We Found The Best Wand Toy Ever, And It's Under $5

Feathers + catnip + crinkles = perfection 😻

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KONG Feather Teaser

Why We Love It:

Our cats were instantly hooked on this toy and loved running around after it. It’s also super affordable and durable, and doesn’t shed feathers everywhere.

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Getting your cat to play with you (and keeping him interested once you do) can be tough sometimes, especially if your BFF is a bit picky about which toys he likes.

It turns out that KONG — you know, the company that makes those amazing dog toys — makes cat toys, too.

So The Dodo decided to give the KONG Feather Teaser a try to see if it’ll actually make playtime enjoyable for our cats.

The verdict? Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The KONG Feather Teaser?

The KONG Feather Teaser is a wand toy that you can dangle in front of your cat for some fun swatting, chasing and interactive play.

At the end of the wand is a string that dangles a bright, colorful plush toy for your BFF to play with. It’s available in three different characters: a butterfly, a bluebird and a flamingo. But the exciting part is it ships randomly, so you never know which one you’re going to get.

This KONG cat toy is made with fun feathers, makes that signature crinkle sound cats love so much, and also has catnip to get your cat extra excited. (KONG also makes plain catnip, in case you ever need to refill your Feather Teaser.)

The Judges

We picked three Dodo cats who love a good chase to test out the KONG Feather Teaser.

Sadie can be playful at times, but can be a bit picky with toys. She has always preferred pouncing-type toys like ropes, feathers, anything she can bat around.” — her mom, Bonnie Mills
Aolani's favorite thing to do with toys is usually chasing them. Occasionally she'll chew on them if they seem interesting or particularly chewable, but usually, if she decides to play with a toy, it's because she wants to run around and chase it.” — her mom, Caitlin Anders
“Truman likes toys that he can bat around and chase after, as well as anything he can hold onto and kick at or chew on.” — his mom, Shayna Posses

So … Did They Actually Play With It?

Our entire judging panel was instantly obsessed with this KONG cat toy.

From the moment I took out the Feather Teaser, Truman was obsessed. I was surprised because he doesn't usually like dangly toys — he generally prefers stick toys with some sort of static element on the end, like feathers.” — Shayna P.

I sat down and dangled the toy around for Aolani several times, and she never got bored of it. Every time she saw me pick it up, she came running and would pretty much keep playing with it until I decided I was done and put it down again.” — Caitlin A.

“Sadie immediately liked this one. She always goes for toys like this! Started batting/tapping at it before I could even get it out of the box.” — Bonnie M.

cat playing with Kong feather teaser toy
Aolani and her KONG Feather Teaser | Caitlin Anders

What Pets Loved: It’s So Fun To Play With!

All three of our judges were hooked on this KONG cat toy and thought it was one of the most fun things ever.

Truman was immediately interested in the Feather Teaser and had the best time batting it around and wrestling with the little bird. He even picked it up to bring it to me when I put it down. He has so much fun with the Feather Teaser that I'm happy to break it out when I'm off the clock.” — Shayna P.

Aolani loves to chase it around and jump to try and grab it. This Feather Teaser definitely isn't something she will ever get tired of using.” — Caitlin A.

The color/crinkle effect really attracted Sadie.” — Bonnie M.

cat trying to catch the Kong Feather Teaser toy
Truman trying to catch his new toy. | Shayna Posses

What Parents Loved: It’s Durable And Their Cats Love It!

Finding a toy their cats actually enjoy playing with was such a win for our pet parents.

“The Feather Teaser gives us the chance to play together.” — Shayna P.

It’s great for stimulating cats’ instincts.” — Bonnie M.

They also loved how, in true KONG fashion, the Feather Teaser was super durable.

This one seemed very sturdy compared to others I've tried. Also liked the elasticity of the string and hope it will last longer (lots of cheap ones break).” — Bonnie M.

I expected to at least find feathers and whatnot all over my house, as per usual, but that hasn't happened yet.” — Shayna P.

The best part is that, at $3.99, this KONG cat toy is an absolute steal.

cat biting and playing with Kong Feather Teaser toy
Sadie swatting away. | Bonnie Mills

Any Downsides?

Our pet parents really only reported minor issues with the KONG Feather Teaser.

Aolani's claws get stuck on it every time she plays with it, but that also happens with pretty much every other feather teaser we've ever tried, so it's not a huge deal.” — Caitlin A.

They also wished the catnip element was a little bit stronger.

“Aolani hasn't seemed to react to them in the same way she has to other catnip toys, which leads me to believe that the catnip component isn't very potent.” — Caitlin A.

Despite these things, all three of our human testers would continue using the KONG Feather Teaser, and even recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: Great For Your Cat And Your Wallet!

It’s always amazing when you can really engage your cat in a good play session, and this KONG cat toy will definitely capture his interest.

And even though it’s got some feathers, it’s really sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about feathers flying everywhere.

Not to mention, it’s really affordable — so this KONG Feather Teaser is a win all around.

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