This Candle Actually Eliminates Nasty Pet Smells

No one wants to be THAT house that smells like dog ... 🕯

Pet House Candles

Why We Love Them:

They managed to eliminate our pets’ stinkier odors, including that nasty litter box smell. Plus, there are a ton of refreshing scents to choose from.

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No one wants to be that pet parent with the stinky home.

That’s why it’s so clutch when you actually find something that’ll keep those typical (and sometimes nasty) pet smells at bay — especially if it doesn’t smell worse than the smells it’s covering up.

So, we decided to test out the One Fur All Pet House Candles to see if they could actually manage to eliminate odors while leaving our homes smelling nice and fresh.

And we were blown away by how well they worked! Here’s why they earned our Paw of Approval.

What Are One Fur All Pet House Candles?

One Fur All Pet House Candles are specifically designed to eliminate pet odors in your home.

According to the company, these candles are made with an odor neutralizer and are specially formulated for people living with pets.

The Pet House Candles are also hand-poured and made with 100 percent natural soy wax, and are supposed to burn for up to 60 hours, so they’ll make you feel fancy while they deodorize.

They come in dozens of fun, fresh scents like lavender green tea, vanilla sandalwood and snowfall.

You can get Pet House Candles individually, as a two-pack or even as part of a value pack (which also includes a room spray and car air fresheners if you need an extra boost of freshening, though we didn’t test those products).

The Judges

We picked four Dodo pets who can really stink up their homes to try out the Pet House Candles. (But the real judges were their parents.)

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So … Did It Make Our Homes Smell Good?

Short answer: Yes! Our pet parents were really impressed with how well the Pet House Candles actually eliminated those not-so-pleasant pet smells (instead of just trying to mask them, like some other products).

This candle definitely eliminated any pet odor or other unwelcoming smells. It was just strong enough to fill the house, but not overwhelming where we needed to blow it out because it was giving us a headache or anything.” — Anika P.

The candle claims to neutralize odor and make my house smell great. It did both. I loved the vanilla sandalwood scent. It kept my home smelling fresh without being too strong, overbearing or headache-inducing.” — Rachel E.

“Whenever I had it burning during the day and my cat went to go do her business, I didn't smell a thing! The scent diffused pretty nicely in my home, and I found it strong but pleasant.” — Zainab A.

dog and pet house candle
Coffee and his person’s Pet House candle | Anika Pornpitaksuk

What Pets Loved: It Didn’t Bother Them At All!

There’s nothing worse than finding an amazing, convenient product, but realizing your BFF absolutely hates it.

That’s why we loved that our pets were pretty unfazed by the Pet House Candles.

Rumi paid zero attention to the candle. She didn’t appear to be particularly affected by the scent or the fact that it even existed in the first place. So my hunch is that if you have a cat who typically isn’t curious about candles and not overly sensitive to smells, you’re good.” — Zainab A.

Romeo didn’t react to the burning candle or the scent. We light candles in our home frequently, so he was not fazed or bothered.” — Rachel E.

Two of our pups actually noticed the smell, but they weren’t turned off by it — just intrigued.

“They could definitely smell it! Their little noses would sniff the air around the lit candle. I would say they were definitely intrigued by it! Even before the candle was lit, I watched their little boopers wiggle to the lid.” — Anika P.

dog with pet house candle
The candle’s scent didn’t impact Romeo’s naptime at all. | Rachel Elman

What Parents Loved: It Lasts A Long Time!

Our pet parents were pleased that they got a ton of mileage out of the Pet House Candles.

I was very impressed with how long the candle lasted. After burning the candle for over six hours two days in a row, it was only about one-third of the way burned.” — Rachel E.

“It burned well, with a scent that was long-lasting, even after I put the candle out.” — Zainab A.

“It was strong — in a good way. You could immediately smell the scent before lighting it.” — Anika P.

The natural ingredients and quality design are big wins, too.

“I love that the candle is hand-poured with 100 percent natural soy wax. I prefer to bring products into the house that are nontoxic and will be healthy and safer for my pets/family.” — Rachel E.

“I thought the construction of the candle itself was great. It was in a sturdy glass jar and came with a wooden top that was easy to pop on when I wanted to put the lights out.” — Zainab A.

pet house candle
The candles last a long time. | Zainab Akande

Any Downsides?

One of our pet parents didn’t love the aesthetic of the packaging.

I'm not a huge fan of the imagery and paw print graphics that decorated the outside glass body of the candle. It looked a little tacky and while I didn't mind it, I would probably make an effort to tuck it away and out of sight if guests were to come over.” — Rachel E.

And they had mixed feelings about the price. At $21.99 per candle, one of our judges felt the Pet House Candles were too expensive, and would continue using them only if they were cheaper. The other two acknowledged the price point, but would willingly pay it.

(But it's important to note that candles can get wildly expensive, so considering the fact that this one has a deodorizing boost, it's pretty par for the market.)

And despite the price point, all three of our human judges said they would recommend these candles to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: Great For Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh!

Anything that actually eliminates pet odors is a total lifesaver for pet parents, and the One Fur All Pet House Candles didn’t disappoint.

These managed to get rid of even the ickier pet smells — like fresh pieces of poop in your cat’s litter box.

And there are a ton of scents to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. Not to mention, they last a really long time.

Add these to your arsenal, and you definitely won’t have to worry about being THAT pet parent with the smelly home.

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