We Found A Couch Protector That Saved Our Furniture From Literally Everything

Including dog vomit (yes, that happened) 🤦‍♀️

Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Dog Throw

Why We Love It:

An innovative dog blanket that fully protects your couch against hair, mud and drool, but looks good, too. Plus it stands up to destructive pups.

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When your dog gets those post-walk zoomies, you can’t always keep him from getting his muddy paws all over your clean couch.

Or, if your dog or cat is a bit of a troublemaker, it can be frustrating to find chewed cushion corners and scratched fabric on your favorite armchair.

Furniture covers can be eyesores that suck all the personality out of your living room. But the Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Dog Throw could be the perfect solution to your problem.

We had our Dodo dogs put it to the test, and here’s why it earned our pups’ Paw of Approval.

What Is The Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Dog Throw?

Unlike slipcover-style furniture covers, the Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Dog Throw is a blanket you can use to cover your furniture so your dog can snuggle up with you without ruining your couch or your chairs.

The top of the Orvis Dog Throw is quilted to give your pup something soft and cozy to curl up on.

But underneath the blanket is a layer of rubberized mesh, so the throw won’t slip or slide around when your dog is rolling all over it or adorably twitching in his sleep.

Since it’s a blanket, it’s much more natural-looking than traditional slipcovers — but since it’s designed to stay in place, your BFF can lounge on it as much as he wants without covering your furniture in pet hair, dirt or drool. 

It comes in two different sizes: medium (48 inches wide by 56 inches long) and large (52 inches wide by 72 inches long).

The Orvis Dog Throw is also available in three colors to match your home style: shale, wheat and brown tweed.

The Judges

We picked three sweet-but-destructive office dogs, who love to take over their families’ furniture, to give the Orvis Dog Throw a try.

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So … Did It Actually Protect Their Furniture?

Our judges really put the Orvis Dog Throw through the ringer — and to our surprise, it actually held up against digging, pulling and the nastiest messes, despite the simple design.

The night I put the quilt on the couch, Tip puked all over, and this quilt literally saved us from having a stained light grey couch! We were able to clean the quilt with no issue, and it seems to be waterproof as nothing soaked through onto the couch.” — Nicole H.

Lenny was not able to pull or dig under the blanket. He also didn’t chew it. That really surprised me since he normally chews everything (pillows, carpets, sofas).” — Jocelyn T.

When it was all said and done, the Orvis Dog  Throw kept our pet parents’ furniture fresh, clean and damage-free.

dog sitting by window on top of Orvis quilted throw
Lenny lounging on his Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Dog Throw. | Jocelyn Throop

What Pets Loved: They Have Their Own Spot On The Couch!

Our dog judging panel loved that their new blanket marked their designated spot on the couch for cuddles and naptime.

Tip sat as I unzipped the quilt and he patiently waited for me to spread the quilt out on the couch, then he jumped right up, as if he knew it was for him. Now that we’ve kept the quilt in one place on the couch, Tip seems to know that's his area.” — Nicole H.

“Lenny sits, plays, sleeps on the sofa every day and he always chose to sit on the throw. Lenny quite likes sleeping on it.” — Jocelyn T.

“Rosie is very comfortable sitting and sleeping on it. She always loved sitting on the couch for many hours during the day, and she continues doing that without any hesitation.” — Anita D.

It was so soft that it’s no wonder our pups really loved snuggling all over it.

“It's heavy, cozy and thick — so I believe my pup thinks it's comfy to lay on.” — Nicole H.

dog napping on couch on Orvis quilted throw
Rosie assumes her weirdest nap position on her cozy new blanket. | Anita Diamantopoulou

What Parents Loved: No More Dirty, Torn-Up Furniture!

Our pet parents were blown away with just how well the Orvis Dog Throw kept their furniture dirt- and drool-free.

It is protecting our couch from Tip's hair, but also from his muddy paw prints and any sort of mess he makes when chewing toys or cleaning his paws.” — Nicole H.

It absorbs dirt fairly well — didn’t see any visible marks or dirt after two weeks of use.” — Jocelyn T.

“It's definitely a high-quality product. You can feel it from the moment you open up the box.” — Anita D.

And they were really excited to discover that it also kept their pups’ more destructive habits in check.

“It has piped edges that deter dogs from pulling threads, was quilted for a bit of padding, and the large was a good size. Definitely enough for a large breed to be covered even when stretched out. I was impressed by the weight and quality of the materials. It felt like it would not easily be destroyed.” — Jocelyn T.

Our testers were also impressed by how much that mesh underside actually kept the Orvis Dog Throw in place.

The material is heavy and grippy, which allows it to stay on the couch in the same position without having to reposition it.” — Anita D.

A lot of couch covers on the market can be pretty ugly, so the Orvis Dog Throw earned some serious bonus points with our pet parents since it didn’t detract from their own furniture.

“I LOVE IT. First of all, the material and looks of it are not cheap. It goes well with the couch and has a more adult feeling from old throws/covers that I used in the past, which looked cheap.” — Anita D.

Not to mention, the plastic blanket bag it came in is super convenient for storage.

“It did have a zipper and was of good enough quality that it could be used when traveling with the throw.” — Jocelyn T.

dog chewing toy on top the Orvis quilted throw
The Orvis Dog Throw keeps Tip’s slobber off the couch. | Nicole Hendrickson

Any Downsides?

While the Orvis Dog Throw stays put much more than a typical blanket, it’s not entirely immovable — if your dog is really rolling around, it might budge a little.

I wouldn't say it completely stays in place as the pet moves around, but it mostly gets the job done!” — Nicole H.

“It takes time to mold to the form of the sofa and it does move slightly.” — Jocelyn T.

The main issue our pet parents had with the Orvis Dog Throw is that it’s definitely in a higher price range.

The medium-sized blanket costs $98 and the large-sized throw will set you back $129.

However, all three of our pet parents felt it’s definitely worth the price.

“The product is a bit high priced, but I do think it's worth it given how large, thick and cozy it is.” — Nicole H.

It is a bit pricey, but it's high-quality and looks great.” — Anita D.

Downsides aside, all of our testers would recommend the Orvis Dog Throw to other pet parents (especially if they have messy, slobbery or destructive dogs).

Our Takeaway: Having A Clean Couch Is Totally Worth The Splurge!

Replacing a couch is way more expensive than a pricey blanket, and the Orvis Dog Throw does a really good job of protecting your furniture from all the muddy footprints, gnawing, digging, drooling, vomiting and other gross things your pup can — and will — throw at it.

You’ll love it because wouldn’t you rather have a couch protector that looks more like a cute blanket than an ugly cover? And your pup will love it because it’s the coziest thing ever (that quilted top is a prime cuddle spot).

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