This Cat Tree Looks Like An Actual Tree

It’s the most fun 🌳

On2 Pets Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree

Why We Love It:

The leaves give our cats a secluded place to hide, making them feel like they’re nestled inside an actual plant. Plus, it looks so good in our homes.

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Most cat trees look super ugly and don’t always offer cozy spots for your cat to hide when he needs a little alone time.

But what about a cat tree … that looks like a real tree?

We were so excited to test out the On2 Pets Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree because it would fit in our homes like any other house plant, and our cats would be able to hide behind the leaves whenever they feel like perching.

Well, we’re glad to give it our Paw of Approval since it’s so cute and sturdy at the same time. Read on to find out more about why we love it.

What Is The On2 Pets Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree?

The On2 Pets Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree is a cat tower designed to look like a real tree with tons of silk leaves.

You can pop the leaves in and out of the caps on the tree so you can replace them if needed. Or, if you want, you can swap them out with seasonal options or customize your tree by mixing and matching.

The On2 Pets cat tree with interchangeable leaves is available in zen green, mixed maple, orange blaze and deep plum.

In addition to the interchangeable models, On2 Pets also makes a version of this cat tree where the leaves are permanent. So, if you’re worried about the leaves falling off or getting knocked out, you can always go with that option — you just won’t be able to customize or replace the leaves.

The On2 Pets cat tree with leaves is 5 feet tall and has three carpeted perch shelves. It’s got one perch that’s 24 inches in diameter, one that’s 22 inches in diameter and one that’s 18 inches in diameter.

This tree is designed to support cats up to 32 pounds.

According to the company, it’s so easy to assemble that you shouldn’t need any tools to put it all together.

It’s also made with nontoxic materials in case your cat tries to snack on some of the leaves.

The Judges

We picked four Dodo cats who love to hide, climb and play with plants, to put the On2 Pets cat tree with leaves to the test.

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So … Did Our Cats Actually Use It?

Our entire judging panel seems to enjoy everything the On2 Pets cat tree with leaves has to offer. They love that it gives them a place to hide, climb, nap and play.

This is the new favorite item in the house, and I don't think I'd ever be forgiven if I took it away. Mr. Kibbles climbs up and stays for sunbaths and at night is patrolling the backyard from up top, behind the leaves. Alexa loves to pretend she's invisible once behind the leaves and loves to surprise us with a pounce when we're walking by.” — Jonathan P.

“Billy would jump around on it and play with it. He got excited about it early on and sniffed it and sat on it even before I put it together. He definitely enjoys having it around.” — Charmie S.

“​​Calliope always benefits from a new space to relax in. She loves her boxes, tight spaces, cat trees, beds and blankets, so this cat tree was no exception! She’s able to hide and keep to herself while also being in a cat tree, which she loves.” — Natalia T.

cat tree with leaves
Billy and his On2 Pets cat tree | Charmie Shah

What Pets Loved: The Leaves!

The leaves on the On2 Pets cat tree were definitely our pets’ favorite part. They loved having a plant they were actually allowed to play with and climb all over.

“It gives my cats a similar feeling to being outside without having to take them outside. Mr. Kibbles has also stopped trying to dart out the door because he's been getting his ‘plant time’ with this tree. Alexa has stopped biting plants and scratching random items because she's constantly playing with the branches or biting on these leaves.” — Jonathan P.

“I think Calliope thought it was an actual tree because she tried to eat the leaves!” — Natalia T.

The leaves also made our judges feel like they had a safe space to decompress and be alone, even when there were a lot of people around.

“Mr. Kibbles has issues with being around three or more people for extended periods, and he gets cranky. But he’s been showing a happier demeanor and has been hanging out in the cat tree throughout the day, even if everyone is home or nearby.” — Jonathan P.

“I think giving Calliope more places for her to have her safe areas around the house makes her feel calmer and less shy around us and new people who come over!” — Natalia T.

cat tree with leaves
Mr. Kibbles hiding behind the leaves of his cat tree | Jonathan Pruna

What Parents Loved: It’s Adorable!

Our human judges thought the On2 Pets cat tree with leaves was a really stylish addition to their homes, which is such a relief considering most cat trees can be quite ugly.

I was so surprised to see how sturdy and aesthetically pleasing the tree was. It's actually cute, and I don't have to hide it out of sight.” — Jonathan P.

“I absolutely love this cat tree! I love the design, including the center of the tree and how it looks like actual bark. Though the leaves and fake ‘stems’ definitely wouldn’t fool anyone, they are a great touch! I love how it adds life to a space while also giving my cat a new, different space to relax in.” — Natalia T.

In addition to being super cute, this cat tree is also pretty durable. It held our heavier cats no problem and didn’t get pushed around from all the jumping.

“Most cat trees have a maximum weight capacity of 15 to 20 pounds, which Billy does not meet since he’s a big cat. It holds my cat's weight and doesn't move around.” — Charmie S.

“Once I set it up, it was very stable, which was something I worried about since Calliope likes to jump from large heights. The platforms are good quality and sturdy.” — Natalia T.

Plus, building the On2 Pets cat tree was a total breeze.

“Assembly was super easy. I didn’t need any tools to set up, and I did it all on my own in about 20 minutes.” — Natalia T.

cat tree with leaves
Calliope loves jumping on and off her tree, and it was so sturdy the whole time. | Natalia Torres

Any Downsides?

Our pet parents did have some issues with the interchangeable leaves on the On2 Pets cat tree falling out of their caps.

The leaves that came with the cat tree fall off easily. Just in a few hours after setting the tree up completely, my cat started knocking down all the leaves. And in a day or two, the tree was just standing bare without any leaves.” — Charmie S.

“The only downside of this product I would say are the leaf placements. Calliope will bump into them, and they easily fall over or bend at times. I keep having to adjust them.” — Natalia T.

The small holes where the leaves get inserted start to break at the entry point from the constant swatting from Alexa and the branches falling out. It worries me it'll get ruined after continued use and the leaves won't be able to firmly stay put.” — Jonathan P.

And if you have a bigger cat, the leaves might make it more difficult for your cat to have the space he needs when jumping from one perch to another.

“The leaves looked cheap and didn't give the cat enough room to jump around between the planks, which is why he knocked all of them down.” — Charmie S.

If you’re concerned that the replaceable leaves give you trouble, there is a model of the On2 Pets cat tree with leaves that are more permanent.

Our pet parents were a bit torn about the price of the On2 Pets cat tree with interchangeable leaves. At $154.99, it’s definitely a splurge.

But because it’s so tall, looks great and makes our cats feel cozy and safe behind its leaves, two of our three human judges would gladly recommend it to other pet parents.

cat tree with leaves
There are bare spots on Billy’s tree from knocking off the leaves. | Charmie Shah

Our Takeaway: Having A Literal Cat Tree Is So Fun!

The On2 Pets cat tree with leaves was a big hit with our cats and their parents.

Our pets loved that they could hide behind the cat tree’s leaves and branches, which made them feel like they were chilling inside an actual plant.

And their parents actually liked how it looked in their homes, making it a big step up from all those ugly cat trees on the market.

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