We Finally Found A Feather Toy That Can Hold Up Against Our Cats' Claws

And it’s a total steal 🤑

SmartyKat Hum Singer

Why We Love It:

Our cats were actually excited to play with it. They were really into the feathers, which didn’t shed all over the place.

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It’s such a challenge to find a toy your cat actually wants to play with — especially if he’s picky during playtime.

Could a toy that looks and sounds like a real hummingbird be the solution to this problem?

We decided to test out the SmartyKat Hum Singer on our most particular cats, to see if they’d actually play with it.

The verdict? It’s a winner! Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The SmartyKat Hum Singer?

The SmartyKat Hum Singer is an electronic cat toy that makes realistic hummingbird noises.

This toy is made with feathers to get your cat’s attention. It’s also filled with catnip — which is free of chemicals and pesticides — to keep him excited and engaged.

According to SmartyKat, the Hum Singer is designed to tap into your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

It’s also lightweight and on the smaller side, so it should be easy for your BFF to carry around.

The Judges

We picked three cats who are very picky about playtime to make the judging extra tough.

Hazel likes to play but can get bored quickly.” — her mom, Bridgette Faupel
Mowgli is very picky when it comes to toys. He really enjoys small things that he can pretend-kill and carry around like a baby.” — his mom, Julia Velarde
“Smokey is very hard to impress. He's only interested in sleeping or occasionally batting around a small turquoise ball that he likes.” — his mom, Katie McMahon

So … Did Our Cats Actually Play With It?

Our judges were immediately captivated by the SmartyKat Hum Singer, and totally fell in love with it.

Mowgli showed immediate interest in the Hum Singer. I held it up and his eyes became slits. I threw it and he pounced. Mowgli has played with the Hum Singer on a regular basis ever since I presented it to him. He never got bored with it or lost enthusiasm.” — Julia V.

Hazel has started to play with this daily. She plays with it throughout the day and before bed. It's a good way for her to quickly exert her energy before sleep.” — Bridgette F.

It took one of our cats some time to warm up to this toy because of the sounds it made.

Smokey was super intrigued by the Hum Singer when he first saw it. He just looked confused when it made noise and stared at it for a little bit.” — Katie M.

But while the noise might’ve been a little much initially, his mom said that he seemed to like the SmartyKat Hum Singer.

cat and smartykat hum singer
Mowgli and his SmartyKat Hum Singer | Julia Velarde

What Pets Loved: It’s Tiny And Has Fun Feathers!

The feathers were a huge hit with our judges. Our cats also loved the size, which made it easy to pick up the SmartyKat Hum Singer and carry it everywhere.

“Mowgli loved the feathers and size. He would carry it around like a baby and I would find it in other locations throughout the day. After he would ‘kill’ the bird, he would take some time to coddle it and bathe it and then start the kill cycle over again.” — Julia V.

The feathers interested him a lot, and he enjoyed batting it around.” — Katie M.

Hazel really liked the chirping noises and the smallness of the toy. She tends to like smaller toys that she can kick around and pounce on. The toys with noises are new to her and definitely piqued her interest in a new way!” — Bridgette F.

cat and smartykat hum singer
Smokey really loves those feathers. | Katie McMahon

What Parents Loved: Their Cats Were Excited To Play!

All three of our judges are super hard to impress, which is why their parents were so thrilled that their cats actually wanted to play with the SmartyKat Hum Singer.

Hazel uses this toy to get a lot of her energy out. She loves to chase it before bed!” — Bridgette F.

“The Hum Singer promoted Mowgli to run around and exercise. It engaged both his killer and nurturing instincts, which is always an adorable combo.” — Julia V.

The toy only costs $3.97, and all three of our pet parents thought the quality was well worth the price.

“This is a great-quality toy, especially for the price tag. It has feathers that stay in place even after Mowgli does lots of biting and scratching.” — Julia V.

“I thought the design was soo cute, and I loved the colors! The toy is definitely good-quality and well made. The noises were decently realistic — not exactly spot-on, but good enough!” — Katie M.

cat and smartykat hum singer
Mowgli loves keeping his Hum Singer on the bed. | Julia Velarde

Any Downsides?

While the cats were sold, our pet parents didn’t love the noise the SmartyKat Hum Singer made. (But how many noisy toys actually sound good to pet parents?)

The only complaint I have is that the Hum Singer's voice box sounds a little tinny. The noise was a little startling to Mowgli, but he was quickly drawn back in by the design.” — Julia V.

I might prefer it if it didn’t make noise, but as is, it was still great. And Smokey seemed to like it!” — Katie M.

Despite this, all three of our human judges would continue using the SmartyKat Hum Singer, and said they’d recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: You’ll Make The Most Of Your Money With This One!

At just under $4, the SmartyKat Hum Singer is perfect for any pet parent on a budget, especially since buying picky cats new toys is always a gamble.

But since even the most particular cats will enjoy batting around this fun feather toy, you won’t have to worry about that. And for the price, it can hold up to an impressive amount of play.

Everybody wins!

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