This Is The Most Luxe Dog Conditioner Spray (And It's The Ultimate Splurge)

It's so good you can literally use it on your hair, too 💁‍♀️🐶

The Coat Refresh

Why We Love It:

The human-grade ingredients are natural, high-quality and safe for our dogs’ skin. Plus, it’s got a smell that can’t be beat.

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If you have a dog, there’s a good chance you spend all month dreading bath day — you just want to pamper your pup, but he seems to think you’re actually torturing him!

That’s why our Dodo dog parents are always on the lookout for a great product that will let us extend the time between baths just a little bit longer (or even just let us give our dogs a quick refresh if they have a big playdate and we realize on the way out the door that they’re starting to smell a little … overripe).

So we were super intrigued to hear about The Coat Refresh by Rowan — which is basically a dog conditioner spray, but fancier than any dog conditioner spray you’ve ever seen before.

It’s a super high-end product, made to help your pup feel glamorous and clean between washes — all without having to deal with the typical bathtime drama.

We decided to give it a go — and we’re happy to award it our official Paw of Approval, since it made our dogs’ coats super shiny and silky while masking any smells that pop up between baths.

Read on to find out why we loved it so much!

What Is The Coat Refresh?

The Coat Refresh from Rowan is a salon-quality dog conditioner spray that’s made with only high-quality, natural, human-grade ingredients — like aloe vera and coconut oil — that are safe for your pup’s skin and coat.

It’s also free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, dyes and propellants.

Basically, it’s what you’d buy at Sephora if Sephora had a dog section. In fact, it’s so top-notch that the company says you can even use it on your own hair when you need a pick-me-up!

This dog conditioner coat spray works on pups of all breeds and coat types, and it’s designed to be super easy to use — all you have to do is hold The Coat Refresh 4 to 6 inches away from your dog and spray it directly onto his coat, and you’re set. (Just remember to be careful of his eyes, nose and ears — it’s best to avoid spraying near those areas.)

If your pup’s got a longer coat, you might need to brush the conditioner spray in to make sure it’s evenly distributed.

The Coat Refresh is coconut-scented and comes in a recyclable 4-ounce spray bottle.

The Judges

We picked three Dodo dogs who needed a little extra help staying fresh between baths to test out The Coat Refresh spray from Rowan.

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So … Did It Actually Refresh Our Pets?

Yes! All our dog parents thought The Coat Refresh was super effective at keeping their pups smelling fresh and clean between baths thanks to its fancy human-grade formula and natural coconut scent.

The spray smells really great and it helped mask a bad smell Katie had. It keeps her clean when I don't have time to give her a bath.” — Emily F.

“I LOVED the smell! It’s definitely a nice, refreshing scent! You only need a few spritzes to do the trick.” — Indiana M.

“It's nice to have a super quick way to get Lucy’s coat looking great in a pinch or if I'm in a rush! It also effectively masked the scent that was on her coat previously.” — Jane Y.

Our pet parents could tell that this is definitely the high-end, conditioning version of those cheaper pet store sprays, since our dogs’ coats were noticeably softer, silkier and brighter.

“Telly’s coat is shinier than ever after I put it on, and we get tons of compliments from other people who pet him.” — Indiana M.

“I do think The Coat Refresh made Lucy’s hair softer and silkier so her hair was easier to brush than normal when she's dirty or hasn't been bathed recently.” — Jane Y.

rowan conditioner spray
Telly with a model-worthy hair flip after using The Coat Refresh | Indiana Mérali

Does It Work On Human Hair?

Since The Coat Refresh from Rowan is made with high-end, human-grade ingredients, one of our testers decided to try it out on their own hair — and was blown away that a dog’s conditioner spray could fit right in with a human regimen.

I was super curious about the claims that The Coat Refresh spray could be used (even encouraged) on human hair, so I tried it on my own hair. The spray definitely conditioned my not-so-fresh, dry ends — my hair felt and looked smoother.” — Jane Y.

This spray actually had our pet parent feeling and smelling fresh between shampoos, which is pretty impressive considering it’s designed for her dog.

“The Coat Refresh spray really covered my dirty hair smell! And it's great that it’s a natural and neutral smell and not an overly fruity or artificial scent that some pet products can have.” — Jane Y.

She also enjoyed knowing that she’s spoiling her dog the way she’d spoil herself.

