We Tested These Treats — And Now Our Cats Will Never Let Us Stop Buying Them

Find out why our judges gave them a perfect 10/10 🏆

Temptations Classic Cat Treats

Why We Love Them:

Our cats didn’t just love these treats — they went nuts over them. Talk about an easy (and affordable) way to win your cat’s affection.

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Cats are so hard to shop for, especially when it comes to the treats you give them.

So, finding a treat your cat will actually eat — and enjoy eating — can take a lot of trial and error (which means it could take a lot of money, too).

To make the process a little bit easier, we decided to test out Temptations Classic Cat Treats to see if they really are as universally loved as they seem.

It turns out we were really impressed — so impressed that our judging panel gave these treats the first-ever Paw of Approval perfect score! Here’s why.

What Are Temptations Classic Cat Treats?

Temptations Classic Cat Treats are top-rated cat treats that are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. (Bonus: The crunchy texture is supposed to help fight plaque on your cat’s teeth.)

Temptations cat treats are designed to provide 100 percent complete balanced nutrition for adult cats. (Which doesn’t mean they’re a substitute for meals, but they are a treat you can feel good about giving your cat without worrying about feeding her “junk food.”)

They come in a ton of flavors, including chicken, salmon and tuna. And each treat is under 2 calories, so you won’t have to worry too much about spoiling your cat’s dinner. They’re available in 16-ounce or 30-ounce resealable tubs.

The Judges

We picked three office cats with different snacking habits to see if the Temptations Classic Cat Treats live up their name.

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So … Did Our Cats Actually Eat Them?

All three of our judges made it very clear that they really enjoyed eating the Temptations Classic Cat Treats.

Right away I could tell that Aolani liked the smell of the Temptations Classics because she would perk up when I had them in my hand and I would watch her little nose going wild. Once she was used to them, she would practically devour them whole immediately.” — Caitlin A.

“I know Saz liked them because as soon as I started putting some out, he started following me around like crazy.” — Ryan S.

“Basho told me that he liked the chicken flavor best of all! I feel like the other treats we’ve given him in the past have usually been seafood-flavored, so he seemed happy to mix things up.” — Tiana A.

temptations classic cat treats
Basho wants his Temptations Classic Cat Treats NOW! | Tiana Attride

What Pets Loved: They Taste So Good!

Our cats liked the Temptations cat treats so much that they would go totally wild over them.

Basho always came darting in from other rooms when he heard me pull the bag off the shelf (as promised on the bag!) and scarfed down the treats in seconds.” — Tiana A.

It didn't matter how many treats I gave her at once, she always ate them all in a shockingly fast time, then would look at me expecting more. That's how I knew she was totally in love with the Temptations Classics.” — Caitlin A.

“As soon as Saz saw the bag, he started meowing.” — Ryan S.

temptations classic cat treats
Aolani about to scarf down some treats | Caitlin Anders

What Parents Loved: Their Cats Were Obsessed!

Since cats can be so picky, it was such an exciting moment when our pet parents realized their BFFs found a new treat to love.

Of course, watching how much Aolani liked them was definitely the best part of the Temptations Classics. It's so fun watching her love something so much!” — Caitlin A.

“They seemed like straightforward but fun snacks, and the image on the front looked about as tasty as a cat treat could look to a human.” — Tiana A

“I like that my cat likes them so much.” — Ryan S.

Bonus points for the fact that they don’t stink as bad as a lot of other cat treats on the market.

The cat food smell wasn't too aggressive — I'm super sensitive to smells so I notice that kind of thing. The Temptations Classics are smelly enough that Aolani perks up when they're near her, but not smelly enough to bother me too much.” — Caitlin A.

Our parents also raved about the packaging of the Temptations Classic Cat Treats.

The bright yellow packaging also made them look like a buy that’d make my buddy happy.” —  Tiana A.

“I like the resealable bag.” — Ryan S.

The packaging was straightforward, easy to use and fun to look at.” — Caitlin A.

And at $8.24 for a 16-ounce tub, all three of our pet parents felt the Temptations Classic Cat Treats were the perfect price.

They almost seem underpriced to me, honestly, considering how many treats they come with.” — Caitlin A.

Any Downsides?

When it comes to the treats themselves, they aren’t the cleanest to handle.

The Temptations Classics are a little bit dusty, as in when I would go to handle them, some treat dust would get all over my fingers.” — Caitlin A.

“The treats are greasy to touch.” — Ryan S.

One pet parent also wished the calorie count was a little more obvious on the packaging.

“My boyfriend read somewhere that treats are like ‘hamburgers for cats,’ so he was a little worried about whether they might cause Basho to gain weight. I knew that they were only 2 calories each, so maybe making that fact bigger and including cats’ daily recommended calorie intake would help!” — Tiana A.

However, our entire human judging panel would continue using the Temptations Classic Cat Treats, and would recommend them to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: Treats Your Cat Will Actually Love!

Getting your cat to love you has never been easier, thanks to Temptations Classic Cat Treats.

Our judges loved them so much that all three parents gave the treats a perfect score — which means we’re pretty convinced that almost any cat would love them, too.

Plus, these treats are really affordable, which is always a win!

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