These Dog Goggles Really Exist And It Turns Out They're Super Useful

And they look cool! 😎

Rex Specs Doggles

Why We Loved Them:

They’re easy to adjust to fit our dogs’ faces, and they keep debris out of our active pups’ eyes.

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Do you love going out on adventures with your pup? Whether you’re hiking or hanging out at the beach, even the best adventures can come with some unanticipated dangers.

And one of those dangers includes your pup getting all kinds of debris, like sand or dirt, in her eyes while he’s running around. (Or when he insists on putting her head out of the window during the car ride home.)

That’s why we were so excited to try Rex Specs Doggles, because the company promises their goggles will fit your pup snuggly (yet comfortably) and help protect his eyes from the elements.

We were so happy to find out that our dogs loved them so much and they met our expectations, so we’re giving Rex Specs Doggles our official Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to find out more about what we loved.

What Are Rex Specs Doggles?

These doggles (or goggles) are built to protect your dog from damaging UV rays and all the various kinds of debris that can get in your pup's eyes, including dirt and sand.

These goggles come in six different sizes: extra small, small, small-wide, medium, large and extra large, so there’s one for every size dog who has a big appetite for adventure.

Additionally, each pair of Rex Specs comes with two lenses: one that’s clear and a second colored lens of your choice.

Color choices for Rex Specs include:

  • Apollo blue
  • Army green
  • Black

How Do Rex Specs Doggles Work?

Rex Specs work just like human skiing goggles, with an adjustable strap that secures them to your pup’s head.
According to Rex Specs, these goggles boast a secure fit, and all lenses are rated UV400, meaning they block 99.9 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

Our reviewers

We picked four Dodo pups whose parents wanted to test dog goggles for a variety of activities, including skiing and hiking.

Mushu tends to get dry eyes when he sticks his head out the window, but it's one of his favorite things to do, so I figured that doggles would've been the best solution!” — his person, Melanie Tse
Cooper & Lucas
Cooper & Lucas
I wanted to find goggles that would protect their eyes during all of our adventures, including hiking, swimming and even just sticking their heads out the car window.” — their person, Melanie Demi
I wanted to see if he could get used to goggles, because he loves wearing other clothes, in hopes that he would enjoy wearing them in windy conditions.” — his person, Jordan Yentzer

Do Rex Specs Doggles Work?

When it comes to being durable, easy-to-use and actually useful, Rex Specs dog goggles definitely delivered.

“I absolutely love these goggles and how easy they are for the dogs to wear, how thick the glass is and just how great the overall quality is.” — Melanie D.

Cooper in his Rex Specs | Melanie Demi

What We Love About Rex Specs Doggles

They’re high quality

One awesome thing about these goggles is that they’re high quality and able to handle being tossed around by excitable pups.

“Rex Specs are super high quality. My dog repeatedly threw them off his face or tried to bite down on them like a toy, and they showed no significant signs of wear and tear.” — Jordan Y.

Hank in his Rex Specs | Jordan Yentzer

They fit on all our dogs’ faces

The adjustable straps are not only super secure, but the design of these goggles works to fit on all kinds of snouts — including brachycephalic dogs, who do best with the ‘wide’ sizing option.

“The straps make the goggles feel really secure on their face and allow us to adjust them based on their snout size.” — Melanie D.

It comes with an extra lens

These doggles come with one clear lens and an extra lens tinted with a color of your choosing (the tinted lens is good for sun protection, and the clear lens is helpful when there’s less light, like during a shady hike).

I loved how the Rex Specs came with interchangeable [lenses] for sun protection as well as for lower-light situations. They're definitely dark enough to protect from the sun, because Mushu fell asleep in them when we tried them on.” — Melanie T.

Mushu in his Rex Specs | Melanie Tse

It keeps our pups’ eyes safe

The whole point of these doggles is to protect your pups eyes, right? These did the trick.

I knew their eyes would be protected from tree branches or sand while wearing the goggles.” — Melanie D.

The Downsides

There’s a learning curve

Your dog isn’t going to be excited to wear these goggles right away. It’ll take some training and lots of patience before he’s ready to put his goggles on.

There is a learning curve for dogs to wear these — but not unlike anything else dogs have to get used to.” — Jordan Y.

And even though these goggles require some coaxing, Jordan still feels like they’re great for Hank, and that Hank will adjust as he continues using them.

“I will continue using this product for my dog because despite his early hesitancy to wear them for extended periods, I've continued to see progress as he becomes more accustomed to having something around his face and eyes.” — Jordan Y.

They might seem too expensive

For owners of larger pups who are used to paying more than owners of smaller dogs, the price will probably feel OK. But for one tester who’s used to paying a bit less for her small dog, she thought the price may feel expensive for those actually buying the product.

I think that if I didn't receive a sample, I would have been a little hesitant to pay $80, especially since every size is the same price. That's probably really nice for big-dog owners since they usually pay way more, but for small-dog owners, we're used to paying the lower prices!” — Melanie T.

But even with the higher price, Melanie said that the quality’s worth it.

Are Rex Specs Doggles Worth It?

After testing, all of our reviewers agreed that these goggles are worth the cost.

I truly think that after testing [them], the Rex Specs are truly worth $80 because of the durability, peace of mind that your pet is getting proper eye protection from the sun, and they look so much cuter than the cheap ones you find online!” — Melanie T.

Lucas in his Rex Specs | Melanie Demi

“We will absolutely continue using these during the many adventures we take!” — Melanie D.

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What size goggles should I get for my dog?

Rex Specs has a fantastic sizing guide that you should follow when measuring your dog for his new goggles.

Rex Specs Size Guide | Rex Specs

How do I train my dog to wear goggles?

Rex Specs provides tons of resources to get your dog easily trained on using these goggles.

Fitting and training videos can be found here.

It’s also important to note that it can take one to three weeks to fully train your dog to wear Rex Specs without trying to paw them off.

Rex Specs recommends:

  1. Putting the goggles on without the lenses until your dog has adjusted to them, to prevent lens scratching while still training.
  2. Once your dog has adjusted and stopped trying to paw off the goggles, move to the clear lens and then the tinted lenses. This will help keep your lenses clean and free of scratches.

Additional training tips can be found here.

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