We Found Out That Dog Leggings Exist — And They're Actually Genius

Why has no one thought of this before??

Walkee Paws Adjustable Leggings

Why We Love Them:

They do a great job protecting our dogs’ paws from all the elements — whether it’s raining, snowing or super hot out. Plus, who can say no to a dog wearing socks?

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Getting booties on your dog’s feet is such a struggle, but keeping them on is even harder.

All you’re trying to do is protect his precious paws from the elements because you don’t want him to be hurting after a walk!

There’s actually a pretty crazy solution: dog leggings.

Not sure how something that looks so silly could actually keep your dog’s toes safe from the burning pavement or freezing snow?

Well, we tried out the Walkee Paws Adjustable Leggings on our own Dodo pups, and here’s why they earned our enthusiastic Paw of Approval.

What Are Walkee Paws Adjustable Leggings?

Walkee Paws Adjustable Leggings are exactly what they sound like.

But these dog leggings aren’t just a fashion statement — they’re designed to protect your pup’s paws when he’s out on a walk.

They’ve got booties on the bottom that are supposed to keep his toes safe from all sorts of things, like rain, snow and the hot ground.

The leggings connect over your dog’s back so the boots don’t slip off his feet, and so he’s protected even in deep snow.

The sizes range from extra small to extra large, to fit dogs up to 30” tall at the shoulder, and prices range from $36.99 to $46.99 (plus you can get 15% off with our exclusive code dodowalk15). They also come in a bunch of different colors so you can find ones that match your (and your pup’s) style.

The Judges

We picked four office pups whose parents wanted extra protection for their paws.

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So … Did They Actually Protect Our Pups’ Paws?

Our entire pet-parent panel agreed that the Walkee Paws Adjustable Leggings did a surprisingly great job holding up their end of the bargain.

Krembo walked through mud and rain puddles, and the gross leftover snow from blizzards, and didn't have a drop on his paws when we got home.” — Audrey S.

Rosie’s paws were bleeding this winter with all the snow we got. Unfortunately, regular boots wouldn’t stay on her legs, and she also hated walking in them. Walkee Paws saved us! We go on walks now, and they protect her paws — and of course they don’t go missing.” — Anita D.

“They are indeed easy to put on and they stay on. They've kept her paws dry and protected from the snow, ice, salt and rain so far, and that's been a relief to both her and me!” — Jane Y.

“There were some hot days, so it was nice that we could walk on the pavement without his paws getting burnt.” — Steve Y.

walkee paws dog leggings
Krembo in his Walkee Paws leggings | Audrey Shtayer

What Pets Thought: “What’s On My Feet?”

As expected, our testers were kind of confused — and not totally thrilled — when we first put the leggings on them.

But a tasty treat always sweetens the deal.

“Krembo doesn't love having things put on his paws, so we definitely had to bribe him a bit. He didn't want to walk at first, but we got him to move with some cheese, and he started walking in them!” — Audrey S.

Most of the judges adjusted pretty quickly after a little bit.

“Krembo walked a little funny for a while but got used to them shortly after. The ‘getting used to it’ phase happened every time we put them on (but this happens every time we put any kind of booties on him).” — Audrey S.

“Once they were on, Lucy was walking funny/very cautiously in the house like, ‘What are these things on my legs?’ Then, once outside, she was walking in them normally almost immediately.” — Jane Y.

At first Rosie was hesitant walking with them, but it took five minutes and she forgot she even was wearing them.” — Anita D.

They even made Lucy a little braver in bad weather.

I think Lucy liked that her paws were protected and dry. She walked confidently on ice, on snow and right through puddles that she would normally avoid/walk around so she wouldn't get her paws wet.” — Jane Y.

walkee paws dog leggings
Rosie on a walk in her leggings | Anita Diamantopoulou

While three of our Dodo dogs became big fans, Brody just didn’t vibe with having anything on his legs.

“Brody is definitely a creature of habit, so when it's time for a walk, I can barely get a harness on him because of how hyped he gets. While I loved Walkee Paws because of what I knew it provided, Brody wasn't quite as understanding and, even after two weeks of consistent use, never really got the hang of putting on or wearing his leggings.” — Steve Y.

But they did spare him from that paw cleaning struggle.

