You Would Never Know This Gorgeous Piece Of Furniture Is A Cat Bed

So modern ✨

Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed

Why We Love It:

It might be the most gorgeous cat bed we’ve ever seen — and our pets actually sleep in it!

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Your cat needs a bed, but you can’t help but notice that most cat beds might as well come with a flashing neon sign that says, “I’m an ugly piece of cat furniture!”

That’s why we wanted to try out the Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed, since it’s a cat bed with a sleek design that’ll fit right in with any modern home.

But the best part is our cats actually slept in it, which is why we awarded it our official Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to find out what else we loved.

What Is The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed?

The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed is a beautiful bed that looks like a modern, stylish piece of human furniture.

The bed is nestled inside a gorgeous sphere made of yarn and resin, which sits on top of a sleek steel base.

You can rotate the sphere so the opening can be wherever your cat finds it most comfortable — at a low angle, right in the middle, at a high angle or anywhere else he’d want it.

The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed comes in two modern styles: ivory and gold, and misty gray and silver.

And, according to the site, this bed is suitable for cats of all sizes.

What Comes With The Bed?

The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed comes with the following items:

  • Yarn and resin sphere
  • Steel base
  • Faux-fur cushion that’s custom designed to fit the sphere
  • Silicone bumpers to keep the sphere in place

Our Reviewers

We picked six Dodo cats who love to sleep — often in spots that aren’t their own beds — to see if they’d actually nap in the Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed.

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Did Our Cats Use The Bed?

We were so excited to see that the Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed was a big hit with our pets.

Each of the cat pairs spent at least a week testing the cat bed. Some of our cats needed a little bit of an adjustment period before they realized this fancy thing was actually for them. But once they did, they fell in love.

Sloth will nap in it for four hours at a time. Fox even likes it, which totally shocked me. They have been sharing it well.” — Rachel M.

tuft + paw stellar cat bed
Sloth loves curling up in his Tuft + Paw bed. | Rachel Meirson

What We Love

There are a bunch of things we love about the Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed.

Our cats feel safe

The sphere design helped our cats feel secluded and secured when they curled up for their naps. Even our reviewer Sloth felt like he didn’t have to worry about his brother, Fox, picking on him, which is typically a common occurrence in pet parent Rachel’s household.

Sloth finally has a safe hiding spot from his brother, and Fox does not try to kick Sloth out of the bed.” — Rachel M.

It’s beautiful

The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed looks like an actual piece of furniture that belongs in your home, thanks to its sleek design.

The bed is aesthetically gorgeous and goes very nicely with my decor.” — Rachel M.

“I think the design is modern, and the neutral colors go with everything in my apartment no matter where it's placed.” — Julia C.

tuft + paw stellar cat bed
It fits right in with our human furniture. | Julia Chamberlain

It’s cozy

The bed is nicely ventilated, but the shape also gives it self-warming properties to keep your cat comfortable.

“The sphere is perforated, so it gets good airflow and creates a nice safe space for my cats. Also, it traps their heat, which makes the sphere nice and warm for the cats.” — Rachel M.

The cushion is so fluffy

The custom cushion that comes with the Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed is a big hit with our pets.

“The little blanket is very soft and is Sloth’s favorite texture in the world.” — Rachel M.

And it’s perfect for making biscuits.

“Marcy, in particular, loves the fuzzy bed on the inside; she likes to chew on it and knead it.” — Julia C.

The sphere’s adjustable yet secure

It’s super convenient that you can rotate the sphere to adjust where the opening is positioned.

“The window can definitely be positioned to however your cat prefers, which is a great feature most cat beds of this similar variety don't have.” — Camille C.

And even though it’s adjustable, you won’t have to worry about it staying in place with your cat constantly going in and out.

“I was most concerned about the ball moving when the cats tried to get into it, but there are grips on the rim of the metal to keep it in place as well as a sandbag that hides under the soft bedding inside. No slippage at all.” — Julia C.

tuft + paw stellar cat bed
Baulder feels so safe and undisturbed. | Camille Campos

The Downsides

That being said, the Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed does have its downsides.

It might not be the most durable

One of our pet parents wasn’t so sure this bed would last too long against wear and tear since it’s pretty fragile.

The sphere itself seems to be quite delicate and would not hold up to an accidental drop, but my cats have not inflicted any damage onto it yet.” — Rachel M.

It may be a tough fit for bigger cats

The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed is supposed to work for cats of all sizes, but one of our pet parents thinks larger pets might have some trouble getting in and out.

“I do wish the opening on it was a little bigger. I have small cats, and even they were a little wary of getting in. I think a larger cat would be tentative to try to fit through the hole.” — Julia C.

There’s a lot of packaging

The box this bed is shipped in is stuffed with styrofoam to ensure it gets to you in one piece — but it was a lot of extra material to deal with and get rid of.

I was not a huge fan of how much styrofoam was used to package the cat bed. It was a pain to break down and throw out.” — Rachel M.

It’s expensive

The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed goes for $299, which is pretty steep, so you’d have to make it work with your budget.

Is The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed Worth It?

The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed is definitely an investment, but it’s a truly stunning piece of cat furniture. And how often can you say that?

While two of our three pet parents thought this bed was just too expensive, they all agreed it was a stunning piece of furniture their cats truly enjoyed.

So if you’re able to swing it, the Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed is worth the splurge.


How big is the Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed?

The Tuft + Paw Stellar Cat Bed is 18.5 inches high, 15 inches wide and 15 inches deep. The circle-shaped entryway is 8 inches in diameter. Be sure to measure your cat before purchasing the bed to make sure it’s the right fit!

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