You'll Actually Want To Wear These Custom Pet Socks In Public

They’re sooo comfortable 🥰🧦

Petsies Custom Pet Socks

Why We Love Them:

They’re so cute that we show them off! They’re also really comfy and breathable, so we actually enjoy wearing them.

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Here at The Dodo, we’re all pretty crazy about our pets — and other people’s pets, too.

And while we know some people don’t mind being loud and proud about their obsession with their BFFs, other pet parents would rather keep it more low-key.

But even with all the custom pet gear out there, it can be pretty hard to find something that appeals to both types of pet parents.

That’s why we got so excited when we first saw Petsies Custom Pet Socks — because they let you show off your pet’s adorable face in a way that’s both subtle and kind of wild.

We wanted to see if they were as good as they looked, so we knew we had to test them on some of our own pet parents. And it turns out these personalized pet socks are as awesome and cozy as they look, and basically a must-have for any pet parent.

Read on to find out why these custom pet socks earned our official Dodo Paw of Approval — and why you need to get some yourself.

What Are Petsies Custom Pet Socks?

Petsies Custom Pet Socks are patterned socks that are customized with your choice of design and your BFF’s face, making them perfect for obsessive pet parents (even low-key ones).

And it’s really simple to do. First, submit one of your favorite photos of your pet — you’ll probably want one where he’s actually looking at the camera, since Petsies will only use his face.

If you have multiple pets, you can include up to four different animals in the design (though adding a picture of more than one pet will raise the price slightly).

Then, you get to pick which sock design you think would look the best with your BFF.

There are more than a dozen fun patterns to choose from, including pizza, donuts, hearts and something called “hipster” (where they actually photoshop hipster glasses on your pet).

They also have a bunch of holiday designs, including ones for Father’s Day, Hanukkah, St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas — they even have patterns to coordinate with your favorite ugly Christmas sweater.

According to the company, the socks are made with a premium yarn blend of polyester, nylon and elastane, and they’re designed to be one size fits all. Petsies Custom Pet Socks are also made with a seamless heel and toe, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any stitching digging into your feet.

Once you’ve got your perfect pair figured out and place your order, your custom pet socks should ship within the next two to three weeks.

The Judges

We picked some of our most photogenic pets (but let’s be honest, all our Dodo pets could be models) to see if the Petsies Custom Pet Socks could truly capture their cuteness. Although, their parents were the real judges in this case.

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So … How Did They Look?

Our pet parents were so ecstatic to see their BFFs’ adorable faces on their new socks. It was pretty emotional (in the best way) and an instant mood-booster.

Let's be honest, anything that has my cats on it will warm my heart. These socks are absolutely adorable! I will continue to wear these socks until they get holes in them and are no longer wearable.” — Rachel M.

“They have both of my pups on them and they just bring me so much joy. My mood is automatically improved every time I look down at my feet.” — Courtney L.

“It gives me a little boost of serotonin every time I see my dog's face on my feet. The socks are cozy, and they instantly warmed my heart. I almost teared up I thought they were so cute.” — Sam S.

“I like the socks a lot! My pet’s face shows up great on them.” — Audrey S.

petsies custom socks
The Petsies socks look just like Krembo. | Audrey Shtayer

What Pets Loved: They Think They’re Toys!

Unsurprisingly, our cat testers were pretty indifferent to the Petsies Custom Pet Socks. But the dogs were instantly obsessed with these socks (just not for the same reason as their parents).

Royce definitely wanted to take the socks from me and rip them apart, but that's generally his reaction to most things. He enjoyed sniffing them a lot since he's super curious.” — Sam S.

My dog wanted to eat these like he does all of my socks! He is a big sock stealer.” — Audrey S.

Shabba and Ranks were intrigued by the socks. They both love socks.” — Courtney L.

petsies custom socks
Royce was hoping to get a bite out of his human’s socks. | Sam Schwab

What Parents Loved: They’re Adorable AND Comfortable!

Our human judges were so excited to be able to flaunt their obsessions with their pets. The whole experience was made even better because they could put more than one pet on their socks — that way, no one was left out.

