We Found A Kibble Our Dogs Actually Went Nuts Over

We're talking literally licking their bowls 👅

Jinx Dog Food

Why We Love It:

It’s clean kibble, packed with a ton of ingredients that are great for our dogs. Plus, they love it too! (And there weren’t any digestion issues when making the switch.)

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Standard kibble is cheap and convenient, and your dog probably seems to enjoy it enough.

However, it’s easy to feel a little guilty about feeding your pup store-bought dry dog food if you’re wondering whether there are healthier (and more delicious) options out there.

Making the switch to clean dog food seems like a no-brainer. But what if you spend a whole bunch of money just to find out your dog won’t touch the stuff?

Well, we got some of our Dodo dogs to give Jinx dog food a try so you don’t have to go in blind.

The verdict? Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is Jinx Dog Food?

Jinx dog food is a kibble option with recipes that use natural ingredients and include real protein, superfoods, probiotics and no fillers. 

The recipes were designed to help your dog digest fat and protein really well, which, according to the company, can lead to health benefits like:

  • Stronger muscles
  • A better immune system
  • Stronger bones and teeth
  • More energy
  • Shinier coat and healthier skin
  • Improved vitamin absorption

The kibble comes in three different flavors: chicken, sweet potato and egg; chicken, brown rice and avocado; and salmon, brown rice and sweet potato.

You can also get a sampler pack that includes 4-pound bags of each recipe. There are even two different kinds of raw, freeze-dried toppers: chicken and salmon. Jinx also sells treats and dental chews, as well, if you’re looking for something extra.

You can buy Jinx dog food individually or you could sign up for a subscription to save 10% (provided your order is over $30). And with our exclusive code DODO, you get 50% off your first subscription box.

The Judges

We picked six office pups — including some extra picky dogs — to try a cleaner alternative to their usual kibble.

Bobo loves food! He loves to play with squeak toys, go for walks and eat!” — his mom, Genevieve Farrell
Miso can be picky with her food, and lives for breakfast and dinnertime.” — her mom, Eileen Chan
“Gladys can be picky. She previously has not done well with changes to her food. She loves her regular food.” — her dad, Tony Merevick
Maki loves food but isn't crazy food-motivated; sometimes she'll leave treats half-eaten, but is usually pretty good about mealtimes.” — her mom, Sylvie Krekow
Cola and Coffee
Cola and Coffee
Both Cola and Coffee love to eat. However, as many spoiled children are, they become picky and only want to eat the best. Cola is more picky than Coffee, as he prefers meat and meat-flavored foods over anything else.” — their mom, Anika Pornpitaksuk

So … Did They Actually Eat It?

Our judges all tried Jinx dog food a little differently.

Bobo and Gladys both mixed it with their old kibble. Maki and Miso both fully swapped their old food for Jinx, but mixed it with other things, like wet food or boiled chicken for a treat. Coffee and Cola ate full servings of Jinx straight out of the gate.

But no matter how they tried it, our entire judging panel was immediately obsessed with their new dog food.

The first night we added a scoop of Jinx to her regular food, Gladys literally stood there and picked all of the non-Jinx food out of her bowl and left it on the floor.” — Tony M.

“Maki wolfed down the kibble in RECORD time and actually kept licking her bowl even though there was nothing left.” — Sylvie K.

“The first time we gave it to Cola and Coffee, they completely ate it up. They've continued to enjoy Jinx and eat it without a problem.” — Anika P.

“Bobo loved it! He looked forward to each meal.” — Genevieve F.

“Miso continues to eat the salmon kibbles between breakfast and dinner and sometimes has it as a midnight snack.” — Eileen C.

dog eating Jinx dog food
Gladys is so excited to eat her Jinx dog food. | Tony Merevick

What Pets Loved: It’s Fun To Eat AND Play With!

Our pups were so stoked about the way the Jinx dog food tastes that they couldn’t contain their excitement.

“Maki LOVED the taste right away — I could tell because her tail was wagging even more for breakfast when I opened the bag, and she jumped up to try and see what I was making when I was mixing it with her wet food.” — Sylvie K.

Oh my God. I think ‘like’ would be an understatement. She was methodical, leaving no piece of Jinx uneaten. Typical Gladys! She knows what's good.” — Tony M.

We noticed Bobo ate his Jinx meals more quickly than his previous dog food.” — Genevieve F.

