This Slow Feeder Toy (Finally) Kept Our Pups Entertained

So you can actually take that Zoom call 😎

The Game

Why We Love It:

It manages to keep our dogs busy for quite some time. They get mental and physical stimulation from playing with it, and are all tired out after.

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It’s tough to find a toy that’ll keep your dog entertained for more than five seconds — but that would really come in handy while you’re working from home or out running errands.

So we were stoked to try out The Game from Fable since it’s a super-sleek, high-end slow feeder toy that’s supposed to actually capture (and hold) your dog’s attention for a good, long while.

Well, the results are in, and we’re thrilled to give it our official Paw of Approval since it actually kept our pups busy for 30 minutes straight!

Keep reading to find out why we (and our Dodo dogs) loved it so much.

What Is The Game?

The Game is a treat dispensing toy from Fable with a stylish design that feels super fancy, making it a pretty toy that also works really well at captivating and entertaining your dog.

It acts as a mentally and physically stimulating game for dogs, as well as a slow feeder.

You simply put dry dog food or small treats inside — it holds up to 1.5 cups — and let your dog figure out how to get the goodies out.

You can adjust the toy to set it to different difficulty levels, and, according to the company, it should entertain your dog for a full half hour and prevent him from getting bored.

Since The Game is supposed to keep your dog busy for so long, it can help with anxiety, too.

The base of The Game is weighted — the toy weighs 2 pounds overall — so it’ll wobble and move irregularly, which is supposed to keep your pup on his toes and trigger his natural instinct to hunt.

It also has ridges on top so you can add some spreadable treats (like peanut butter) to get your pup extra excited.

The Game is made with silicone to keep noise levels in check — because knocking around a heavy toy could get pretty loud otherwise. It comes in four stylish colors: green, navy, light gray and purple.

It’s even designed to be dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

The Judges

We picked two playful Dodo dogs to test out The Game from Fable.

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So … Did It Actually Keep Our Dogs Occupied?

The Game from Fable captured our judges’ attention and kept them entertained for a very long time. Both their parents were super impressed at how long it captivated their pups.

(They were also thrilled that it turned out to be a really effective slow feeder, on top of being a great toy.)

“It took Sasha about 30 minutes to get half a cup of kibble out, and she was actively playing the whole time.” — Katy B.

“Nice way to slow feed. It took Lefty quite a while to get everything out. He batted it around into three different rooms of our house.” — Brian C.

fable pets the game
Lefty was so excited to get his snacks out of The Game. | Brian Cimagala

Because The Game is so effective at keeping our judges busy and entertained, it might be the perfect thing to leave out to distract your anxious dogs while you aren’t home.

“It tired Sasha out physically and mentally! It's also sturdy enough that I felt comfortable leaving her home alone with it when we went out, and she stayed out of trouble. It's great to find something that holds Sasha's attention for more than a few minutes.” — Katy B.

And it’s a great way to keep dogs entertained when their parents can’t play — like when they’re stuck on a Zoom call or need to take care of other responsibilities.

This will help now that Lefty gets less attention due to the new human baby!” — Brian C.

fable pets the game
It really kept Sasha occupied. | Katy Brink

What Pets Loved: It’s A Fun Puzzle With A Tasty Reward!

Since this toy involves both food and treats, it was a huge hit with our dogs. Our judges were instantly obsessed with getting those snacks out of The Game.

Lefty could smell the food and treats and went right for it. He was not bothered by the movement at all and took to it immediately.” — Brian C.

Sasha was immediately curious about how to get the food out, and figured out how to use her nose and paws. It definitely tired her out, and she seemed almost relieved when it was empty — but still didn't want to let our other dog near it!” — Katy B.

One of our pups thought The Game also made a great snuggle buddy once she was all tuckered out from getting those goodies out of it.

“After playtime, Sasha wanted it close by — she'd lie next to it on her bed or carry it with her when she moved around the house.” — Katy B.

fable pets the game
Look at that lip! | Katy Brink

What Parents Loved: It’s A Durable Distraction!

Our judges used any means necessary — aka chewing — to try to get those treats out, so their parents were blown away by how high-quality and durable The Game is (even though the company says it’s not intended for chewing).

When Sasha finally figured out how to pick it up in her mouth, I was worried she'd chew it up, but it's been heavy and durable enough not to show any signs of wear. It's stood up to weeks of pittie chewing and still looks and feels like a quality product.” — Katy B.

It’s very heavy, but easy for my dog to move around to get to the good stuff.” — Brian C.

In addition to keeping our pets mentally occupied, it got their physical energy out, too.

It’s a good activity for an energetic dog! This would have been great when Lefty was a puppy.” —Brian C.

fable pets the game
The Game holds up so well, even after a ton of playing. | Brian Cimagala

Any Downsides?

One of our pet parents wished Fable had sent some instructions with The Game, even though setup is pretty self-explanatory.

I didn’t see any instructions — it is pretty easy to figure out, but maybe more info on the different levels of difficulty.” — Brian C.

He also noticed that the top of his toy would sometimes come slightly undone after playing for a bit.

“I did notice that the top started to unscrew after a while of playing. I tightened it, but found it loose again. It never came fully apart though.” — Brian C.

Both our pet parents were a little bit hesitant about the price — The Game will set you back $55, which is steep for a dog toy. But they agreed that it’s so high-quality and works so well — and the design is like nothing else on the market — that the cost is completely fair.

Both judges said they (and their dogs) would continue using The Game from Fable, and would enthusiastically recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: It’s Perfect For Keeping Your Dog Busy!

Your dog always wants your undivided attention, but thanks to The Game from Fable, he’ll be OK if he doesn’t get it every second of every day.

This toy mentally and physically stimulated our pets and kept them busy in 20- to 30-minute chunks of time — which means you can actually have an uninterrupted Zoom meeting for once.

Plus, our pets had so much fun getting their energy (and treats) out, and The Game holds up even against pittie pups trying to chew their way to the goodies inside.

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