I wear these socks proudly even though I'm a big fashionista. They can go with any outfit because no matter what, my pups will always be with me when I have them on.” — Courtney L.

The socks are very cute, and you can add up to four different animal photos per pair, so you don't have to pick between your pets.” — Rachel M.

“They are warm, cozy and best of all, they have my dog's face on them!” — Audrey S.

And with so many different patterns to pick from, you could get a pair of Petsies Custom Pet Socks for pretty much every occasion if you wanted.

There are many design options for a variety of occasions and holidays.” — Rachel M.

“I liked that you can choose from several different designs for the socks.” — Sam S.

Our pet parents were also over the moon about how comfortable these socks felt on their feet (because nothing’s more annoying than scratchy socks).

They are soft and the colors are very vibrant. The socks are comfortable and can fit a large range of foot sizes.” — Rachel M.

“The socks are super comfortable and breathable.” — Courtney L.

“I keep them on for hours at a time, since they're pretty comfortable. I did find the socks to be a little on the thin side, which was actually nice during the day when it can get hot indoors.” — Sam S.

“I could tell they were high-quality from the get-go.” — Audrey S.

The ordering process was also super easy (even when one of our human testers ran into a slight complication).

“It was very easy to upload the photos of my cats, choose the design and place the order. I ran into a slight issue with delivery, but their customer service team was wonderful in helping me troubleshoot.” — Rachel M.

“The website's interface is super user-friendly, and it wasn't stressful to use the website at all despite it being a personalized item.” — Courtney L.

Each pair of Petsies Custom Pet Socks is $25. While that might seem steep for socks, all our human testers thought it was a totally fair price, especially considering the comfort level and the fact that you’re getting a custom, one-of-a-kind pair with your BFF’s face on it.

petsies custom socks
The hipster design is just adorable. | Rachel Meirson

Any Downsides?

Our pet parents did notice that there were some issues with the way the sharpness and color of their pets showed up on the Petsies socks (although it’s unclear if that’s because of a printing issue or just the images that were submitted).

The images of my cats weren't as crisp and detailed as the example images the company had on their website. I'm not sure if that was an issue of the photo quality I submitted or the printing process. That being said, the socks are super cute, and I can 100 percent tell that the images are of Sloth and Fox.” — Rachel M.

“The color of my dogs on the socks are kind of blue-ish instead of black. I'm not sure if it was my photo or just the way the socks were printed. Regardless, my pups look super cute on the socks, but no complaints.” — Courtney L.

“The image of Royce's face didn't come out as clear as I hoped, but that's likely due to the fact that the picture I sent wasn't totally high-res.” — Sam S.

One of our judges was also worried about how they’d hold up after a wash.

“I thought the material was a little thin and worried that since it was made with such dark colors that it would bleed easily in the wash. I also probably wouldn't reach for these on a particularly chilly evening.” — Sam S.

And while there are a lot of design options for Petsies Custom Pet Socks, our pet parents wished there was a bit more variety — like a few more subtle options for everyday wear and maybe some more lengths.

I feel like there should be more options that are more fashion forward. A lot of the designs are kind of a lot.” — Courtney L.

“I probably wouldn't wear them outside since they're so long. I liked that the socks are long, but some variety on the type of sock would be awesome.” — Sam S.

Most of our pet parents said they would gladly get more socks as gifts for other animal lovers in their lives, and would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone else who is also obsessed with their pets.

petsies custom socks
Courtney’s black dogs showed up a little blue on her socks. | Courtney Lall

Our Takeaway: The Perfect Combo Of Cute And Comfy!

Our pet parents never want to take off their Petsies Custom Pet Socks because they’ve got their pets’ sweet little faces on them! They also don’t want to take them off because they’re so soft — which honestly makes them the perfect accessory.

It’s so easy for socks to go horribly wrong — there are so many options that look great but feel scratchy.

But the Petsies socks were extremely breathable and comfortable while looking ridiculously cute!

And with so many ways to customize these socks, there’s a way for everyone to get exactly what they want, even if that means including more than one pet!

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