This Memory Foam Bed Is Pee-Proof And Great For Our Dogs' Joints

We even put it to the test 😅

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Why We Love It:

The memory foam spoils our dogs and provides plenty of support for their achy joints. Plus, the water-resistant cover is truly pee-proof!

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Spoiling your dog is one of your favorite things in the world. But every time you consider taking the plunge on a bougie bed, you can’t help but wonder: “What happens if he pees (or vomits or drools) on it?”

That’s why we wanted to try out the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed. It’s made with high-quality memory foam, so it’s supposed to be perfect for dogs (and cats) who need orthopedic joint support — whether they’re seniors with arthritis, or they just like a bed that’s extra comfy. It also features a waterproof inner liner that protects that pricey memory foam interior (because accidents happen).

And after putting it through a rigorous test with some of our most achy Dodo office dogs — including an actual pee test — we’re thrilled to give this bed our official Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to find out why it’s our new favorite thing for our senior pups.

What Is The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed?

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is an orthopedic bolster bed for your pet, made with memory foam (aka the moldable, supportive, super luxurious stuff you want in your own mattress) for extra comfort and support.

This pet bed is designed to be perfect for older pups with joint pain or dogs with arthritis, since the foam provides the perfect cushion for painful joints, and the bolster design provides head and neck support. (The company also says that the bolstered design can help soothe anxiety.)

In addition to the support from the high-end foam, the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is made with quality materials like polyester-cotton twill fabric for the outer cover and recycled polyfill stuffed inside the bolsters for extra comfort.

All the materials are designed to hold up against any accidents thanks to the tear- and water-resistant outer cover and the waterproof inner liner that’s there to protect the memory foam (and your investment).

The cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleanup.

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is available in three different colors — slate gray, sandstone and chocolate brown — that are neutral and stylish enough to go with any home decor.

It’s also available in four different sizes:

  • Small — 25 inches long, 20 inches wide and 5.5 inches high
  • Large — 36 inches long, 28 inches wide and 9 inches high
  • Extra-large — 44 inches long, 34 inches wide and 10 inches high
  • Jumbo — 50 inches long, 40 inches wide and 13 inches high

The Judges

We picked five Dodo dogs who were looking for some extra joint support to try out the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and see if it actually provided them with the comfort they needed.

His joints have had issues. He tore both his ACLs and had surgery on them a couple of years ago. He also has arthritis in his back legs and he takes supplements to keep up his mobility.” — his person, Katy Brink
Princess Pea, Missy and Snoop
Princess Pea, Missy and Snoop
“​​Princess Pea has joint pain in her one front leg, Missy is very anxious and Snoop has some arthritis.” — their person, Erica Garbarini
“Since Nala has gotten older, she definitely has more hip problems.” — her person, Danielle Esposito

So … Did It Help Our Achy Dogs?

The high-quality memory foam inside the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed blew our judges away. Our pet parents could quickly tell that this bed actually provided enough support to make their dogs’ sore and stiff joints feel way better.

We've tried other expensive dog beds, and the memory foam on this one is the thickest and densest. I'm really happy we found a bed that Norman loves that will also help with his aches and pains. He's been less anxious at night and playing as hard as ever during the day.” — Katy B.

“My dogs were more supported in this bed than the last bed that was there. My achy dogs seemed very comfortable when they chose the bed as their nap spot.” — Erica G.

“Nala definitely had more energy to run around, probably because her hips are feeling a bit better. She isn't magically healed, but I don't think that's the point of a bed anyway. I wanted it more to ease her joints than anything else, and it seems to have done that.” — Danielle E.

They were also really impressed with the bolster design since that added a whole other level of comfort and stability.

“It's the thickest, most supportive bed in a house full of dog beds. Besides the comfort of the thick base layer, the thick bumper around the sides of it may have helped him feel hugged.” — Katy B.

“It definitely helps to alleviate joint issues by being so supportive and sturdy. The bolsters are really nice for a pup who loves to rest her head on something or snuggle up into a little nook.” — Danielle E.

“Snoop loves the raised headrest around the perimeter, and uses it as a nap spot maybe once a day.” — Erica G.

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is so extremely comfortable that it even eased some of our dogs’ anxiety, which was a huge relief for them (and their parents).

Norman slept through the night every night in his bed. In the past, he's had some nighttime anxiety where he got up and walked around on our bed, but this didn't happen at all with this product.” — Katy B.

“Missy felt safe in the bed, which I believe lessened her anxiety a bit. She takes her daily Whimzees chews there every day, signaling that she feels safe enough to chew on the bed.” — Erica G.

petfusion ultimate dog bed
The PetFusion bed really eased Norman’s aches and pains. | Katy Brink

What Pets Loved: They’re Officially Spoiled Now!

The high-end materials in the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed made our dogs feel like they were living in luxury — and it’s such a comfy bed that even our pet parents were a little jealous.

The bed truly is very comfortable — I've sat on it with my dogs, and it does feel similar to my actual mattress.” — Erica G.

Norman loves the bed and it seems to provide him comfort. He got into the bed as soon as we set it up and didn't want to leave! Norman slept in his bed every night for the past couple of weeks, and often napped in it during the day.” — Katy B.

