We Found A Bed Our Cats Will Actually Sleep In

Finally 😻 💤

Tuft + Paw Kip Cushion

Why We Love It:

It’s a bed our cats actually like to lay on. And, unlike most cat furniture, it looks really good in our homes.

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Ever notice how your cat won’t sleep in the brand-new bed you just bought her, but she’ll snooze in the box it came in?

It’s super cute, for sure, but can also be a bit frustrating to feel like you wasted your money.

And somehow, the bed she does like is always the ugliest thing in the whole world. It’s like you just can’t win … until now.

The Dodo had some of our finicky cats test out the Tuft + Paw Kip Cushion, and it might just solve all your cat bed woes.

Here’s why it earned our cats’ Paw of Approval.

What Is The Tuft + Paw Kip Cushion?

The Kip Cushion is a cat bed from Tuft + Paw that’s designed to be both cute and comfortable.

The top of the cushion caves in a little bit to act as a sort of nest for your cat. The design also allows her to rest her head on the edge, if she’d like.

It’s got soft foam on the inside and is covered with faux shearling, so your BFF can take the coziest catnaps.

The base is made with an anti-slip ultrasuede material to keep it from sliding all over the place.

It comes in two colors and three different sizes: small, wide and tall. The wide option is recommended for cats over 12 pounds.

According to Tuft + Paw, the Kip Cushion is durable enough to go head-to-head with your cat’s claws and come out just fine on the other side. 

Plus, it’s actually cute!

The Judges

We picked three Dodo cats who sleep everywhere but their actual beds to see if they’d use it.

Brooms gets zoomies like crazy and is incredibly active.” — his mom, Yanise Cabrera
“Aolani is a very anxious rescue cat who definitely has some attachment issues. Her favorite activities include sitting in boxes, chasing balls or mouse toys, attending Dodo meetings, watching birds outside the windows and, of course, lots of napping.” — her mom, Caitlin Anders
“Elsie is a 4-year-old rescue cat. She was found as a stray mama with her litter of kittens on Long Island, and now spends her days sleeping in the sun, nuzzling her dad's beard, kneading blankets and playing with plastic wrappers.” — her mom, Genevieve Timmins

So … Did They Actually Use It?

Our judges didn’t exactly do beds … until now.

“Before adopting Elsie, we did so much research regarding cat beds. We ended up trying a few different products, but no matter what, she still preferred my laptop case or a pile of dirty laundry for her naps. It took Elsie some time to warm up to the Tuft + Paw bed, but I think once she tried it out, there was no going back.” — Genevieve T.

“He uses it almost every night since I've had it. He immediately laid on it as soon as I opened the box.” — Yanise C.

“Aolani has a pet bed that she never really uses. She started using the Tuft + Paw bed practically the moment I set it down on the floor. I've caught her using it at least four or five times, but I have a feeling she uses it a lot at night when I'm not around, too.” — Caitlin A.

Elsie couldn’t be cuter curled up in her Kip Cushion. | Genevieve Timmins

What Pets Loved: Having A Space That’s All Theirs!

As much as your cat loves to snuggle you, she also needs her own space to decompress or snooze.

All three of our judges felt like they found that with the Tuft + Paw Kip Cushion.

“I wanted Brooms to claim his own bed because his brother tends to steal his spots all of the time. This was the perfect pick!” — Yanise C.

“As soon as I put the bed down on the floor, Aolani seemed to know it was for her. She ran right over to it, clearly excited, and jumped up onto it. Whenever she's bored of hanging out in my bedroom, her Tuft + Paw Kip Cushion is now her favorite spot in the living room.” — Caitlin A.

“At first, Elsie was wary of the product and more interested in the box it came in. It took a day or two, but she finally started sleeping on the bed and used it several times a day for her naps.” — Genevieve T.

The big selling points for our finicky judges were the super soft material and the comfy shape.

“As soon as Aolani felt how soft it was, she immediately started rolling around on it, flipping every which way. It was super cute to watch!” — Caitlin A.

“Elsie really took to the nest-like shape. She could get extra cozy on this cushion. I actually purposefully ordered the small, even though she’s 12 pounds, knowing that she intentionally seeks out tiny spaces for sleeping.” — Genevieve T.

Cat in a Kip Cushion
Aolani loves flipping all over the tall Kip Cushion. | Caitlin Anders

What Parents Loved: The Style And Quality!

Our whole pet parent panel raved about the way the Kip Cushion is made.

“I'm honestly a little sad I don't have this same material as pillows. It's a lot nicer than expected. The quality is really top-notch.” — Yanise C.

“It seems to be well-made and it's very soft. It hasn't ripped or dented or anything since we got it. It appears to be in almost exactly the same condition as when I took it out of the box, despite the fact that it gets used a lot.” — Caitlin A.

“I love the anti-slip feature, especially seeing that we have hardwood. It's a subtle but helpful thing!” — Genevieve T.

And thanks to the modern design, our testers actually want to keep this bed out in the open (rather than try to hide it or excuse it when they have company over).

“It's sleek and understated, and not an eyesore like so many cat beds you see out there. It looks nice in my living room and gives Elsie her own place to hang out, without my apartment screaming ‘cat lady!’” — Genevieve T.

“It blends in perfectly with the decor of my living room. It honestly doesn't even look like a pet bed. It adds to the decor and makes the space feel even cozier.” — Caitlin A.

One of our pet parents even thinks the cozy cushion is helping with her cat’s anxiety.

“I can see it curing a bit of Brooms’ anxiety. He gets separation anxiety, and the bed’s location is near our television where we relax ...every night, and he joins us there. It's very cute.” — Yanise C.

cat on a Kip Cushion
The cushion blends in with the decor, and Brooms blends in with the cushion. | Yanise Cabrera

Any Downsides?

The only real issue our pet parents had was the price tag. A small Kip Cushion costs $99, a tall one is $129 and the wide one goes for $149 — which made it hard to fit in some of our pet parents’ budgets, even though they loved it.

“The price is a little hefty for me, but if you want to splurge on your fur babies, then I 100 percent recommend it.” — Yanise C.

“$99 feels like a bit much. I love it, but I don't think I would pay that much without having tested it out first.” — Caitlin A.

Despite this, all three of our pet parents love how obsessed their cats are over their new beds, and plan to continue using them.

The whole panel also said they’d recommend it to a fellow pet parent.

Our Takeaway: If You Can Swing It, Your Cat Will Be So Happy!

Pet parents love to spoil their cats — it’s one of the most fun parts of the job. And this bed is certainly a bit of a splurge, but it’s one your cat will actually use.

Because you really can’t beat the fact that your cat will want to sleep in the actual bed (and not the box) for once.

Besides, a comfy cat bed that’s also super stylish is like the unicorn of cat furniture, so you don’t want to pass that up.

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