This Stuffed Animal Is Basically A Clone Of Your Pet

Down to the tiniest details 😍

Petsies Custom Stuffed Animal

Why We Love It:

If you’ve ever wanted a perfect clone of your pet who won’t resist your snuggles, this is it.

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At The Dodo, we’re obsessed with our pets — and other people’s pets. Maybe even a little too much. 

And if you’re as obsessed as we are, you may have considered getting a custom stuffed animal that looks just like your pet.

It’s an oddly adorable concept, but you might think it’s a little bit too extra for you to take the plunge.

Well, we got one of our pet parents to test out the Petsies Custom Stuffed Animal, so you can see for yourself just what you’d be getting.

As it turns out, this pet-parent perk earned our Paw of Approval. Here’s why.

What Is A Petsies Custom Stuffed Animal?

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Petsies are stuffed animals that are custom-designed to look like a spitting image of your pet. All you have to do is send in a photo of your BFF so the artists can turn him into a stuffed animal.

According to Petsies, their artists utilize airbrushing to include even the tiniest details that make your pet unique during the six-week manufacturing process.

Of course, since this is basically a custom work of art, it comes at a cost. Petsies custom stuffed animals have a sticker price of $249 — though the company often runs sales if you keep an eye on their website. 

The Judge

We picked one office pup to meet her new doppelganger. (Though let’s be real — this was mainly a gift for her two human sisters, Violet, 9, and Maisie, 7.)

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So … Does It Actually Look Like Our Pet?

Matt was impressed with how detailed the design was when his stuffed animal finally arrived — it was clearly Olive, not just a generic white Maltese.

There are a few nice details on Stuffed Olive that make it clear that they really paid attention to the details. The first is that her nose is black on the outside and more brown at the tip. The second is that Stuffed Olive has a pink underbelly just like Real Olive!”Matt P.

Petsies Custom Stuffed Animals are also very realistic. Matt figured he could test the realness factor by seeing if other people noticed a difference between his stuffed pet and his real one.

“The way I know that this product lives up to its claim of being a replica is that I sent a pic to my dad, who believed that we had decided to adopt another Maltese.” — Matt P.

petsies custom stuffed animal
Olive sharing her bed with Stuffed Olive | Matt P.

What Olive Loved: That She Didn’t Hate It!

If Olive doesn’t like something, you’ll definitely know it.

So it’s nice to know that she and her doppelganger aren’t mortal enemies.

“Olive is pretty indifferent to Stuffed Olive, but seems to tolerate her well. They don't seem destined to be friends, but Olive does seem willing to share her bed on occasion.” — Matt P.

petsies custom stuffed animals
Olive meeting Stuffed Olive for the first time | Matt P.

What Olive’s Person Loved: His Daughters Loved It!

Matt thought it was so cute how happy his girls were to add Stuffed Olive to the family.

We wanted to surprise our kids with this, so we didn't tell them that Stuffed Olive was on her way. They opened the box and immediately understood what it was — and really loved it.” — Matt P.

And though Matt worried that the dog’s look-alike would quickly lose her luster — since kids aren’t known for their long attention spans — the cutest thing happened. 

“One night we noticed that Maisie was fast asleep with it in her arms. She slept with it for a few nights — I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that the real Olive does not sleep with either kid, and it was just a nice way for Maisie to get to sleep with the dog.” — Matt P.

Matt also really liked how seamless and user-friendly the ordering process felt, though he wishes the instructions had been more clear, specifically that the company wanted multiple photos of Olive from different angles before they could set to work.

“One point of confusion that I had is that when filling out the order, you should include as many photos of your pet as possible.” — Matt P.

But the Petsies team reached out to make sure they had everything they needed to make Stuffed Olive as accurate as possible.

“I was impressed that soon after placing the order, someone followed up via email to request more to make sure that they were able to create as near of a replica as they could.” — Matt P.

Matt also liked that he had the opportunity to add on the ability to accept or reject the initial design that Petsies comes up with.

“This is an extra cost, but I think it's an important one. The first version of Olive that they sent didn't look exactly right, so I gave a suggestion for what I thought needed to be adjusted. I was pleased to see that my request was addressed in the follow-up design that they sent to me.” — Matt P.

A stuffed animal that’s identical to his pet gave Matt a fun new game (*cough* prank) to play.

“Sending pics and trying to convince your friends and family that you got a new dog is very entertaining.” — Matt P.

The nice material also gave the impression that Olive’s doppelganger will last quite a while.

“Stuffed Olive feels high-quality to me. She's soft and seems durable.” — Matt P.

petsies custom stuffed animals
Stuffed Olive | Matt P.

Any Downsides?

Let’s be real — at $249, the Petsies Custom Stuffed Animal is a huge splurge. Matt said it’s probably not something he’d pay for on his own, though he appreciated the opportunity to try it out.

“I was shocked to learn the retail price for this product. I'm sure there's a market for this, but under normal circumstances I wouldn't pay for this or any of the add-ons or upgrades. It also feels like a really high price point if I were thinking of this as a potential gift.” — Matt P.

He also felt like the stuffed animal is less of a toy and more of a decoration.

“It doesn't feel that it's meant to be played with. It's not really soft and cuddly, and it's also clear that this isn't meant for your dog to engage with. It seems like the only purpose is to put it on display.” — Matt P.

So while we love this product, it’s not something that will appeal to everyone. However, if you can justify the cost, it’s a great special occasion gift, or splurge for the obsessed pet parent who literally has it all. It’s also the sweetest way to memorialize a pet who’s passed away, and to keep a memory of them you can still hug. 

Our Takeaway: Treat Yourself If You’re Super Obsessed With Your Best Friend

This custom stuffed animal from Petsies is certainly a splurge, but the attention to detail is so impressive that this might just be the thing you never knew you needed, but suddenly have to have.

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