This Salon-Quality Dog Shampoo Is Actually Worth The Price

It's like a spa day for your dog 🥰💅

The Fur Wash

Why We Love It:

It’s a totally luxury, salon-quality shampoo made just for dogs. It’s also formulated with ingredients we'd use on our own hair, so it's great for sensitive skin.

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Since your dog probably hates bath time, trying to make the whole experience fun for him can feel like an uphill battle. But maybe using products that are basically designed to give him a spa day will make the whole experience more relaxing?

That’s why we were so excited to try out The Fur Wash and The Hair Wash from Rowan. They're super luxurious, salon-quality, human-grade dog shampoos — made with ingredients you’d even use on your own head — that are designed to give your pup a total pampering.

And after we tried them on our own dogs, we couldn’t be happier to give them our Paw of Approval, since they made our dogs’ coats super clean and tangle-free — and made the whole bath time experience feel super fancy.

Keep reading to find out more about why these dog shampoos are so unique.

What Is Rowan Dog Shampoo?

Rowan dog shampoo is a luxury, salon-quality wash just for your dog. Like high-end human shampoos, it even comes in two different formulas, one for dogs with hair (aka coats that don’t shed) and one for dogs with fluffy fur (aka coats that shed regularly), to make sure your pup’s coat is getting the best possible treatment.

The Fur Wash is a hydrating dog shampoo that’s especially recommended for dogs who are prone to shedding.

It’s made with coconut oil and argan oil and, according to the company, is supposed to nourish your dog’s skin and make his fur nice and glossy.

The Hair Wash is a conditioning wash designed specifically for coats that don’t shed and need regular trims.

It’s made with avocado and coconut oils and is supposed to leave long hair soft, shiny and free of tangles.

Both The Hair Wash and The Fur Wash are made with human-grade ingredients — meaning they’re made with the same stuff you’d use on your own hair — and don't contain any sulfates, parabens, silicones or dyes.

Plus, both Rowan dog shampoos are coconut-scented for a refreshing and natural smell.

If you aren’t sure whether your dog would be better suited for The Hair Wash or The Fur Wash, you can take Rowan’s quiz to find out.

(Note: The hair wash is currently out of stock, but the company says it's expected back in September.)

The Judges

We picked three Dodo dogs who need regular baths to put The Hair Wash and The Fur Wash to the test.

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So … Did Our Dogs End Up Squeaky Clean?

Katie tested the Hair Wash, Telly tested the Fur Wash and Lucy tested both — because she has hair and also a fur undercoat — and all three of our judges were unusually fresh and clean after their baths with these luxury Rowan shampoos.

“After using The Hair Wash and her coat was dry, Lucy’s hair was super soft and fluffy.” — Jane Y.

The wash made Katie nice and clean, which is always a positive. She smelled nice and she looked really great after.” — Emily F.

“Telly's coat felt so nice and clean after his bath.” — Indiana M.

As promised, the Rowan dog shampoo made our pups’ coats super shiny, and even managed to keep those pesky tangles at bay.

“It helped detangle Lucy’s hair and it was a bit easier to brush through it!” — Jane Y.

“Even though Katie sheds a lot, we used the Hair Wash because her hair is so long, and it did help make her hair super silky and soft. Her hair is always shiny, but it made it look even shiner.” — Emily F.

rowan dog shampoo
Lucy’s coat is so shiny after using the Rowan wash. | Jane Yum

What Pets Loved: It Made Bath Time Kind Of OK!

None of our judges are fans of bath time — and some of them actively hate it — but the Rowan dog shampoo actually made it go by quicker (and the result was totally worth it).

I also think Lucy’s more comfortable since the Rowan shampoo helped me get her washed a bit quicker than normal and seemed to help her coat repel dirt more than normal.” — Jane Y.

Katie has really long hair and gets it dirty often, so she benefits from this product by it keeping her clean and healthy.” — Emily F.

rowan dog shampoo
Lucy’s bath is over before she knows it since the Rowan products rinsed out quickly. | Jane Yum

What Parents Loved: A Little Bit Goes A Long Way!

All of our pet parents were incredibly impressed with the salon-quality shampoos — and were especially thrilled that they didn’t need to use much of the Rowan dog shampoos to give their pups a nice, thorough bath.

“We didn't have to use too much product for it to work. Katie has a lot of hair and she was really dirty, and we barely made a dent in the bottle.” — Emily F.

“It was creamy and lathered really well, so I didn’t need to use that much to get Lucy’s whole body covered! I don’t think it’s great for Lucy’s skin if I bathe her too often, so having a product that will keep her cleaner for longer is a great benefit.” — Jane Y.

“A little dose goes a long way.” — Indiana M.

rowan dog shampoo
Telly and his bath-time goodies | Indiana Mérali

Our pet parents also loved how the Rowan dog shampoos made their pets smell nice and refreshed, like they just stepped out of a spa.

It smelled great! It lathered up really well in the bath and seemed to get all the sand.” — Emily F.

“The scent of the Fur Wash while washing Lucy was a nice beachy, coconutty sunscreen type smell, which was very pleasant!” — Jane Y.

“Telly smelled so good after his bath. The smell is delicious!” — Indiana M.

Plus, the ingredients are so high-quality that you could even use them on your own hair if you wanted.

“The nontoxic ingredients are the biggest pro for me. I love knowing that I can trust what I am putting on Katie's hair.” — Emily F.

“Glad to know it’s free of harmful things like parabens and silicones and dyes, but the formula doesn’t seem to be any less effective.” — Jane Y.

“Love that it's human-grade, the packaging is really pretty and it only has healthy ingredients. I trust that I'm getting a natural product that's healthy for my dog.” — Indiana M.

rowan dog shampoo
The Hair Wash makes Katie so clean. | Emily Feld

Any Downsides?

Our pet parents really struggled to come up with anything bad to say about the Rowan dog shampoos.

The only thing I wished was better quality was the bottle! It ​​didn’t open and close that easily.” — Jane Y.

The smell of the Hair Wash did seem a little intense and stuck around for a while, which might not be ideal for pet parents who are sensitive to certain smells.

“I’m not a huge fan of cocoa-butter-scented things in general, and that was the main scent note of this item. I was hoping the smell would go away when Lucy’s hair dried, but it seemed to get stronger.” — Jane Y.

Our human testers also felt conflicted about the price, because you really are paying for a salon-quality product — a 12-ounce bottle of either the Hair Wash or the Fur Wash will set you back $25.

It’s definitely pricey for a dog wash, but it’s actually pretty fair since a little bit lasts a while, the ingredients are high-quality and you get a nice, luxurious lather out of it.

But considering the great experience they had with washing three different types of dogs, all three of our human judges said they would recommend these Rowan dog shampoos to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: Treat Your Dog To A Day At The Spa!

The Hair Wash and the Fur Wash will both give your dog a salon-level bath without having to go to the groomer.

These Rowan dog shampoos left our pups’ coats looking so shiny and soft, and the hydrating and conditioning formulas were great for detangling long hair.

It really does feel like you’re getting a luxury product made for humans — and our dogs loved it too.

Plus, it’s so nice to know we’re using quality ingredients on our pups and we can get a lot of mileage out of a small amount of product.

And since it rinses out so quickly, your dog’s bath time blues will be over before he knows it.

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