We Tried This Crazy Fetch Arm And It Will Change Your Game Forever

Once you try it you'll never go back 🎾

Chuckit! Fetch & Fold Launcher

Why We Love It:

It’s great for throwing balls really hard and really far. It also folds up so you can conveniently carry it around for a quick game of fetch wherever you and your dog are.

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Fetch is one of your dog’s favorite games, and you love playing it with him. What you don’t love, however, is how your shoulder gets stiff and sore after a few big throws. (Or having to pick up that super slobbery, grass- and dirt-covered ball.)

With the Chuckit! Fetch & Fold Launcher from Petmate, all you’re supposed to do is flick your wrist and let the ball launcher do the rest.

But can it actually be that easy?

We tested it out with our Dodo dogs to see if it’s really the solution for that post-fetch arm soreness.

Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Chuckit! Fetch & Fold Launcher?

The Chuckit! Fetch & Fold Launcher from Petmate was created to make throwing easier on your arms, so you can get in more quality fetch time with your BFF.

It’s a foldable ball launcher (so it’s portable and easy to stash pretty much anywhere) that can still produce all the power and distance that a full-length launcher can.

When you want to use this Chuckit! ball launcher, just unfold it, lock it into place and load it with your pup’s favorite ball. (The Fetch & Fold Launcher comes with a Petsafe Rubber Fetch Ball and can fit any medium-sized Chuckit! ball.)

When it comes to the actual throwing, you can grip the ergonomic sport handle — which is designed to be easy on your hands — and flick your wrist. The Chuckit! ball launcher should do all the real work for you.

The Judges

We picked four Dodo dogs who REALLY love fetch to find out if the Chuckit! ball launcher made their favorite game even more fun.

Hank and Tyson
Hank and Tyson
Our dogs LOVE balls and all toys. They're big on fetch and also big on just chewing on rubber balls like bubble gum!” — their mom, Jordan Shalhoub

Katie LOVES playing fetch, and we take her to the dog park or regular park all the time.” — her mom, Emily Feld

“Zuko likes to run, play and nap. He's a chewer and loves chew toys.” — his mom, Chelsi Thomas

So … Did It Up Our Fetch Game?

Fetch is always a blast, but it’s even more fun when your arm doesn’t get tired after just a few throws (because that means a much longer game for you and your BFF).

Our pet parents loved how easy it was to use the Chuckit! ball launcher, especially since they could use the ball holder — and not their hands — to scoop up their dogs’ slobbery toys.

Love the convenience of the folding launcher. I wasn't sure what the point of launchers was at first, but then I realized I didn't have to get my hand covered in slobber! That was a great benefit.” — Jordan S.

“The design of this toy was great. The launcher was easy to use. We will bring this to the park with us every time we go.” — Emily F.

I enjoyed the launcher very much, and it’s great when we go to the park.” — Chelsi T.

What Pets Loved: New Toy, Duh!

Adding a new toy into the mix is bound to get any pup super amped. And this Chuckit! ball launcher really got our dogs extra pumped for playtime.

Katie loved this right away. She gets very excited about new toys and even had some dogs try and steal the ball from her at the park.” — Emily F.

Hank and Tyson immediately loved these toys and continue to be excited to play in the yard with them.” — Jordan S.

dog outside with ball from Chuckit! fetch and fold launcher
Katie loved chasing after balls thrown from the Fetch & Fold Launcher. | Emily Feld

What Parents Loved: It’s So Convenient!

Our pet parents really enjoyed how the Chuckit! ball launcher was great at producing far, powerful throws pretty effortlessly.

But the Fetch & Fold’s ability to fold up into a nice, compact size is such a fantastic feature.

The Fetch & Fold Launcher was definitely convenient. We liked that it folded in half to take up less space when storing!” — Jordan S.

“The Fetch & Fold Launcher folded up easily and worked very well.” — Emily F.

I did enjoy the design. It was easy to use.” — Chelsi T.

It’s always a huge win when our dogs get in a good workout during playtime, too.

“The dogs were so excited to play with these toys that they got lots of great exercise!” — Jordan S.

And, at only $11.95, our entire judging panel thought the Chuckit! ball launcher was priced perfectly. (And with our exclusive code DODO15, you can get 15% off.)

dogs waiting for ball from Chuckit! Fetch and Fold launcher
Tyson and his other brother, Tebow, are so excited to play. | Jordan Shalhoub

Any Downsides?

None of our pet parents had any complaints about the foldable Chuckit! ball launcher.

In fact, they would all continue using it and even recommend it to other pet parents who are looking to level up their fetch games with their dogs.

Our Takeaway: The Fetch & Fold Launcher Goes A Long Way ...

… literally!

The Chuckit! ball launcher worked so well for our pet parents, which made playing fetch — which is already so much fun — even more fun now.

You don’t have to wear your arm out with every throw, and you don’t even have to touch your dog’s slimy, slobbery ball (unless, for some reason, you actually want to).

And thanks to the Fetch & Fold Launcher’s foldable design, you can carry it wherever you want — like the beach or the dog park — without having to carry something really giant and awkward.

(If you purchase through Petmate, don't forget to use our exclusive code DODO15 for 15% off!)

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