We Tried 'Unkibble' Dog Food And It's Actually Genius

There's such a thing as fresh dry food!

Spot & Tango Unkibble

Why We Love It:

It’s got all the convenience of dry dog food with all the benefits of fresh food, thanks to the human-grade ingredients. Plus, our pups went bonkers for it!

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You might’ve heard about the health benefits of fresh food for your dog, but there’s nothing as convenient as dried kibble.

It’s so easy to store and usually way cheaper, so you might be torn about what to give your BFF.

Well, you actually might not have to choose between the two.

Spot & Tango created a product called Unkibble, designed to combine the convenience of dry dog food and the benefits of fresh food.

But is it actually the best of both worlds? And more importantly, do dogs even like it? 

The Dodo had our office dogs try it so you don’t have to. And they gave it their official Paw of Approval. Here’s why.

What Is Spot & Tango’s Unkibble?

Spot & Tango is a dog food delivery service that focuses on creating fresh food for your pup, using recipes formulated by veterinary nutritionists.

Unkibble is the company’s version of dry dog food. It’s minimally processed and made with human-grade ingredients (which means you could technically eat it if you really wanted to), real meat and no artificial additives, colors or flavors.

You can even see things like cranberries, peas and carrots in your pup’s bowl — which adds nutrition and color to his meal.

You start off by taking a quiz about your pup in order to figure out what he needs in his food and how much, which will create his personalized plan (and scoop).

They have three different recipes: chicken and brown rice, beef and barley, and duck and salmon.

According to Spot & Tango, the food is designed to improve your pup’s health in the following ways:

  • Boost his energy
  • Relieve his allergies
  • Improve his digestion
  • Support his coat
  • Build his immunity
  • Balance his pH levels
  • Reduce his dander

Unkibble meal plans start at $6.99 per week and include free shipping (but you can use our exclusive code DODO50 to get 50% off your Spot & Tango order).

The Judges

We picked five office dogs who were looking to totally switch up their kibble game.

Brody is a highly energetic, fun-loving pup. He is always eager for mealtime.” — his dad, Steve Young
“Amigo LOVES to eat (even food that's not his), but he does have a track record of being picky with his kibble. We've had to get him wet food, different kinds of kibble, mixing in some broth, etc.” — his dad, Alejandro Alba
“Max loves tennis balls, snout scratches and broccoli. He eats everything — raw broccoli, raw brussel sprouts, etc. He’s excited for a meal no matter what it is. He’s never had an issue with his kibble.” — his mom, Sarah Butler
Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake
“Ricki lives for breakfast, dinner and anything in between. She's usually not picky at all. She has food sensitivities that we're still working out. We think it might be the filler in her current feed.” — her mom, Shuhan Hu
“Pipsy is not a very picky eater, but her likes are sometimes interesting. Pipsy loves arugula, but is not a huge fan of peanut butter. Every once in a while, when I sleep in, Pipsy will wake me up to be fed because she loves a good meal!” — her mom, Barbara Shallow

So … Did They Actually Eat It?

Brody and Pipsy both fully transitioned, which means they gradually added more and more of the new food in with their old food until they were eating only Unkibble.

Our other three Dodo dogs all ate their Unkibble mixed in with their current food. 

For most of them, it was an immediate hit.

Brody immediately let me know he was into Unkibble when he would not stop ringing his bowl throughout the first few days.” — Steve Y.

“We saw Amigo’s excitement to eat from day one.” — Alejandro A.

“Max loved it from the beginning and definitely seemed to be a little extra excited for his meals.” — Sarah B.

A couple of our Dodo dogs took a minute to warm up to the fruits and veggies — we can all totally relate — but they came around!

“Ricki hated the green beans and cranberries, and would pick them out individually. After a couple of weeks, she still would pick them out; however, she'd go back to them at the end.” — Shuhan H.

“Pipsy immediately showed appreciation for the transition by becoming quite excited before mealtimes. The first few times Pipsy ate the Unkibble, she ate around the snowpeas or green beans, but ate everything else so quickly. By the tenth meal, she would scarf it all up regardless!” — Barbara S.

Amigo is so excited for his Unkibble. | Alejandro Alba

What Pets Loved: It’s Delicious!

Some of our testers are a bit picky, especially when it comes to kibble, but all five pups actually enjoyed eating the Unkibble (and some even became a little obsessed with it).

Amigo now runs to the bag as soon as he knows it's eating time. He even thinks the cranberries are treats. So we're very happy to know that he can eat by himself now without us having to sit next to him.” — Alejandro A.

“Pipsy knows better than to beg for her food, but when introduced to Spot & Tango's Unkibble, she walked a fine line between begging and excitement. Suffice it to say that Pipsy loves Spot & Tango's products!” — Barbara S.

“Max would eat the Spot & Tango food before his usual kibble.” — Sarah B.