“Nala got right in!! She is a bougie girl, though, and won't lay down unless a blanket is under her. Once I put a pillow and an UGG blanket down, she was all about it!! I catch her in it all the time.” — Danielle E.

And the memory foam was clearly worth the investment. The top-tier material made all the difference since it’s really designed to mold to the shape of our dogs’ bodies and provide support where it’s needed most.

“The memory foam is packaged like a Casper mattress, and I felt like I was really spoiling my dogs.” — Erica G.

“It's memory foam. It totally adjusts to joints and pain points and has the stability that a pup with these issues would need to feel supported.” — Danielle E.

petfusion ultimate dog bed
Just look how spoiled Nala is. | Danielle Esposito

What Parents Loved: It’s Pee-Proof!

A big selling point for the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is that the water-resistant cover and the waterproof liner are both supposed to protect the bed from accidents.

And while our pet parents weren’t originally planning to actually put that to the test, one of them was so relieved to accidentally find out their pups’ fancy new bed wouldn’t be ruined by a little pee.

“Snoop peed on the bed one night. I just took a rag and soaked it up and then popped the cover in the wash — good as new! It didn't soak through to the actual bed at all, which is the big difference between a normal bed vs. this. — Erica G.

Plus, the high-quality materials made them feel confident that the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is built to last.

“It has a simple, durable design that should hold up for years.” — Katy B.

“All of the materials feel and look high quality.” — Erica G.

One pet parent was also glad that this bed seemed to fit in with the rest of her home’s aesthetic.

“The color is very neutral, and it blends in with the room despite its size. I think the design is super simple, but very appealing.” — Erica G.

Another loved that the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed was so comfortable that she didn’t have to share her own bed anymore. (And picking a dog bed over his person's bed might be the ultimate seal of approval from a dog.)

It allowed him to transition out of sleeping in our bed to his own comfy bed!” — Katy B.

Since this bed is made with high-end materials, it does come in at a higher price point than your average dog bed — a small costs $69.95, a large costs $119.95, an extra-large costs $179.95 and a jumbo costs $239.95.

But all of our pet parents agreed the steep price tag is well worth it since the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is made with top-of-the-line materials, is durable and waterproof, and soothes their pets’ aches and pains so much that it’s become their favorite spot to sleep.

petfusion ultimate dog bed
Princess Pea is so pleased with her fancy bed. | Erica Garbarini

Any Downsides?

While the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is water resistant, the process of actually washing it is a bit time-intensive since you essentially have to break the bed down.

“Washing it is wild. You have to unzip it from the bed and the bolsters, and it can get a bit tricky trying to put it all back together — especially the bolsters. Nothing a little patience won't fix.” — Danielle E.

The disassemble and reassemble process is not as easy as a normal dog bed. Specifically, getting the raised cushions back in their little sleeve is a bit of a task. So for a small spill or stain, the entire task is a bit more difficult than a normal cushion dog bed, as reassembly takes more time. However, actually cleaning a big spill or stain on the bed is much easier than a normal bed as I might have to scrub a normal dog bed and clean the foam or internal bedding versus just popping the cover in the washer.” — Erica G.

The original assembly was also a little more time-consuming than they anticipated.

“It was definitely more difficult to assemble than an average bed as we had to let the memory foam unravel, inflate and then squeeze it into the covering. But it felt worth it. It felt a bit like putting Ikea furniture together. I definitely had to concentrate on it, but it didn't take too long.” — Erica G.

petfusion ultimate dog bed
All the pieces made the initial assembly and the post-wash reassembly a little tricky. | Danielle Esposito

And even though the design is meant to be neutral and stylish, the look and size of the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I'm not wild about the look of it — it's plain and not as cute as some beds on the market — but it does what it promises and is fine for the bedroom.” — Katy B.

“I was like ‘WHOA, THAT'S BIG!!’ Definitely keep in mind when measuring because the bolsters aren't included in the measurement, just the inner bed.” — Danielle E.

Plus, if your dog likes to be swaddled while he sleeps, you’ll want to make sure you have blankets handy.

“If your dog loves to be snuggled up in warm, furry-type beds, she won't love this as is. Definitely using blankets and pillows will fix this.” — Danielle E.

But even though our human judges had a few things they’d improve, they loved the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed so much that they will gladly continue using it and would enthusiastically recommend it to other pet parents.

petfusion ultimate dog bed
Nala needed a blanket to truly feel cozy. | Danielle Esposito

Our Takeaway: A Bougie Bed That’s Great For Those Sore Joints!

If you’re looking to spoil your dog like he’s never been spoiled before, the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is it.

The memory foam is so luxurious and comfortable that you’ll definitely be tempted to curl up in your pup’s new bed yourself.

The support from the foam and the bolsters works wonders on stiff joints and arthritis pain, and even soothed our anxious pups.

And you don’t have to worry about a little pee ruining your brand-new splurge, because the water-resistant cover really does hold up against accidents — so it should last for years to come.

So if you want to give your dog the best orthopedic bed on the market, give the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed a go.

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