We Tried These Squeezable Treats And Our Picky Cats Are Obsessed

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Tiki Cat Stix

Why We Love Them:

Even our picky cats loved them! Your cat will like how many flavors there are, and you’ll like that they don’t smell as bad as most cat treats.

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Picky cats are so hard to shop for, especially when you’re trying something new (like treats). It’s always such a gamble wondering whether anything you buy will be a huge hit, or whether your money will go to waste.

So if you’re looking to get into the wet treat game, but aren’t sure if your finicky cat will actually be impressed, The Dodo’s got you covered.

We had some of our harshest critics try out Tiki Cat Stix — and here’s why they earned our Paw of Approval.

What Are Tiki Cat Stix?

Tiki Cat Stix are wet cat treats that come in a single-serving, easily squeezable tube. In addition to using them as treats, you can also use Tiki Cat Stix as a meal topper.

They’re made with real, high-quality protein sources, so you know you’re giving your cat the good stuff. The Tiki Cat Stix also have a smooth, mousse-like texture that’s easy for your cat to lap up.

These wet cat treats are available in a bunch of different flavors, like:

They’re available in 6-, 12-, 20- and 72-packs. If you just can’t decide, there’s also a variety pack.

The Judges

We picked four office cats, who can be a bit picky about treats, to be our extra-rigorous judges.

Phoebe Bridgers
Phoebe Bridgers
My cat is picky with treats, but she loves wet treats.” — her mom, Becca Solovay
Aolani has always been weird about treats. She was never really a treat-loving cat. Certain ones she loves and certain ones she hates, and there doesn't seem to be any real rhyme or reason to it.” — her mom, Caitlin Anders
Mopps and Brooms
Mopps and Brooms
“Mopps is extremely particular about what he eats. Brooms will eat anything.” — their mom, Yanise Cabrera

So … Did Our Cats Actually Like Them?

Three of our cats were instantly hooked on the Tiki Cat Stix.

Phoebe’s obsessed. She loved it right away. I give her one every day, and she loves it so much.” — Becca S.

“The cats absolutely love it. I top their breakfast with it every day, and they just lick this up and leave their actual breakfast alone!” — Yanise C.

Our fourth judge took a little time to warm up, but once she did she was obsessed.

“At first, Aolani hated these treats. No matter what I tried, she refused to eat them. I tried giving her the treat for the fifth time — and suddenly, she absolutely loved it. Every time I gave it to her after that, she loved it so much.” — Caitlin A.

cat eating tiki stix treat
Phoebe is obsessed with her Tiki Cat Stix. | Becca Solovay

What Pets Loved: It’s So Delicious!

Our entire judging panel thought the Tiki Cat Stix were so tasty — and they had some pretty adorable reactions when their parents would bring the treats out.

When Phoebe sees me grab it, she chases me all over the apartment. I've even taught her some tricks using this product.” — Becca S.

“Mopps and Brooms love it so much that every time I open my cabinet drawer to get it, they come running and meowing and demanding it right meow!” — Yanise C.

“Once Aolani decided she actually liked the treats, she got so excited whenever she saw me bringing one over to her, and that was really cute to see! She ate it straight from the tube and couldn't get enough. It was all over her face at one point and she just kept frantically lapping it up.” — Caitlin A.

cat eating tiki stix treat
Aolani getting the treat all over her face | Caitlin Anders

What Parents Loved: They Don’t Stink And Their Cats Are Obsessed

Our pet parents were thrilled at how much their cats loved the Tiki Cat Stix (which is really huge, since some of them are super choosy about treats).

“I hope the more I give it to Mopps and Brooms the more they love me, and I think it's working! They seem very happy to eat it.” — Yanise C.

The size is also perfect for a little treat between meals.

I love giving her one of these when she's a little hungry but not enough for a full meal.”  — Becca S.

While most cat treats can stink pretty bad, our pet parents were pleasantly surprised that the Tiki Cat Stix don’t have a strong smell to them.

“The treat itself wasn't as smelly as some pet foods/treats, and as someone who's sensitive to smells, I definitely appreciated that.” — Caitlin A.

“It doesn't smell too bad and it's not terrible for them. I'm obsessed.” — Yanise C.

Plus, they’re really easy to open, and designed to be as mess-proof as possible.

“The tubes rip open pretty easily and make a tiny hole, which I'm assuming is so that the treat doesn't spill out all over and can instead be squeezed effectively.” — Caitlin A.

And all of our pet parents felt the Tiki Cat Stix were fairly priced, starting at $4.99 for a 6-pack.

cats eating tiki stix treat
Mopps and Brooms fighting for a lick | Yanise Cabrera

Any Downsides?

Despite the innovative design of the tube, our pet parents found the Tiki Cat Stix still made a bit of a mess — though it wasn’t a huge deal.

“It can be a little bit messy.” — Becca S.

“I will say that trying to feed it to Aolani straight from the tube was a little tricky and ended up being a bit messy because I was trying to squeeze at a speed that was consistent with how fast she was lapping it up, but sometimes I miscalculated and it spilled a bit.” — Caitlin A.

One pet parent was also a little disappointed that more treats weren’t included.

“It doesn't come with that many in a package.” — Becca S.

However, all three of our human testers said they would consider continuing to use the Tiki Cat Stix, and that they’d recommend them to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: Even Picky Eaters Will Be Hooked!

Getting picky cats to like anything is such a struggle that finding something they actually enjoy eating is always a huge deal.

Even our most particular pets fell in love with the Tiki Cat Stix, and since there’s such a wide variety of flavors, there’s something for everyone.

Talk about an easy way to win your cat’s love!

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