We Tried This Kong Slow Feeder And It Might Be Even Better Than The Original

Gotta work that brain 🧠

KONG Wobbler

Why We Love It:

It really got our dogs using their brains. It’s also really durable, like all KONG products, and keeps our dogs from eating too fast.

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Your dog gets plenty of physical stimulation thanks to those long walks you take every day and those tug-of-war games you play all the time.

But is he getting enough mental stimulation?

KONG — a favorite brand among pet parents — developed a Wobbler feeder toy designed to work your pup’s brain, while also keeping him from eating too fast.

We had some of our own dogs give it a try. Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The KONG Wobbler?

The KONG Wobbler is a food dispenser toy that looks pretty much identical to the classic rubber toy KONG is known for.

The first thing you do is put your dog’s food inside. Then sit it upright and wait for your pup to come over and investigate. When your dog gives the KONG Wobbler a good nudge with his nose, it’ll tip, spin and roll, which should cause some food to fall out of the tiny hole in the middle.

Since the movement is unpredictable, the KONG Wobbler dog toy is supposed to be really exciting for your pup. And, as a feeder toy, it should spark some mental stimulation and trigger his natural scavenging instincts as he tries to get his food out of the little hole.

Because it’s a feeder dog toy, it’s also great for dogs who are looking to shed a couple pounds, by making them really work for their meals.

It’s also a KONG product, which means it’s made with the durable, high-quality rubber that makes their toys so successful (especially with heavy chewers). The KONG Wobbler is even dishwasher- safe, so cleaning it is no problem.

It comes in two sizes: small (which is best for little dogs) and large (which is best for medium and big dogs).

The Judges

We picked three Dodo dogs (including a couple who have higher standards when it comes to toys) to see if the KONG Wobbler could get them to work their brains.

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So … Did It Get Their Brains Going?

Our pet parents noticed that the KONG Wobbler got the gears spinning in their dogs’ heads right away.

They loved seeing how their pups learned as they played.

Ricki was perplexed by the Wobbler at first, but then quickly figured it out. It takes her about 15 to 30 minutes to get all the food out, which is great. She learns so fast though — she gets it faster and faster each time.” — Shuhan H.

“Lenny loved the Wobbler and immediately figured out how to use it, despite it being large for his size.” — Jocelyn T.

dog with Kong wobbler toy
Katie and her KONG Wobbler | Emily Feld

What Pets Loved: Playing With Their New Toy!

Obviously, our judges’ favorite part about the KONG Wobbler is that tasty pieces of food fall out of it.

But they also really liked how great it felt to figure out the trick to getting their snacks out.

Ricki learns so quickly, and the Wobbler is giving her more confidence in her daily life, too!” — Shuhan H.

And if your pup is a bit on the hyper side, he’ll love having something to keep him busy when you’re too busy to play (and you’ll love having something that can keep him entertained for more than 30 seconds).

“It’s good entertainment for dogs with lots of energy.” — Emily F.

dog playing with Kong wobbler
Ricki figuring out the trick to getting the food to fall out. | Shuhan Hu

What Parents Loved: Their Dogs Got Some Mental Stimulation!

Our pet parents really enjoyed how the KONG Wobbler serves as a rewarding little brain game for their BFFs, and how focused it made their pups.

Seeing Ricki’s little brain work to get her food out of the Wobbler has been great; we see her progress! She is totally mentally stimulated when she tries to get her food out of the Wobbler.” — Shuhan H.

“It helped to curb Lenny’s destructive behavior at night by distracting him.” — Jocelyn T.

Our pet parents also appreciated how it helped keep their pups from eating too fast.

“The Wobbler has been great for Ricki's health/behavior. We keep on thinking of ways to make her work for her food since she's so food-driven. I think it's just hard enough to stimulate Ricki, without taxing her to irritability.” — Shuhan H.

“We put regular food plus a few treats in it, and it helped slow down Lenny’s eating and kept him occupied for a decent amount of time.” — Jocelyn T.

And they admired the high-quality material the KONG is known for.

“The Wobbler is nearly indestructible! I was impressed by the durability given the very frequent use; still looks like new.” — Jocelyn T.

“The Wobbler was made very sturdy.” — Emily F.

Plus, it was super simple to use.

It also has proven to be easy to unscrew and fill.” — Shuhan H.

And our pet parents felt $19.99 was the perfect price for the KONG Wobbler.

dog playing with Kong Wobbler toy on floor
Lenny making the most of his KONG Wobbler. | Jocelyn Throop

Any Downsides?

The only issue we ran into is that one of our judges was a little confused by (and maybe even scared of) the KONG Wobbler.

I don't think Katie totally understood how to play with it, and I think it might have scared her a bit. It was REALLY heavy, so maybe if it was a little easier to tip over she would have liked it. It was also really loud on our hardwood floors.” — Emily F.

Because of that, Emily wouldn’t continue using it with her pup, but all three of our pet parents would recommend it to other dog owners.

Our Takeaway: It’s A Great Brain Game!

The KONG Wobbler takes everything we love about the classic KONG toy — like the durable rubber, the fun wobble and the hollow inside — and turns it into some serious mental stimulation.

And if your dog tends to eat a little too quickly, the slow-feeding design will work wonders to help him calm down.

It’s always wonderful when your pup loves playing with something that’ll help him flex his mental and physical muscles — which is why the KONG Wobbler is a total win.

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