We Found A Dog Backpack That Literally Does It All

A commuter's best friend 💼

Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack

Why We Love It:

It’s a reliable, high-quality option for dogs who are all about that backpack life. It’s super sturdy, and can fit both our pups and all their stuff.

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Dog backpacks are super cute and (in theory) super convenient. But, they’re not every pup’s cup of tea.

Some dogs love the idea of being carried around anywhere and everywhere, but others can’t stand feeling a bit claustrophobic.

However, if you know your dog’s a backpack fan, you might be overwhelmed with all the options on the market. So even though dog backpacks are a bit on the niche side, to help you out, we tried the Kurgo G-Train dog carrier backpack to see if we could actually carry our Dodo dogs in it.

Well, the results are in — and here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack?

The Kurgo G-Train dog carrier backpack is exactly what it sounds like: a backpack you can use to carry your pup around (as long as he doesn’t weigh more than 25 pounds).

The backpack has a pet carrier compartment on the front that can be used two different ways.

If you’re wearing the dog carrier as a backpack, you can unzip the top of the compartment so your pup can poke his head out while he’s riding around on your back. You can also lay the backpack horizontally, zip the mesh window closed and lift it from the handle to use it more like a standard dog carrier.

Regardless of which way you carry your pup, there’s a tether inside so you can attach his harness for extra security.

On top of being a versatile dog carrier, the Kurgo G-Train is also a quality backpack. It’s got a waterproof bottom, chest and hip straps, a laptop sleeve and a water bottle sleeve so you can carry everything you need for a day out (or for your commute to the office).

The Judges

We picked three office dogs who were down to switch things up and give a backpack carrier a try.

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So … Could We Actually Carry Our Dogs In It?

As mentioned above, dog backpacks aren’t for every pup. But, one of our judges was absolutely obsessed with her Kurgo dog carrier backpack, and loved hopping inside.

My pup seriously loves the Kurgo G-Train Carrier Backpack. When commuting to work, she is happy to join me on the train.” — Barbara S.

And the G-Train can definitely carry your pup’s weight (provided he doesn’t exceed the weight capacity).

“The product makes a claim to hold dogs up to 25 pounds. My dog is exactly 25 pounds, and the product felt VERY sturdy.” — Laura J.

Understandably, two of our judges — who’d never used a backpack before — were a little wary about the whole thing.

Pipsy’s head poking out of her Kurgo G-Train carrier backpack. | Barbara Shallow

What Pets Loved: It’s Super Comfy — IF Your Dog Likes Backpacks

Pipsy loved her dog carrier backpack so much that she started hanging out in it all the time.

Pipsy has a few places in the apartment that she feels most comfortable, and the G-Train Carrier Backpack is definitely one of her ‘spots.’ Even when we are not using the bag outside, she likes to sit inside of it.” — Barbara S.

Our dog parents also loved the security of having a backpack on hand for emergencies, especially if they normally only carry a leash for their pup. 

“I had a couple hiking trips planned, and Doc ended up hurting his paw and had a little bit of a limp. He could hike, but I also just didn't want him to over-exert himself, so the backpack came in really handy.” — Catherine Y.

“I think we'll be able to use the product more in the summer when Pierre gets more tired on walks and would be more willing to get in the carrier.” — Laura J.

Catherine carrying Doc in his new carrier backpack. | Catherine Yi

What Parents Loved: It Makes A Good Dog Carrier AND Backpack!

Some of our pets might’ve needed to warm up to the Kurgo G-train a little bit, but our pet parents really appreciated that it’s both a good dog carrier and great standard backpack.

They loved that they can comfortably carry their pups and their stuff all at once — which makes it a great fit for active pet parents or commuters.

The design is perfect for the pet and the owner; it is spacious for the pet and structured so that they do not get crushed or feel smushed. It is spacious for the owners in the sense that you can carry your own items with ease.” — Barbara S.

“I like the size and functionality of the product. I've used carriers in the past that are strictly used as carriers and appreciate the extra pockets for my stuff, dog food, etc. I also like the water bottle holders.” — Laura J.

Plus, our testers felt the Kurgo dog carrier was really well-made.

“This bag is quite durable and has withstood different weather and uses!” — Barbara S.

“It seems like a high-quality pack with lots of great features and pockets and compartments.” — Catherine Y.

Our pet parents felt these things made this dog backpack totally worth the $149.99 price tag.

Any Downsides?

Some dogs just don’t love backpack carriers — it’s really entirely up to his own personal preference.

A couple of our pet parents found that it might not be the best option if your pup is more on the anxious side.

“My high-anxiety pup was not comfortable in the pack. He was squirmy and fearful, and it made it uncomfortable for myself as well.” — Catherine Y.

The bag itself can also be a bit bulky, which makes sense since you’re carrying an entire dog on your back. However, our pet parents had mixed opinions on this. 

“I'm smaller in stature and the backpack didn't feel too overwhelming.” — Laura J.

Despite the potential difficulties of getting your dog used to a backpack carrier, two of our three judges said they planned to use the backpack beyond the testing period — and that they’d recommend the product to other pet owners.

Our Takeaway: It’s A Solid Option For Dogs Who Love Hikes And Long Walks

Like we said, dog backpacks aren’t for everyone. If your pup gets anxious or doesn’t like enclosed spaces, you might need to do a bit of work to get him used to the idea (feeding him lots of treats near the backpack, and eventually in the backpack, before you actually take it out to use it is a great way to desensitize pups to new gear).

However, if your dog’s already used to backpacks, or you’re in the market for one to try, the Kurgo G-Train backpack is a great option compared to others on the market. 

Its versatility (two ways to carry it!) and the quality, and the fact that it has so much space for your own gear, makes it a win. 

It’s a particularly great fit for packed subway commutes, summer days when the pavement’s hot or long hikes — when more skittish dogs would appreciate taking some stress off their paws for a bit.

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