We Found A Trash Can That's Actually Pet-Proof

This one's the real deal — no more stinky floor garbage! 🚮

Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

Why We Love It:

You know how so many trash cans claim to be pet-proof? This one actually is. Plus it looks great in our homes.

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Do you ever come home to find your pet has gotten in the garbage … again?

After your pet has strewn your nastiest trash all over the floor for the millionth time (out of what was supposed to be a dog-proof trash can), it might seem pet-proof garbage cans just don’t work.

Well, we’ve got some good news!

The Dodo tested the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can to see if it can really keep your trash, well, in the trash while living with pets.

Sounds impossible, right?

Turns out it actually works! Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can?

The Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can is a plastic trash can that claims it can actually keep your dog out, so the trash stays in the can and not all over your floor.

It has a slide lock to keep the lid shut and secure, just in case your pup is particularly determined to get into the garbage. There’s also a step pedal, in case you need to open the trash when your hands are full.

It has a curved design to take up less space, but it can still hold 50 liters. It also has a slow-close lid, so scaring yourself every time your trash can slams closed is a thing of the past.

Each Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can features a liner that’s made to fit its specific shape. The liner is double-seamed and super thick, so you don’t have to worry about nasty garbage leaking through the bottom of the bin.

The Judges

We picked four of our more mischievous pets to test just how well the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can could keep them out of the garbage.

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So … Can It Actually Keep Our Pets Out Of The Trash?

Not only could our pets not get into the garbage, but they didn’t even want to try.

Our pet parents think that between the lock and the durable build, our pets knew they were no match for the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can.

Storm has zero interest in trying to get into this trash can! She knows it's too big and too sturdy, and it doesn't seem like she can smell anything that might be enticing inside, which is a huge bonus and relief (considering there's plenty of raisins inside!).” — Keren M.

“Surprisingly and weirdly, Shabba and Ranks didn't really pay it as much mind as I thought they would. Maybe it was the pet lock? Shabba couldn't crack the pet lock, so maybe he just gave up.” — Courtney L.

The major claim of this product is that it has a lock on the lid so that your animal will not be able to open the lid. This definitely lives up to its claim — the lock is very strong and sturdy.” — Quin P.

Shabba can’t figure out how to get to the trash. | Courtney Lall

What Pets Loved: It’s Not Loud And Scary!

Any pet parent knows that loud sounds and sudden noises can spook their BFF.

But, thanks to the slow-close lid, our judges didn’t have to live in fear of the Simplehuman trash can.

The silent-close lid is great. It makes no noise whatsoever (which is good; my cat hates loud noises).” — Quin P.

“It's very quiet!” — Keren M.

Nugget isn’t afraid of the trash can because the lid isn’t noisy at all. | Quin Paseka

What Parents Loved: The Trash Stays In The Can!

Our pet parents were so impressed with the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can that they all agreed it’s well worth the $50 price tag.

Some pet locks usually get stuck and are just annoying to maneuver, but this was very easy and smooth. My dogs didn't stand a chance. Definitely worth every penny to not worry about my dogs getting in the trash.” — Courtney L.

“The lock is very child- and dog-proof — almost too much so, I admittedly struggle with opening it up once it's locked.” — Keren M.

They were also impressed with the quality of the can for the price, from the big dimensions to the thick, odor-trapping material.

(Especially because no one wants to be that person with the home that smells like garbage.)

It's nice and big so I'm not constantly taking out the trash, and it fits the large garbage bags snugly.” — Quin P.

“I can't smell any garbage waste unless I open the can.” — Keren M.

“I also liked the width of the lid, as sometimes it's hard to pull trash bags out of trash cans, but with how open the trash can is at the top, it was easier than usual.” — Courtney L.

In fact, our entire pet-parent panel loved how durable this Simplehuman step trash can is.

“I am astonished that the trash can is as good as new regardless. I thought Shabba and Ranks would leave their mark on it somehow.” — Courtney L.

“It's sturdy enough [that] I rarely feel the need to lock it.” — Keren M.

“It's sturdy and I think it will last a long time.” — Quin P.

And the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can’s pedal was definitely a favorite feature among our testers.

“The step-to-open feature was also great, and the size of the step also was better than other cans. I also like how the step is solid and not handle-like/skinny.” — Courtney L.

“The strong steel pedal is perfect for when I don't have hands to open the lid.” — Quin P.

Functionality aside, you also just can’t beat a trash can that isn’t a total eyesore.

“It's nice-looking — curved and low-profile, yet a good size. We're able to put it right against our kitchen island and it doesn't stand out in a bad way.” — Keren M.

“It easily fits flush against my kitchen wall. I also like the black color; it blends with the rest of my kitchen.” — Quin P.

Any Downsides?

The good news: The lock works so well that your dog won’t be able to get the garbage out of the Simplehuman step trash can, no matter how hard he tries.

The bad news: The lock works so well that even you might struggle with it, too.

I couldn't figure out how to lock it at first because you have to push pretty hard, but I got the hang of it.” — Quin P.

“It is hard to unlock. I wish it was slightly easier to unlock so that I'd use this feature more often.” — Keren M.

But this was really the only issue our pet parents had, and all three said they would recommend it to other pet owners.

Our Takeaway: It’s Like The Fort Knox Of Garbage Cans!

If your pet’s favorite thing is digging through the trash and throwing garbage everywhere, then you definitely need the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can.

Since it’s so good at keeping your pet out, it actually might make them lose interest in tearing through your garbage in general.

Not to mention, it’s affordable, built to last and will actually look good in your home.

Talk about a total win!

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