This Might Be The Most Luxe Thing You Can Buy With Your Pet's Face On It

And it's all hand-painted 🤩

Modern Picnic Pet Portrait Luncher

Why We Love It:

It’s definitely the most stylish way to bring your lunch to work. Plus, the pet portrait is beautiful, detailed and handcrafted.

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Buying a personalized product with your pet’s face on it can go so wrong so easily — you want to show off just how much you love your BFF, but you don’t want it to look cartoonish or tacky.

That’s why our team got so excited when we first saw the Pet Portrait Luncher from Modern Picnic. We have a lot of obsessed pet parents at The Dodo who are always looking for ways to show off their pets without being weird about it — and this is one of the most fashionable custom pet products we’ve seen so far.

Modern Picnic is a company that manufactures high-end lunch boxes that double as purses — aka they’re supposed to be the perfect all-in-one everyday bag, since you can tote around your belongings while also keeping your food cool. And their new pet portrait line lets you customize a sleek bag of your choice with a totally one-of-a-kind, hand-painted portrait of your favorite animal.

But at a premium price point, is it really worth it? And does the custom art actually look like your pet?

Yes and YES! We gave it a spin and we’re obsessed — and now we’re gladly awarding the Pet Portrait Luncher our Paw of Approval because it’s a literal work of art that you can actually use.

Keep reading to find out why this unique splurge is actually worth the money.

What Is The Modern Picnic Pet Portrait Luncher?

The Modern Picnic Pet Collection includes three different lunch-bag-slash-purses featuring custom pet portraits hand-painted by New York-based artist Lauren Schneider.

The collection contains the Luncher, the Large Luncher and the Tote. They’re seriously high-end lunch boxes made with premium vegan leather.

Not only do these bags look good, but they're also designed to keep your food cold at the same time (which is huge since a lot of lunch boxes are pretty ugly).

The inside of the Modern Picnic Pet Portrait Luncher is made with an insulated lining, and includes a decent-sized pocket for whatever else you need to carry, and even a slot to hold utensils.

The exterior features a back pocket and a removable shoulder strap, so you can wear it as a cross-body bag or carry it around by the handles. The magnetic clasp will keep the bag closed and your lunch fresh. The Luncher is available in neutral, stylish colors like beige, black, white and green. You can even get a black one with bamboo handles. The Large Luncher is pretty much the same thing as the Luncher, except it’s a bit bigger and only available in black or cream.

The Modern Picnic Pet Portrait Tote is big enough to fit your laptop inside and features a removable, insulated pouch for your food. Unlike the other bags, the Tote zips closed instead of snapping shut.

And when it comes to putting your custom pet portrait on these bags, the process is pretty simple.

When you place your order, you’ll upload your favorite photo of your pet that the artist can reference when she’s painting his portrait by hand — just make sure it’s a full-body shot of your BFF, where he’s not wearing clothes or being held. The artist will email you when your photo is approved, and your bag will ship within three weeks.

You can only include one pet per bag. So if you have more than one pet you want to celebrate, you’ll have to get another bag.

The Judge

Lauren Taylor, a staff writer at The Dodo, wanted to give the Modern Picnic Pet Portrait Luncher a shot. She decided to use a photo in memory of Casey, her dog growing up.

She hoped this lunch bag would be a cute and touching tribute she could carry with her, with a portrait that actually looked like her childhood best friend.

I’ve wanted to get something with my dog that I grew up with on it for a while, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity.” — Lauren T.

So … How Did It Come Out?

Lauren was blown away by how much the custom painting on her Modern Picnic Pet Portrait lunch bag resembled her dog, making it the perfect tribute to her beloved BFF.

The portrait looks exactly like the picture I sent, and it looks exactly like my dog!” — Lauren T.

It’s also clear just how much work went into such a detailed, one-of-a-kind portrait, because it came out so beautifully.

“It also looks very sophisticated and realistic — it doesn’t look like you’re walking around with a cartoon dog on your bag.” — Lauren T.

modern picnic pet lunch bag
The resemblance is spot-on. | Lauren Taylor

What Lauren Loved: It’s The Most Fashionable Lunch Box Ever!

The Modern Picnic Pet Portrait Luncher is so stylish that you’d never even know it’s actually a lunch box unless you looked inside — and it’s versatile enough that you can use it however you want.

Although this is technically a lunch box, I decided to get this bag to use it as a purse. It's supposed to be a ‘modern lunch box,’ and you can't even tell that it's a lunch box, which is why I got it in the first place.” — Lauren T.

Lauren loved using it as a purse, and appreciated that the style was versatile enough (and the painting subtle enough) to pair with almost any look.

“It has two handles, so you can carry it over your shoulder or by the top handle, depending on your mood or outfit (it’s also basically like two bags in one).” — Lauren T.

modern picnic lunch bag
It works with any outfit. | Lauren Taylor

And while the lined interior is designed for food, it also makes it super durable.

“The inside is lined, so if anything explodes (like hand sanitizer) or spills, it’s easy to clean.” — Lauren T.

Lauren also felt this bag is the perfect size for everyday use.

“It’s big enough to hold what I need on a daily basis, but it’s also not a huge bag for when I don’t need to bring everything I own with me.” — Lauren T.

You can tell this Modern Picnic Pet Portrait lunch bag is luxurious from the look and feel of the high-end material.

“It’s very sturdy, and the vegan leather looks and feels nice.” — Lauren T.

modern picnic lunch bag
You can see how high-quality this bag is. | Lauren Taylor

Any Downsides?

Lauren only had one tiny hang-up, which is more about her personal preference than a design issue.

I like when bags have a zipper closing to be extra sure that nothing can fall out when you’re walking around, and this bag has a snap closure. This bag does close pretty tightly on top, and the top flap is rigid, so it takes some effort to open, but I generally prefer for bags to have zippers.” — Lauren T.

The Modern Picnic Pet Portrait Luncher is definitely a splurge, since it’ll set you back $210. But considering you’re getting a gorgeous bag that’s made with quality, luxurious materials and features an original, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted portrait of your pet, it’s totally worth the investment.

That’s why Lauren would enthusiastically recommend it to other pet parents, and will gladly continue to show it off.

Our Takeaway: One Of The Most Luxurious Pet Portrait Products On The Market!

The Modern Picnic Pet Portrait Luncher might be the fanciest lunch box ever, and it’s made even better by the fact that there’s a stunningly unique painting of your pet front and center.

On top of being super stylish, it’s also mega functional — thanks to the spill-proof interior lining and designated slots for your utensils, and that it can double as an everyday purse.

This is the perfect bag for any pet parent looking to show off how much they love their BFF in a way that isn’t too overstated or tacky.

And if you’re looking to spoil yourself a little, you can’t go wrong with a high-end vegan bag that basically does it all! (While also being decorated with the cutest picture ever.)

And see the full Pet Collection here

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