“My main hair issue is usually oily roots rather than needing conditioning or hydration, so I probably won't be stealing it from Lucy that often, but definitely nice to know it’s safe and not a bad option if I needed a quick hair refresh in a pinch!” — Jane Y.

What Pets Loved: No Bath And Free Massage!

Our judges agree that bathtime is the worst, so they were relieved that the wettest they had to get was from the misty spray of The Coat Refresh.

I think washing Lucy less frequently is probably a good thing for her skin, coat and anxiety, so absolutely a plus that we can go longer in between washes and still have her looking fresh and clean!” — Jane Y.

Having something wet sprayed on him is something Telly could do without, but it's such a quick thing, we get away with it.” — Indiana M.

The Coat Refresh is a little concentrated, so our pet parents had to rub it in a bit after spraying it.

But the dogs didn’t mind — in fact, they loved getting spoiled and massaged.

Once I stopped spraying it and started massaging the spray into Katie’s fur, she really loved it.” — Emily F.

“I would rub it into Lucy’s hair with my hands, and Lucy loved that since it felt like I was just giving her a vigorous cuddle.” — Jany Y.

rowan conditioner spray
Telly getting sprayed and massaged | Indiana Mérali

What Parents Loved: Pampering Their Pups (Safely)!

Spoiling our dogs was a ton of fun, especially since it felt like we were treating them to a day at the spa. Our pet parents enjoyed making their dogs feel posh and luxurious.

It was also nice to know that these high-end ingredients are natural, nontoxic and the type of quality we’d get in our own hair care products.

The ingredients are really high quality and I love the look and feel of the bottle. The ingredients it's made with are nontoxic.” — Emily F.

“The packaging is really pretty and it only has healthy ingredients. It's reassuring to know I'm using human-grade products on my dog and his coat will be free of chemicals.” — Indiana M.

“I feel really good knowing that the ingredients are clean and safe and specifically developed for dog skin. I feel like I'm doing what's best for her while also pampering her.” — Jane Y.

And since it comes in a 4-ounce bottle, you can take it with you and refresh your BFF anywhere.

“The spray is easy to use and is small enough to bring with me on the go.” – Emily F.

One bottle of The Coat Refresh goes for $25, and going into this test, there was a lot of skepticism around the price.

But after trying it, the judges agreed it totally felt worth it. It might be a luxury, but how often do you get to treat your dog (and yourself) to something so fancy?

rowan conditioner spray
Look how silky Lucy’s coat is. | Jane Yum

Any Downsides?

Using The Coat Refresh meant our dogs didn’t need to deal with the dreaded bath. However, none of them are fans of being wet, so they weren’t super happy that the coat conditioner spray still gets them a tiny bit damp (though that’s unavoidable).

Still, our judges reacted way better to a little spritz than a full-blown bath.

And while the coconut scent is really effective at masking any smells your pup developed between baths, it might not be the greatest thing for pet parents who are sensitive to smells.

“I don't personally love the cocoa butter/playdough-type scent left from the coconut ingredients.” — Jane Y.

However, our dogs liked the smell maybe a little too much, and tried licking The Coat Refresh conditioner spray off themselves, because of course they did. (This is why those nontoxic ingredients are so amazing.)

“Katie started licking all the spots where I sprayed it.” — Emily F.

“Telly was enjoying licking it off his coat afterwards.” — Indiana M.

While our pups lived for that massage they got when their parents rubbed The Coat Refresh into their skin, our human judges wished the spray was a little less concentrated when it came out of the bottle.

“Katie’s hair looked a little ‘crunchy’ in some parts where it was used.” — Emily F.

“It comes out in a more concentrated spray pattern rather than a mist, so the area you spray gets fairly wet.” — Jane Y.

Despite these things, all three of our human testers can’t wait to continue using The Coat Refresh on their dogs, and would gladly recommend it to other pet parents, particularly those who need a break from all those frequent baths.

rowan conditioner spray
The spray can look crunchy since it’s a little concentrated. | Emily Feld

Our Takeaway: Pamper Your Pup Without The Bathtime Hassle!

The Coat Refresh spray’s conditioning quality and coconut scent keep your dog smelling nice and clean and make his coat soft and shiny, all without running the bath. (And he’ll totally thank you for that.)

The natural, high-quality and human-grade ingredients will make your pup feel nice and pampered, especially when you’re massaging it into his skin.

It’s kind of a splurge, but it’s a convenient, salon-level conditioner coat spray, so it’s totally worth it if you really want to spoil your dog (and yourself).

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