We Tried Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food And Here's Why It's Worth A Try

It even looks like you made it yourself 😋

Nom Nom Dog Food

Why We Love It:

It’s made with real ingredients (that you can actually see for yourself) that your dog will love to scarf down. The subscription service is also really convenient.

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It’s a dog parent’s go-to random shower thought: Is the food I feed my pup actually good for her?

If you’re a little concerned about giving your pup processed kibble day in and day out, but you’re scared to switch to fresh food, don’t worry!

We tested it so you don’t have to.

We had some of our Dodo dogs give Nom Nom dog food a try to see if it actually makes a difference.

The verdict? It landed our pups’ Paw of Approval. Here’s why.

What Is Nom Nom Dog Food?

Nom Nom dog food is fresh food that’s made with real, human-grade ingredients, and it’s delivered right to your door. 

Each ingredient is cooked separately and then mixed together, so you can actually see what’s in your pup’s food (like little pieces of vegetables). And it comes in four different recipes to fit any pup’s taste.

Nom Nom claims that pet parents will notice some visible changes in their pups after a few weeks of use, including:

  • More excitement at meal time
  • More energy
  • Smaller stools
  • Better breath
  • Softer and silkier coats
  • Less shedding
  • Increased stamina
  • Better health overall

Subscription plans start at around $20 per week, but can vary significantly based on things like dog size, activity level and the number of pets in the house. You can also get 50% off your first subscription order with this exclusive link.

The Judges

We picked three Dodo pups, with varying levels of pickiness, who were down to switch things up at dinnertime.

Nala lives to eat, just like her mom! Although, she is a little picky sometimes when it comes to veggies.” — her mom, Danielle Esposito
“Peanut is definitely picky about what she eats, and throughout the years her diet has changed a lot, because one day she'll suddenly seem bored with her food and refuse to eat unless we add a treat to it.” — her mom, Cullen Ormond
“Pipsy is not a very picky eater, but she doesn't live to eat. She enjoys cuddles and Greenies more than anything!” — her mom, Barbara Shallow

So … Did They Actually Eat It?

All three Dodo dogs started with a transition week — which means their parents mixed some Nom Nom food in with their pups’ current food to avoid abrupt digestive changes.

Two of the three dogs then switched to eating only Nom Nom food. But Pipsy decided she liked a mix, so she continued on with the half-and-half meals. 

But no matter how they ate it, all three of our testers loved the taste.

I've barely ever heard Nala bark, and she did not stop barking at me — a joyful bark — the first couple of days that I was prepping her meals. She’s obsessed.” — Danielle E.

“Pipsy generally eats at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day, and by 5:30 p.m., she starts to get excited to eat. It just shows how much she loves the product!” — Barbara S.

“It didn't take Peanut any time at all to warm up! She enjoyed it thoroughly. We would microwave it to warm it up, and she was extremely impatient jumping around the kitchen.” — Cullen O.

Serving Nom Nom to dog
Nala was so excited for her Nom Nom food. | Danielle Esposito

What Pets Loved: The Taste, Obviously!

All of our Dodo dogs were immediately bonkers over their new food.

Little Miss ‘I never bark or get excited over anything’ went NUTS for this — and drools like crazy when I’m preparing it.” — Danielle E.

“It smelled like human food, and Pipsy went crazy for it.” — Barbara S. 

“When it came to Nom Nom dog food, Peanut never seemed bored and genuinely got excited for every meal.” — Cullen O.

Nala, a senior dog with hip problems,  even seemed to get a burst of energy from her Nom Nom meals!

“Nala seems to be more hyper than usual! She’s running around looking for toys and just seeming way more energetic.” — Danielle E.

Dog eating Nom Nom
Pipsy chowing down. | Barbara Shallow

What Parents Loved: The Fresh Ingredients

Our whole judging panel loved that Nom Nom uses real, fresh ingredients you could actually see. (Because what pet parent doesn’t want the best for their BFF?)

It was nice to know exactly what my dog was ingesting. I felt that even I could eat the food!” — Barbara S. 

I felt like I was giving Peanut healthy, real food and not processed foods.” — Cullen O. 

Nala’s a senior who has some hip issues! I don't look for food specifically for her hips, but I do typically use a specific kibble for her. It's nice to have fresh meals that I know are also good for her.” — Danielle E.

The convenience was a huge plus for our pet parents — and they loved being able to switch to a fresh diet without the hassle of preparing it. Plus, no more last-minute dog food runs!  

It's delivered right to my door. No thinking involved!” — Danielle E.

“I got COVID during the testing process. Having Peanut's food handled took such a burden off of my shoulders.” — Cullen O.

Our pet-parent judging panel also thought the packaging was really cute. And the preportioned packages made dinnertime so simple.

“It was so easy just to fling Nom Nom's dog food in the microwave.” — Cullen O. 

“I liked the single-pack packaging because it made it simple and easy for me. No measuring necessary!” — Barbara S.

Pug with his Nom Nom now
Peanut snuggled up with her Nom Nom packets. | Cullen Ormond

Any Downsides?

One of Nom Nom’s goals is to help your dog have smaller stools.

While one of our testers did have some tinier poops, the other two had some minor digestive issues during their transition period (though this is common when switching to any new dog food).

“Pipsy does not have a sensitive stomach typically, but transitioning her off of her kibble proved to be a bit challenging. Because the Nom Nom fresh food is soft and almost wet, she needed something more dry and solid to help.” — Barbara S.

Nala had one very runny stool the first week that she was on Nom Nom exclusively, but I think that's just because she didn't have any kibble. It went away!” — Danielle E.

Nom Nom is also a bit more expensive than typical pet store foods. While all the judges agreed that the food quality was worth the cost, they acknowledged the price point won’t work for every pet parent.

“It feels overpriced, although I do understand why it's so high. I think only a certain type of customer can afford it as a monthly cost.” — Danielle E.

“I don't know if it would be feasible for my budget.” — Cullen O.

“I think if you are looking to provide fresh, good-quality food for your dog, this product is priced just right.” — Barbara S.

While one pet parent said they couldn’t continue to use Nom Nom because of the price, all three said they’d gladly recommend it to friends who were looking for a fresh food to try. 

And while the preportioned meal packages are super convenient, they do take up a ton of space. 

I wish I had known how much this would take over my space! [You get] so many individual pouches ... and it legit has taken over my freezer and fridge. I can't fit anything else in my freezer, so it was actually a little stressful at first!” — Danielle E.

Nom Nom food in the freezer
Danielle’s freezer was completely full of Nom Nom pouches. | Danielle Esposito

Our Takeaway: If You Can Make It Work With Your Budget, Go For It!

Between the super fresh, human-grade recipes — which our dogs gobbled up — and the convenience of having fresh food delivered without having to cook it, there are huge pluses to Nom Nom’s food that both you and your dog will love.

And you’ll particularly love actually seeing the different ingredients your BFF is eating, instead of the usual brown kibble!

You can fill out a short questionnaire on Nom Nom’s website to get a personalized quote below.  

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