We Tried This Stylish Cat Cave And It's As Deliciously Cozy As It Looks

Can they make one for humans?

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed

Why We Love It:

Your cat will love having the coziest hideaway cave ever, and you’ll love that it looks like a work of art. It’s also versatile — you can flatten it on warmer days so your cat can lay on top of it like a bed.

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Sometimes it feels like your cat can’t get away from you fast enough, and he’ll end up napping in the back of your closet just to get some alone time.

Or if he does want to be in the same room as you, he always ends up sleeping in the strangest spots.

But it turns out there’s a cat bed that gives your cat the best of both worlds: a bed he’ll actually want to sleep in, where he can be totally alone (if he wants).

We had a couple of our Dodo cats test out the Meowfia premium felt cat cave bed. Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed?

The Meowfia premium felt cat cave bed is a cave-shaped cat bed that’s handmade by artisans in Nepal. They use a technique called felting, which means each cat cave bed is shaped only using soap, water and pressure.

The cave shape of this cat bed is designed to give your BFF a little privacy, but also keep him comfy and warm. 

Thanks to the dome shape and the stylish stripes, the Meowfia cat cave bed is also designed to be a cuter option than most cat beds, so you’ll actually feel like it fits in with your decor.

On hotter days you can even flatten it out, so your cat can lay on top of it like a standard pet bed.

It comes in five different colors, including a few grey options, a blue option and a black option (with blue stripes). There’s a medium size for cats up to 12 pounds and a large size for cats up to 20 pounds.

The Judges

We picked three office cats who were on the prowl for a new bed that they’d actually use.

Thomas loves to sleep under our covers or hang out in the condo portion of his cat tree. Thomas is definitely a troublemaker who loves his toys, but will also cuddle up between us in bed.” — his mom, Jordan Shalhoub
Dewey used to love hiding behind the tree and laying on the skirt for hours when we were in the living room — so much so that we had to leave the skirt out year-round! I’ve been looking for a nice-looking solution to replace it.” — his mom, Andrea Henriquez
“Smokey loves to lounge around and spends a lot of time sleeping. Smokey is a sweet and friendly black cat who loves to sleep, play, snuggle and knock things over.” — his mom, Katie McMahon

So … Did They Actually Use It?

A couple of our cats needed a little bit of time to get used to the Meowfia cat cave bed. But once they did, it was a huge hit with our entire judging panel.

Thomas loved this bed! As soon as I put it down, he immediately climbed in and refused to get out for the rest of the day!” — Jordan S.

“At first, Smokey was confused by the unique shape, but once I showed him that it was OK, he loved climbing inside the cave bed and would spend hours napping in there, multiple times a day.” — Katie M.

“By day three I was convinced Dewey would never set foot in it; the most he did was stand by it, sniff it and walk away. But that night I saw him get in as if he’d been doing it this whole time, without hesitation. Since then, I’ve seen him get in to either sleep or play at least once a day when I’m in the living room as well.” — Andrea H.

Smokey in his Meowfia premium felt cat cave. | Katie McMahon

What Pets Loved: It’s A Cozy Space That’s Just Theirs

The cave shape of the Meowfia cat bed really gave our cats a place that felt like a safe, secret space, which was great for napping, decompressing and even playing. It’s like giving your cat his own room!

“Smokey seemed happier when he was sleeping in his Meowfia wool cave cat bed than in his regular cat bed. The cave bed provided Smokey with the privacy that he sometimes needs, and I think it was a great place for him to go when he wanted to be alone.” — Katie M.

Now Thomas will sleep in it for most of the night, and we even catch him hanging out in there during the afternoons sometimes.” — Jordan S.

“I think this item has allowed Dewey more fun and exercise! Since he likes to run and hide in places, this became a new spot to explore. ” — Andrea H.

As a fun added bonus, the Meowfia cat cave bed came with three little balls that became one judge’s newest obsession.

“Dewey LOVED the wool balls that came with it. New fav toy. He loves chasing them around all day.” — Andrea H.

Thomas is loving a little alone time. | Jordan Shalhoub

What Parents Loved: It’s Stylish And Versatile!

Obviously, the best part about the Meowfia cat cave bed is that our cats love it.

But our pet parents were also so stoked that the bed was something they actually wanted to keep out in the open.

(And it doesn’t weigh much in case you do want to move it out of the way from time to time.)

“The design is a big plus! It fits in perfectly in our living room and doesn’t stand out too much. I also love the option to flatten it for warmer days, and pop it back into a cave for colder days and for play time.” — Andrea H.

“I loved the design of the Meowfia wool cave cat bed, and thought the color and pattern were adorable. I wish I could have one human-sized.” — Katie M.

We liked the design and how lightweight it is! Easy to move around if you want to.” — Jordan S.

Our testers also loved that the material held up to wear and tear you’d expect from your cat (and his claws). 

“Dewey’s a kicker and has been scratching/kicking the cave when he’s in it and playing, and so far it’s been able to hold up to that, too!” — Andrea H.

“It keeps its shape well.” — Jordan S.

“The material felt nice and held up well when Smokey would occasionally scratch at it.” — Katie M.

It also holds up against the messier sides of having a cat.

“It’s not a material that will hang on to many smells or stains.” — Jordan S.

“Since it’s a cave and Dewey sheds a lot, his hair gets stuck in the cave and it doesn’t look messy when people come to visit.” — Andrea H.

The cat cave bed actually matched Andrea’s other decor. | Andrea Henriquez

Any Downsides?

While the Meowfia cat cave bed clings to your cat’s hair on the inside, that means it clings to hair on the outside, too.

Because of the material, dust and hair get stuck to the bed really quickly. I haven’t attempted to clean it too well just yet, but shaking it doesn’t do much.” — Andrea H.

It can also be a bit wobbly if your cat is super excited to be inside it.

“It topples over easily if Thomas moves too much.” — Jordan S.

But those minor things were really the only issues our pet parents had.

Our judges were torn on the price. The Meowfia cat cave bed costs $39.99 for the medium and $49.99 for the large. One judge wished it was cheaper, but the other two said the price was great, especially when you consider it’s handmade (and there are similar designs that go for a lot more money).

However, all three of our human testers would continue using the Meowfia cat cave and even recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: This Cave Bed Is Your Cat’s Own Personal Hideaway!

We love the design and style of this unique cat bed. The shape of the Meowfia premium felt cat cave bed will make your cat feel like he has somewhere safe, cozy and private where he can go whenever he needs some alone time (or a nice nap). And the versatile structure, which lets you transform it into a flat bed for hot days, means you get two for the price of one.

And how nice would it be to have something your cat’s obsessed with that you won’t be embarrassed to keep in the corner of your living room? You might even want one for every room of your home!

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