Even after six months, Brody still licks his bowl clean, multiple times.” — Steve Y.

“Ricki liked it right away. I like to add homemade bone broth or water to her food to ensure she drinks enough water. Doing so with Unkibble made it look like vomit. But Ricki didn't mind!” — Shuhan H.

Pipsy completely cleaned her bowl. | Barbara Shallow

What Parents Loved: It’s Super Convenient!

Our judging panel really enjoyed that Unkibble is such a convenient fresh food option, since it has all the same storage perks as standard dry dog food.

“You can see the dried fruits and vegetables. They don't smell and they're not messy like the fresh food varieties. It was awesome to be able to store it right on my counter.” — Sarah B.

“We're mostly impressed with the food itself. It's so light and easy to store. Our favorite thing though is that it doesn't smell bad.” — Alejandro A.

“Design and packaging were great. I liked how the Unkibble came in smaller bags to maintain freshness.” — Shuhan H.

Not to mention, the customized scoop was a game-changer.

“I love that Spot & Tango provided an easy-to-use cup that was tailored to Pipsy's size and weight.” — Barbara S.

The custom scoop and portioned bags are perfect so that the food stays fresh and I know exactly how much to feed Brody. Having not had a dog since I was a kid, this kind of attention to detail made it really easy to know what to do for my pup.” — Steve Y.

Plus, the health benefits were actually noticeable for our pet parents.

Brody's coat is extremely shiny and soft, and it seems as though this food is able to keep him going in spite of his high activity level.” — Steve Y.

“Amigo’s poop was firmer, which makes it easier to pick up.” — Alejandro A.

“I was interested in getting Max into ‘fresh’ food for health purposes. He had more solid poop.” — Sarah B.

“I also really appreciate the ‘no frills’ packaging that indicates that the products are all natural so that I know exactly what I am feeding my dog. I particularly love the basic ingredients because I know that these options are healthy, tasty and natural.” — Barbara S.

It’s also really great that Unkibble is suitable for puppies, since there isn’t much of a selection of fresh food for dogs under a year old.

Finding a non-kibble option for puppies was challenging, since lots of companies like Jinx and The Farmer's Dog tell you to wait until your dog is at least 1 year old. No issues though.” — Steve Y.

Max is investigating his fresh dry food. | Sarah Butler

Any Downsides?

Because the food is SO fresh, your pup might actually mistake his tasty-smelling poop for more food and try to eat it.

Brody has, on occasion, eaten his poop while on Unkibble. The vet thinks this might be a product of how clean the food is — aka there are chunks of carrots and cranberries in Brody's poop, so he might be mistaking his poop with more food.” — Steve Y.

“I saw that the cranberries went right through her (saw whole pieces in her stool).” — Shuhan H.

“This is gross to report, but Pipsy attempted to eat her own feces while on this diet.” — Barbara S.

A couple of our pet parents also had issues with the pellets falling apart as they got deeper into the bag.

“I think the food pieces are so fragile that they disintegrate under their own weight (or maybe shipping, etc.). By the last few meals, I was just scooping powder on top of Max's usual kibble.” — Sarah B.

“It's dehydrated, so it was very dry.” — Shuhan H.

“It was a little crumbly/crumby towards the end of the bag.” — Barbara S.

Some of our pup parents felt the cost was a little much, but a couple testers agreed the price couldn’t be beat, considering what you’re getting.

Sure, it’s a little bit pricier than the dry food you’d get from the pet store, but you’re getting fresh ingredients, a personalized plan and automatic delivery. So, it’s definitely worth shelling out a little extra.

“Unkibble is extremely wallet-friendly compared to one other startup I looked at (for my 29-pound pup, the other company wanted to charge me $300+ per month!!!), and even several other startups.” — Steve Y

“For my budget, it's a little high, but for the value of the product, it's very reasonable!” — Barbara S.

Despite the cost, three of our five pet parents said they’d continue using Unkibble regularly, and even recommend it to other dog owners, too.

“Until Brody turns his nose up at Unkibble, I certainly do not plan to make a change anytime soon.” — Steve Y.

“Given the reaction Amigo has to Unkibble, we think we're gonna keep ordering from Spot & Tango. We think Amigo's excitement is worth it.” — Alejandro A.

Our Takeaway: Unkibble is the best of both worlds!

Making the switch to fresh food doesn’t have to be intimidating, inconvenient or break the bank.

Unkibble is a great way to give your pup fresh, human-grade food, without the hassle of dealing with half-opened containers that need to be refrigerated or take up your entire freezer (or trying to cook it from scratch).

And you just can’t beat the convenience of automatic delivery, because that means no more last-minute frazzled trips to the store when you’re out of food.

Plus, our pups all loved it! And that’s really the best part.

(And don’t forget to use our DODO50 discount code for 50% off!)

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