The Perfect Backpack For Dogs Who Have A Little Trouble Getting Around

Now the whole family can go hiking together 💚

dog in the little chonk backpack
Katy Brink
Katy Brink

Sometimes when you want to take your pup with you on a walk or hike, you need a little help. Whether you have a senior dog or a pup with mobility issues (or you just want to take him on the subway), one great way to let him join you on adventures is by carrying him in a dog backpack, like the Little Chonk Maxine One Bag.

This bag was created by an influencer who is known for taking his corgi, Maxine, everywhere with him. But since he couldn’t find a bag he liked enough for his pup, he worked with veterinary specialists to develop his own that he claims is built better than existing dog backpacks and thoughtfully designed with safety in mind.

We wanted to see how well this backpack works ourselves, so we tested the Little Chonk Maxine One bag alongside the K9 Sport Sack Air 2 to figure out just how these backpacks compare.

Read below to find out what we thought about the Little Chonk Maxine One Bag.

The Maxine One Bag

What We Love:

This backpack is super easy for pups to access, and has a ton of features that make adventures safe and comfortable for small to medium-sized dogs.

How does the Little Chonk Maxine One Bag work?

Putting pups in the Little Chonk backpack is actually super easy. It has a neat “runway” feature that lets you unzip the entire bag so it lies completely flat, making it super easy for dogs to step into.

Once your pup’s inside, just pull the runway up over his back, zip and buckle him in, and you’re ready to take him with you on your next adventure.

What are the features?

This Little Chonk Maxine One Bag has a ton of features that can make it long lasting, easy to use, safe and comfortable for you pup.

  • Durable, water-resistant fabric
  • Rip-stop interior to prevent damage from your dog’s nails
  • Mesh ventilation
  • Tail hole
  • Buckles and auto-lock zippers
  • Collar clip for added security
  • Neck collar
  • Reflective details
  • “Runway” to help get your dog into the bag
Croc is snug in his Little Chonk and ready for an adventure. | Katy Brink

How much does the backpack cost?

Dog backpacks are available at a wide range of prices. At the lowest price, you can expect to pay around $20, and a splurge backpack can come out to over $200. The Little Chonk backpack is currently priced at $120, which is considerably lower in cost compared to the K9 Sport Sack Rover 2, which is $264.95 at the time of writing, but a bit higher in cost compared to the K9 Sport Sack Air 2, which is now priced at just under $75.

Our reviewer

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Pros of the Little Chonk Maxine One Bag

Dog going on a hike in the Little Chonk backpack
Croc loves going on hikes in the Little Chonk | Katy Brink

It keeps your dog secure

“The auto-lock zippers made it easy to keep Croc safe, and in general we felt very secure with him riding in it,” Katy Brink, Croc’s pet parent, told The Dodo.

There are also buckles and a clip to attach to your dog’s collar for added security, so your pup would have to be quite the escape artist to get out of the pack.

Neck support

There’s a reinforced, padded neck collar for your pup to rest on while you carry him. Our reviewer said this was great for her dog since his condition makes him have less control over his body, and the neck support gave him a place to comfortably rest his head.

Easy to get your dog in the pack

The Little Chonk runway feature proved to be super useful for Croc since he has limited mobility.

“The ‘runway’ functioned as promised, and the thoughtful features on the pack all improved the experience of using it,” Brink said.

Cons of the Little Chonk Maxine One Bag

Any type of backpack for dogs will constrict your pup a little bit, and that includes the Little Chonk. Since Croc’s especially sensitive to this because of his condition, this can make him a little uncomfortable when used for long periods of time.

“He did fuss a bit with both packs,” Brink said. “We stopped and resettled him, making sure his limbs were comfortable. After several hikes in both packs, he was quieter and more content in the Little Chonk.”

How it compares to the K9 Sport Sack Rover 2

Our reviewer thought that both backpacks were easy to use and comfortable to wear, but the Little Chonk was ultimately better for her pup.

“Both are thoughtfully designed and made of quality materials — depending on your dog's needs, either one could be a good investment,” Brink said. “There are a few key differences that made the Little Chonk best for Croc.”

According to our reviewer, these are the features that made the Little Chonk better suited for her pup over the K9 Sport Sack Rover 2.

dog in Little Chonk
Croc enjoying the view from his new backpack. | Katy Brink


Overall, the Little Chonk was more structured and supportive compared to the K9 Sport Sack.

“Being a differently-abled dog, Croc doesn't have a lot of control over his body, and the neck support on the Little Chonk allowed him to relax,” Brink said.

According to Katy B., the K9 Sport Sack is lighter because it’s less structured. The added structure is ideal for pups who need it, but the lighter weight “could be an advantage for people looking to pack it up in a small space or use it in hot weather,” Brink said.

Arm holes

The K9 Sport Sack has arm holes, and the Little Chonk doesn’t, which wasn’t great for Croc but could be helpful for other pups.

“[The arm holes] were uncomfortable for Croc (who has a lot of limb sensitivity and didn't need the extra pressure points),” Brink said.

Katy B. said that arm holes might be better for an active dog who moves around a lot in the bag or for pups who try to escape, because the arm holes can help keep him secure.

Tail hole

“The tail hole on the Little Chonk is not only adorable, [but] it is meant to relieve pressure on the tail and increase circulation,” Brink said. “It's hard to tell whether it did these things, but Croc was more relaxed generally while in the Little Chonk than in the K9 Sport Sack.”

Dog in little chonk backpack
The tail hole makes the ride extra comfy. | Katy Brink


Our reviewer found it easier to get her dog into the Little Chonk because of the runway. This could make it better for dogs like Croc who have mobility problems and may have trouble getting in or out of a bag.

“It was easy enough to put him in the pack that we could take a couple of quick breaks during a hike to let him stretch his legs or go to the bathroom,” Brink said.

Is it worth buying?

Our reviewer definitely recommends the Little Chonk if you want to take your pup on hikes or if you have a dog who needs some extra help getting around. So we give this product our Paw of Approval!

“Croc is happy to go anywhere with his family, and this pack makes his life a bit bigger and happier,” Brink said. “I would recommend the Little Chonk to anyone who has a dog with mobility issues.”

Katy Brink

According to Brink, the backpack is made of quality materials, so it’s something you’ll only need to buy once, making it well worth the price of $120.

“Croc got to experience hiking, and he loved it!” Brink said. “He barked at a deer and got to stay in his comfort zone, right next to his parents' faces.”

So ultimately, the Little Chonk Maxine One Bag turned out to live up to the hype and is a great option for any pet parent looking to carry their pup in a backpack. Here’s to many more adventures together!

Dogs on a hike with the Little Chonk
The Little Chonk backpack lets all pups join in on trips outdoors. | Katy Brink
The Maxine One Bag

What We Love:

This backpack is super easy for pups to access, and has a ton of features that make adventures safe and comfortable for small to medium-sized dogs.
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