parents were thoroughly impressed to find that it can really take a beating and still seem practically new.

Ellie has and will destroy anything, and we’ve been using this toy for at least three weeks now, and it’s still in great condition!” — Hannah P.

It is tough and durable — it seems indestructible! We’ve been smashing it all over the yard for weeks, and it looks great!” — Taylor W.

“It has held up after a few weeks with a medium chewer. I can't say how it would hold up with a destructive dog, but it seems sturdier than other rubber or plastic toys we have.” — Erica G.

It’s also a refreshing toy for any eco-conscious pet parents out there thanks to the recycled materials it's made from.

“I loved that the materials are recycled.” — Erica G.

“Recycled materials are totally a bonus!” — Taylor W.

One of our pet parents loved that he could use it as a training tool, too.

“Besides obviously burning energy, it has been helpful working on retrieving and especially 'drop it!'” — Taylor W.

west paw zogoflex skamp
Princess Pea couldn’t wait to chew on her toy. | Erica Garbarini

Any Downsides?

While the design is great for keeping fingers out of harm’s way, one parent said it would be nice if those three prongs were just a little bit longer because some pups like to roughhouse during tug-of-war.

It would be amazing if the spokes were just a tad longer because Ellie’s mouth will still catch my hand every now and then when we’re playing with this toy (she plays rough).” — Hannah P.

And even though the shape is great for making interesting bounces during fetch, one pet parent wished the West Paw Zogoflex Skamp was slightly more aerodynamic to get some more distance on those throws.

It is fairly heavy, and if you throw it far it can hurt plants and put dents in the lawn. It also can be a bit hard to throw far and is fairly loud when it hits the ground or other objects. With its unique shape, it's obviously not as easy to throw as a frisbee or a ball.” — Taylor W.

The West Paw Zogoflex Skamp is slightly more expensive than the average dog toy — it’ll set you back $17.95. However, our human judges agreed it’s totally worth it since it’s such an original, durable toy that really takes playtime to the next level.

There wasn’t anything major to complain about, which is why all three of our human judges said they can’t wait to keep using the West Paw Zogoflex Skamp, and would enthusiastically recommend it to fellow pet parents.

Our Takeaway: It’s So Versatile For Tons Of Fun!

This one toy takes so many different kinds of play and makes them way more exciting.

Not only does the West Paw Zogoflex Skamp’s three-prong shape keep your fingers from getting nipped during tug-of-war, but it also allows another dog to join in the fun — which is perfect for pet parents who have more than one pup running around.

The erratic bouncing takes fetch to the next level, and the buoyant design makes it the perfect toy to bring on your next beach day.

It’s also nice and durable — even against some intense chewers — so you and your dog will have tons of fun with this toy for a long time.

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