Our Cats Tried Cat 'Pot' And Have Never Been So Relaxed

"Her demeanor was instantly chilled" 💚

Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip

Why We Love It:

This catnip gives our cats a nice, fun fix. It’s so cute to watch them freak out over it! (Plus, marketing it as cat weed is kind of hilarious.)

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So many cats go completely nuts over catnip, which is why it’s always helpful to have a stash on hand to get your cat in an extra playful mood (or even just bribe him for love and affection).

But there are so many catnip products out there, and figuring out which ones are actually effective can take a whole lot of trial and error.

Since catnip is pretty much weed for cats, we thought it would only be fitting to test out Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip to see if it gets the job done.

So did it give our cats the fix they needed? Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip?

Meowijuana Purrple Passion is actually a blend of catnip and silvervine that’s marketed like weed for your cat — which is essentially what catnip is, anyway.

Silvervine is a plant that can produce a similar reaction in cats to catnip, and is often used as an alternative substance for the small percentage of cats who don’t respond to catnip.

The leaves are sold in little pill bottles that look just like marijuana containers (so try not to mix up your stash with your cat’s). Each bottle contains 26 grams of the catnip-silvervine blend, which equals about 52 servings.

The Meowijuana catnip itself is 100 percent organic, and is grown in the U.S. and Canada.

The Judges

We picked three catnip addicts to see if Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip lived up to their high standards.

Buddy usually loves catnip on his scratching posts or toys.” — his dad, Kyle Earl
I already knew that Miele loved catnip, but I've never tried a blend of different herbs like this one, and I wanted to see if she'd like it!” — her mom, Lauren Hoepner
“Sadie is very responsive to catnip and we are always looking for new kinds to try!” — her mom, Bonnie Mills

So … Did It Make Our Cats Crazy (In A Good Way)?

Our cats were immediately hooked on Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip, and they quickly let us know just how much they loved it.

Each time, my cat went crazy for it. She would flop onto her side and start rubbing her face and body against it. This usually lasted about five minutes. She'd follow this up with laying on the rug and kind of shimmying her body around on the floor for a few minutes.” — Lauren H.

Buddy had the catnip applied to his scratching toy a couple of times. He would immediately be drawn to it and play and scratch/roll around the area for about 10 minutes.” — Kyle E.

“Sadie loved the catnip and made lots of vocalizations/rolled around in the catnip.” — Bonnie M.

meowijuana catnip
Miele is in love with her Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip. | Lauren Hoepner

What Pets Loved: The High Is So Good!

Our cats seriously had the best time getting their fix of the Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip.

Miele loved the catnip right away. She immediately started sniffing and nipping at it, and rolling around in it. Her demeanor was instantly chilled.” — Lauren H.

“Sadie would get a burst of energy and be very playful and energetic, followed by a long cat nap. She was so funny and entertaining. It seemed to really entertain and keep her occupied during the day.” — Bonnie M.

Buddy liked the catnip immediately. He got his high and was in the zone and in his own world for a little bit.” — Kyle E.

meowijuana catnip
Buddy loves when his dad sprinkles catnip on his scratching post. | Kyle Earl

What Parents Loved: It’s Good Quality And Super Effective!

It was so much fun for our pet parents to see how much their cats freaked out over the Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip.

It relaxed Miele, chilled her out, distracted her fully for a short period of time, and it did make her more affectionate and open to belly rubs and pets. Definitely what I want and expect from a catnip.” — Lauren H.

Sadie was occupied and entertained when the catnip was sprinkled on the ground or on her toys. She seemed to ‘tire herself out’ and would get a nice, long nap in after a burst of playful energy.” — Bonnie M.

I feel that it positively affected Buddy and he was able to get his catnip fix.” — Kyle E.

They also loved that the catnip is organic.

“It seems like Meowijuana is committed to sourcing good, organic ingredients for their products, and it seemed really fresh.” — Lauren H.

“The catnip was definitely high-quality and 100 percent did the job. It is 100 percent organic.” — Kyle E.

meowijuana catnip
Miele loves rolling around in it. | Lauren Hoepner

Our pet parents could tell the Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip was well-made because it’s particularly potent.

I found that the potency of the catnip outlasted ANY of the other loose catnips I've tried before. Hours had passed after my cat's initial play with the catnip, and I noticed her going back to the cardboard pad I had sprinkled it on, rubbing her face in it and sniffing it.” — Lauren H.

They were also pleasantly surprised by how nice the Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip smelled.

“The catnip smelled SO GOOD, very minty, which I've never experienced with any of the store-bought catnips I've tried before.” — Lauren H.

“It seemed much fresher and more fragrant than other catnip I have used.” — Bonnie M.

Plus, they loved that this catnip blend was marketed as weed for cats. (And honestly, where’s the lie?)

“The branding is also super funny. The catnip came in a pill-bottle-type container, which made me laugh.” — Lauren H.

“I thought the name was pretty funny. Something I'd probably buy for a friend as a present, solely because of the product's name.” — Kyle E.

“Simple packaging and funny branding adds to the appeal.” — Bonnie M.

And at only $14.42, our pet parents thought the Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip was definitely worth the money.

“It was filled to the brim with catnip — like, not a single leaf more could have fit inside — so I figured this was a product you'd get your money's worth for.” — Lauren H.

Any Downsides?

One of our pet parents had an issue with opening and closing the bottle of catnip.

My only complaint about the catnip is the container. While the pill bottle packaging is pretty funny and looks nice, it's kind of difficult to open. The cap is a screw-top, but for some reason it felt hard to twist off. And when it was screwed on, it didn't feel super securely sealed.” — Lauren H.

Another pet parent felt it was a little on the messy side.

“The pieces are a bit larger than other catnip, so it kind of got everywhere.” — Bonnie M.

However, all three of our pet parents said they would continue using the Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip, and even recommend it to other pet parents, too.

Our Takeaway: The High Is Fun For Your Cat — And You!

Catnip designed to look just like weed has got to be the funniest — and most genius — idea out there. And the branding isn’t even the best part.

Our cats got so stoned off the Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip, and it was the greatest thing to watch.

It’s pretty clear from our cats’ reactions that this catnip is super effective and potent. And we love knowing that it’s completely organic.

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