As someone who takes my shoes off at the door, it was nice to be able to simply remove the Walkee Paws after a walk, rather than constantly cleaning Brody's paws (which he does not love).” — Steve Y.

walkee paws dog leggings
Brody isn’t so sure about his leggings. | Steve Young

What Parents Loved: Their Pups’ Paws Are Clean!

Our pet parents loved that these leggings actually worked, because it meant their dogs’ paws were clean and safe.

“It was great peace of mind for me to know Lucy’s paws were protected from all the chemical salt on the sidewalks and streets when we had snow/ice, and it was great not to have to clean her paws so much after each walk!” — Jane Y.

“Whenever it’s too cold and snowy, Rosie will be wearing the leggings to protect her paws.” — Anita D.

“Considering the main claims are around protecting dog's paws, not losing a dog boot and keeping paws clean, it hit the mark on all of those.” — Steve Y.

With the exception of Brody and his endless puppy energy, the leggings were super simple to get on our dogs — and once they were on, they were on.

They’re easy to put on my dog and easy to take off (way easier than standard dog booties)!” — Audrey S.

“It was easy to slip her paws into the opening and then adjust it closed — there was no struggle to keep the opening wide enough to shove her paws in there like I have to with other bootie/shoe types, so it wasn't stressful for her.” — Jane Y.

They did stay on Rosie’s legs! The design is great and they are very easy to put on her paws!” — Anita D.

Our pet parents also enjoyed the material, and our whole panel felt these dog leggings are well worth the money.

“I think this is a great quality product that I trust not to rip.” — Audrey S.

“The rubber on the paw parts seem thick and durable, but flexible enough to be comfortable, and they seem well attached to the spandex leggings material, so I think it'll hold up for quite a while.” — Jane Y.

Plus, the look is so adorably goofy.

“Honestly though, it just makes me giggle every time I see her wearing the leggings, so that's been an unexpected plus — a nice way to start a walk in icky weather!” — Jane Y.

“Looks a little silly, but I didn't really care about that.” — Audrey S.

And when it came to the product’s packaging, all the parents really like the less-is-more approach.

“I thought the packaging was nice and minimalistic! I liked that it didn't have a ton of bulky packaging because it didn't feel wasteful. “ — Audrey S.

“The packaging was simple but informative.” — Steve Y.

walkee paws dog leggings
Lucy is ready for the worst weather in her leggings and jacket. | Jane Yum

Any Downsides?

Our pet parents found there’s definitely some trial and error when it comes to finding the right fit, but once they figured it out, it was smooth sailing.

It took a few trials to adjust them on her and make sure they fit well, but after that they have been lifesavers.” — Anita D.

“Getting the right fit took a little bit of experimentation. I kept the legs fairly loose on her the first time because I didn't want it to restrict her movement or hurt her, but the front paws did come off when she jumped off a snow pile. So the next time, I made them tighter and they stayed on great and didn't seem to bother her any more than when they were looser.” — Jane Y.

A couple of our pet parents also felt the design was a bit awkward for dogs with shorter legs.

“I don't love the adjuster pieces that lie on top of her back to tighten the leg material — they're low-profile and don't dig into her back, which is good, but it does leave the excess material to bunch up strangely.” — Jane Y.

“I didn’t like the look of leggings on a shorter-legged pup.” — Steve Y.

And since Brody wasn’t crazy about wearing them, getting them on was actually a little stressful in his case.

“The harness also made it more complicated to put on because Brody would get anxious after I would get a few of the boots on him, making it hard to get on the last one or two.” — Steve Y.

But in spite of these things, our whole pet-parent panel said they would continue to use the leggings anytime their pups needed some protection from the weather.

walkee paws dog leggings
Lucy’s leggings bunched up on her back. | Jane Yum

Our Takeaway: Awkwardly Adorable And Effective!

The way these dog leggings are designed, you’ll never have to worry about losing a bootie again — once you’ve figured out your pup’s ideal fit.

While you might want to think twice if you already know your pup absolutely hates anything on his legs, for the majority of dogs, Walkee Paws offers a great product for a great price.

Between the fun colors, the secure fit and the comfort of knowing your pup will stay safe and cozy in even the worst weather, Walkee Paws Adjustable Leggings definitely earn our Paw of Approval.

And who can say no to a dog in leggings?

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