“We gave Cola and Coffee a little extra after they kept licking an empty bowl.” — Anika P.

We also had our Dodo dogs try Jinx’s line of treats while they were at it, which were equally as delicious. 

Bobo especially loved the treats, which we have been using as ‘high value’ rewards when we are trying to train him.” — Genevieve F.

“Miso loved the treats right away.” — Eileen C.

The Jinx dog food also earned some serious bonus points with our judges because it’s tons of fun to play with.

“Miso loves to play around with her kibbles. She would fling them with her paws and then go chase after them and eat them.” — Eileen C.

“I could even use the kibbles as treats, which isn't something that normally motivates her. That's how much she liked it.” — Sylvie K.”

dogs eating Jinx dog food
Cola (top) and Coffee (bottom) scarfing down their new food | Anika Pornpitaksuk

What Parents Loved: It’s Healthy (And Easy On Sensitive Stomachs)

There’s nothing better than finding a dog food your pup actually gets excited about. But our pet parents felt the best part about Jinx was that it’s a tasty dry food that’s actually made with top-notch ingredients.

The food is nutritious and of extra-high quality. The key ingredients are in big, bold font on the front of the bag.” — Tony M.

“It seems to have a really healthy mix of ingredients that are good for Maki’s digestion.” — Sylvie K.

They were really blown away that their dogs didn’t have any digestive problems during the switch to the new food. (The reason you’re supposed to introduce your pup to any new food gradually is because it’s very common for dogs to experience upset stomachs during food transitions, so it was extra impressive that this didn't happen to any of our office dogs during our test.)

Maki’s poops also stayed the same, which is great because some kibble upsets her stomach, so I'd say this is good for pups with medium-sensitive stomachs.” — Sylvie K.

In the past, Bobo has occasionally experienced stomach issues when we change his food, but this transition was seamless.” — Genevieve F.

“Coffee’s and Cola’s bowel movements were healthy! No upset stomachs or transition period needed.” — Anika P.

“It didn't even change Galdys’ poop, which was shocking to me.” — Tony M.

Our pups liked the Jinx products so much that both the kibble and the treats were great motivators during training sessions.

“The treats really helped with training! He was more motivated to follow commands with the Jinx treats than his regular treats.” — Genevieve F.

“I love that we can use the kibble as training treats because she thinks it's so tasty!” — Sylvie K.

The packaging was also a big hit with our pet parents because the bags were resealable and easy to store.

“The Velcro-like seal on the top works like magic.” — Tony M.

“I like how both the kibbles and the treats are resealable. I usually have to dump the kibbles in a sealed container because I'm afraid insects are going to be able to get in, so that was a huge plus!” — Eileen C.

“The packaging material is the best material we've ever seen in our experience. The bag was soft to the touch, and the Ziploc closure was very easy to use, as well as actually closing tightly.” — Anika P.

“We love the size of the bags (not too heavy to lift) and the easy reseal system that kept it fresh.” — Sylvie K.

jinx dog food
Bobo and his resealable dog food bag | Genevieve Farrell

Any Downsides?

Depending on the flavor you get, your Jinx dog food might be a teeny bit on the stinky side (but that’s kind of expected from dog food).

“I will say the salmon makes it a little smelly, but hey! I guess that means they're using real salmon!” — Sylvie K.

But that’s just a minor issue!

The only real concern from many of our pet parents was price.

Four-pound bags of Jinx dog food cost $20, 10-pound bags cost $40, 20-pound bags cost $65 and 30-pound bags cost $90.

That’s definitely a bit steep, but if you opt for a subscription, you get 10% off orders over $30. (You can also save money by using our exclusive code DODO for 50% off your first subscription box!)

Despite the premium price tag, four of our five pet parents said they would gladly pay the retail price for Jinx dog food considering the quality. And our entire panel said they’d recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: It’s Definitely Worth The Splurge

The only thing better than knowing your dog loves his food is knowing that it’s also super healthy for him.

We loved that Jinx dog food is packed with real protein, probiotics and superfoods so we knew our BFFs were eating clean kibble.

And you can’t beat the fact that there are a ton of health benefits, like how easy it was on our pups’ sensitive stomachs. (That means making the switch will likely be a smooth transition for your pup.)

If you can fit it into your budget, Jinx dog food is definitely an amazing alternative to traditional store-bought kibble.

(And don't forget to use code DODO for 50% off your first subscription box!)

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