We Found A Hammock That Will Protect Your Car From Literally Everything

Keeps your backseat so clean you won't be embarrassed to have friends ride in it ✨🤭

Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Microfiber Hammock Seat Protector

Why We Love It:

This car seat cover keeps everything nice and clean, but can also take a beating from pups who love digging. The hammock style is also really comfy for our dogs, and the seat belt slits keep them extra safe.

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Your dog loves car rides so much that he can’t wait to jump into the backseat. But it can be hard not to wince every time he does, knowing his paws were literally just on the muddy ground.

Most covers slip and slide when he decides he wants to do a little digging on the road, leaving your car seats exposed to scratches, or covered in dirt or drool.

That’s why Orvis developed the Grip-Tight Quilted Microfiber Hammock Seat Protector — which the company claims will solve all your dog passenger problems.

To find out if it actually does, we had our Dodo dogs put it to the (very messy, muddy) test. Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Microfiber Hammock Seat Protector?

The Grip-Tight Quilted Microfiber Hammock Seat Protector from Orvis is a dog hammock that actually serves as a car seat cover.

The water-resistant hammock design hooks around the headrests of your front and back seats to keep your whole car (including the floors) clean, which is super helpful if your pup sheds a ton, is a bit of a drooler or has a tendency to track dirt and mud everywhere he goes.

The quilted seat cover will keep your dog nice and comfy, and protect your upholstery from his nails at the same time. It comes in two sizes — large and extra large — for even the biggest pups (or the biggest cars).

This hammock seat cover is made with Grip-Tight backing and handles that go between your seat cushions to keep it in place. There are also slits you can run seat belts through, because making sure your dog is safe is always the first priority.

It’s available in three colors: black, grey and tan.

The Judges

We picked four office dogs who get a little too excited about being in the car to put the Orvis dog hammock car seat cover to the ultimate test.

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So … Did It Protect Our Cars?

Our pet parents were all really impressed with how well the Orvis dog hammock car seat cover managed to keep their cars clean, no matter what their pups threw at it.

We've been to the beach multiple times, allowing for sand and water to enter the car. This Orvis dog hammock definitely kept the leather dry and kept the seats from taking any sand.” — Nolan P.

The Orvis Grip-Tight Hammock Car Seat Protector claims to be a deluxe quilted hammock seat protector that shields your car from dog hair, dirt and moisture. All of this is true!! The fabric is so soft and comfortable, and it definitely protects our leather seats!” — Amanda G.

“It stayed in place and kept the backseat protected.” — Katy B.

Auggie is so happy to be in the car. | Amanda Gottesman

What Pets Loved: It’s Super Comfy!

Let’s be honest: Your dog won’t care if he’s sitting directly on the car seat or on a cover, as long as it’s nice and comfortable.

And it turns out our pups felt right at home sitting on the Grip-Tight Hammock Seat Protector.

Auggie immediately got cozy and laid down on the Orvis Grip-Tight Hammock Car Seat Protector!! He was happy and got comfortable immediately, which we love! It's really cozy and nicely padded for extra comfort.” — Amanda G.

“It looks and feels like something people would want to sit on. It's quilted and soft, so the pups are comfy and don't need an extra bed to sit on.” — Katy B.

Nora smelled it and jumped right on it.” — Nolan P.

The hammock shape of the Orvis dog car seat cover made some of our judges feel extra comfortable.

“Norman likes to rest his face on top of the hammock and peer between the two front seats. Maybe they also felt more secure and contained because they settled in for the ride more quickly than usual.” — Katy B.

Norman loves snuggling right up to the edge of the Orvis dog hammock. | Katy Brink

What Parents Loved: It Can Handle A Lot!

This seat protector doesn’t just protect your car from mud, drool and hair. It also holds up against dogs who can get a little destructive from time to time. 

Nora would try to dig at it in short circuits, and it seems to be keeping up. It’s sturdy for dogs/puppies who love to dig and bite at materials at a young age. This cover will handle what you throw at it.” — Nolan P.

“This is definitely a great quality seat cover, unlike the cheap ones you find.” — Amanda G.

Thanks to the Grip-Tight underside, the Orvis dog hammock car seat cover stayed in place, which meant our cushions were safe even as our pups moved around.

“It didn't budge under unruly behavior from my two large and wild dogs.” — Katy B.

“I also love how it is extra grippy on the backside so that it's not slipping everywhere.” — Amanda G.

And since safety is a top priority, our pet parents loved that you can hook up your seat belt to the hammock.

“There are slots for the seatbelts to go through so that everyone can be buckled in.” — Katy B.

Even though it’s pretty big, setting up the Orvis dog hammock car seat cover was a snap.

“The hammock was super quick and easy to install — it has straps that loop over both the front and back headrests.” — Katy B.

“Just attach them to the seat headrest and you’re all set!” — Nolan P.

Nora was so excited to hop up on the Orvis dog hammock. | Nolan Phiouphilavanh

Any Downsides?

The Grip-Tight Hammock Seat Protector was great at keeping our pet parents’ cars clean because it caught all of the nastiness. Of course, that means the car seat cover itself can end up getting dirty.

Because it's grey, it may still show signs of dirt on the cover. I'm all about looking tidy!” — Amanda G.

Aside from that, our pet parents also acknowledged that the Orvis dog hammock car seat cover comes at a steep price tag. The cost ranges from $149 to $179, but all three of our testers felt it was worth the splurge.

“It's pricey but it’s one of those things you can buy once in a lifetime and never replace, and never wish you had a different version.” — Katy B.

Overall, our entire (human) judging panel would recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: Having A Clean Car Is Worth The Splurge!

Unlike most car seat covers, the Orvis dog hammock protects every inch of your backseat, including the floor.

Even more importantly, it’ll keep your pup super secure because it hooks to your headrests, fits between your seats and has seat belt slots.

Not to mention, your dog will love how comfortable it is, so he’ll be nice and cozy even on longer drives. And you can enjoy the ride without stressing about mud (or hair or drool or vomit) ruining your car while you drive.

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