We Tried This Premium Cat Food And It Won Over The Pickiest Cat Ever

This is literally the *first new food* Bug's eaten since he was a kitten.

Nom Nom Cat Food

Why We Love It:

Even our picky cats were super excited to eat it, which is great considering it’s fresh, human-grade food that’s really good for their health.

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There’s no pickier eater than your cat, so finding a food he actually likes eating might feel like an impossible task.

And getting him to like fresh food? You’d think you’d have a better chance of getting him to like baths.

Well, we tested Nom Nom cat food on our pickiest cats. Here’s why it earned our Dodo Paw of Approval.

What Is Nom Nom Cat Food?

Nom Nom cat food is fresh, human-grade food that’s delivered right to your door.

The recipe was created by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and is made with real, whole, restaurant-quality ingredients — so you know your cat’s getting the good stuff.

According to Nom Nom, their food can actually improve cats’ health in the following ways:

  • Excitement at mealtime
  • More energy
  • Smaller poops
  • Better breath
  • Softer and silkier coats
  • Less shedding
  • Weight management
  • Increased stamina

Subscription plans start at around $20 per week, but can vary significantly based on things like your cat’s size and activity level and the number of pets you have in your home.

The Judges

We picked three Dodo cats (who are all sorts of picky) to give fresh food a try.

Jinx is not much of a picky eater, but I can tell when he prefers certain kibbles to others. He isn’t a very hungry cat. I feed him a cup of kibble a day, and he never seems to beg for more.” — his mom, Bethsie Menard
“He LOVES food, but can be a bit picky when it's healthy and organic, though ultimately he just loves to eat and comes around quickly to food he initially isn't as excited about.” — his dad, Bill Schaumberg
“Bug happens to be quite the picky eater, so it has proven difficult to get him to take to new food, especially healthy brands. He is only interested in the food brand/flavor we've given him since he was a kitten.” — his mom, Claire Albanese

So … Did They Actually Eat It?

All three of our judges transitioned fully to the fresh food, which means their parents gradually added more and more Nom Nom to their current food until they were only eating the new stuff.

A couple of our cats took some time to warm up to their new meals. But when they did, they were in love.

“For the first three days, Bug was curious about the new food, but he would not eat it unless it was mixed/masked by his normal food. Bug is a picky eater, so we've had to stick with the same brand/flavor of food for years. Bug is already excited at mealtime, and once he got used to the Nom Nom, I noticed that same pre-meal excitement!” — Claire A.

At first Jinx was intrigued. He was definitely way more interested in the box than the stuff inside. After a few days, though, I noticed he got more excited to see me preparing the Nom Nom meal for him than his kibble!” — Bethsie M.

“Gunther loved it right away. Dove right in.” — Bill S.

Bug is chowing down on his Nom Nom cat food. | Claire Albanese

What Pets Loved: It Was Really Tasty!

In the most pleasantly surprising plot twist, our finicky cats were actually obsessed with this fresh, healthy food.

Jinx would meow a lot and stretch up along the cabinets to get my attention. He is consistently finishing the meals. He's not interested in wet food much, so I was surprised to see that he was so excited about these fresh meals.” — Bethsie M.

“Gunther always purrs while he eats, but I swear he purred louder while eating the Nom Nom.” — Bill S.

Not only did all of our Dodo cats actually like the food, but even our pickiest eater — who’s literally only eaten the same food since he was a kitten — was converted.

Pretty soon the pre-meal flirty tail grazing, excited meow yelps AND the post-meal zoomie sessions were a common occurrence. Bug was literally ricocheting off the walls!” — Claire A.

Jinx is licking his lips, it’s so good! | Bethsie Menard

What Parents Loved: It’s Healthy And Convenient!

Our pet parents wanted the absolute best for their BFFs, so they felt really good knowing they were actually giving their cats something that was healthy. (Bonus points because their cats actually loved eating it, too!)

I like how it looks like actual chicken, not the unrecognizable processed mush.” — Bill S.

“It's super high-quality (you can literally see all the ingredients), has a nutritional makeup that's backed by science and it looks and smells like a human could eat it. On top of that, Bug likes it!” — Claire A.

Our testers even noticed some visible improvements in their cats’ health.

I noticed that Bug's stools were smaller and healthier-looking.” — Claire A.

I also noticed Jinx starting to shed a little less, and his coat is getting a bit softer!” — Bethsie M.

They also loved that this fresh food didn’t totally gross them out, like other wet cat foods can.

“This might sound superficial, but normally I don't love keeping half cans of cat food in the fridge, because it grosses me out slightly when it's next to my food, etc. But I really liked keeping the Nom Nom stored in my fridge door.” — Bill S.

“The food doesn't have a strong odor, which is also impressive for a non-dry cat food.” — Bethsie M.

The packaging felt fancy and high-end, but was also super practical.

“The packaging was really cool. It came in a box that had an insulation cube inside of it, keeping all the food cool. I love their branding — the color scheme feels very ‘pet food’ and the modern-feeling sans serif typeface pulls it all together.” — Bethsie M.

“It looked expensive and like something you would find at Whole Foods. Love the design.” — Bill S.

“Nom Nom's packaging makes it easy to drop into a bowl without creating a mess! The fact that they were pre-portioned meant I didn’t have to store a half-used pouch in the fridge, which I've had to do with other brands. Love it!” — Claire A.

And you can’t beat the convenience of meals that are already cooked and delivered right to you.

“The biweekly deliveries mean I'll never have to dash to the pet store when we run out. With Nom Nom I feel like I'm giving Bug that homemade experience without having to do it myself.” — Claire A.

Gunther investigating his pre-packaged Nom Nom dinner. | Bill Schaumberg

Any Downsides?

One of our pet parents was concerned that the individual packs created a lot of waste (according to Nom Nom, it is all curbside recyclable).

The single packaging can become wasteful, but I like that I can keep some in the freezer while I'm thawing the next few days’ worth in the fridge.” — Bethsie M.

The main issue for our testers was the price tag. Since plans start at $20 per week, you’re looking at a minimum of $80 per month — maybe more, depending on how big your cat is, or if you have more than one.

However, two of our three pet parents felt it was absolutely worth the splurge.

“It's double the cost of what I pay currently, but I think it's well worth it for high-quality, nutritious food.” — Claire A.

“I think that although it's out of my budget for cat food, it's reasonably priced. Meat is expensive and providing 60 meals of chicken for $120 a month seems pretty reasonable.” — Bethsie M.

Even in spite of all that, our entire pet-parent panel said they would continue using Nom Nom, and that they’d recommend it to other cat owners.

Our Takeaway: If You Can Afford It, Go On And Spoil Your Cat!

Even finicky cats couldn’t help but love this food, which is really quite an accomplishment.

(We’re especially impressed considering how over-the-top picky our judging panel was — one tester usually refuses to eat any wet food, and another one won’t touch anything besides the food he ate as a baby.)

But all three cats fell in love with this fresh cat food.

And if that win on its own isn’t enough, our pet parents actually noticed the health improvements that Nom Nom said they would.

Obviously don’t go broke spoiling your cat. But if you can swing it, you absolutely should!

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