This Leash Made Night Walks So Much Safer

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Illumiseen Leash

Why We Loved It:

It made walking at night so much fun!

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If you love going for walks at night with your pup (or if the sun is setting way earlier thanks to daylight savings and you have no choice but to go out in the dark), then you might have wondered about getting your dog some sort of glow gear.

That’s why we were so excited to try the Illumiseen Leash, because it promises to help make night walks much safer by not only allowing you and your dog to be seen by oncoming traffic, but also by allowing you to see the ground better to make sure your dog isn’t picking up anything she shouldn’t be.

We were so happy to find out that it helped our dogs have much better experiences at night, and we’re giving it our official Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to find out more about what we loved.

What Is The Illumiseen Leash?

The Illumiseen Leash is a light-up dog leash that uses LED lights to help make sure your night walks are safer (and much more bright!).

It comes with a USB rechargeable battery, a charging cord and a lifetime guarantee.

How Does The Illumiseen Leash Work?

This leash helps illuminate your evening walks with LED lights placed inside the leash. Simply clip the leash onto your dog's usual collar or harness, click the button to turn it on and you’ll be on your way!

This leash comes with three different light settings:

  • Steady mode
  • Slow flashing
  • Rapid flashing

These different modes will allow you to be able to signal to cars that you and your pup are on the side of the road, making your walk much safer and your dog way easier to spot. You can easily switch between modes with a simple click of a button.

This leash also has a handy USB rechargeable battery (cable included) that Illumiseen promises will last for multiple walks. You’ll get five hours of illumination per one-hour charge.

Our reviewers

We picked four office pups who love going out on night walks to see if this leash really made a difference.

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Does The Illumiseen Leash Work?

This leash definitely helps by allowing our pet parents to be able to see what their dogs are doing at night — like eating something they shouldn’t be eating!

“Mushu definitely slowed down his snacking on night walks now that he realized I can see him. It gives me a little extra light near him to where I can see if he is chowing down on something unexpected.” — Melanie T.

And not only that, but it also made walking a better experience for our dogs because they were able to see their surroundings, too.

Lupe in her Illumiseen Leash | Anna Perez

When we walked around at dusk with the leash, [Lupe] immediately had an illuminated path to the ducks and wanted us both to take off to go visit them!” — Anna P.

What We Love About The Illumiseen Leash

It made walking at night feel more safe

With how dark some streets can get at night, night walks can make you feel a little uneasy. This leash totally helped in those situations by allowing our walkers to have plenty of light to illuminate their paths.

I think it's great! I definitely feel safer going out at night, and I love that it doesn't need a charge after every use.” — Sarah H.
It helped our dogs see better

This leash didn’t just help our pup parents see better — it also worked to help our dogs see what was going on.

“I felt like Lupe could definitely see better and loved to explore with this leash!” — Anna P.

It comes fully charged (and stays charged for a while)

Lucy and her Illumiseen Leash | Jane Yum

There’s nothing worse than buying a new product that doesn’t come ready to use right out the box, right? Luckily, the excitement we had to try this didn’t have to be halted by plugging it in to charge for a few hours. It was ready to use immediately.

Not only that, but it also stays charged for a solid amount of time.

I used the leash to walk Lucy every night for 20–30 minutes for a week. The leash came already charged, so I just started using it immediately from the package, and I haven't had to recharge it or adjust anything yet.” — Jane Y.

It has three different light settings

This leash comes in three different light settings: steady, slow flashing and rapid flashing.

The light was pretty bright — bright enough that on a new moon night, I could see the edges of the trees on the side of the road. And having the three light settings was really helpful when going around blind curves.” — Sarah H.

It helped other people see our dogs

Mushu and his Illumiseen Leash | Melanie Tse

Walking around at night on busy city streets can be treacherous for smaller dogs who just aren’t easily seen by pedestrians once the sun goes down. This leash totally helped by letting others know that a pup was in front of them.

With Mushu being low to the ground, it’s hard to see him at night, so people often run into him. With the LED leash, people know to look down and watch out for him.” — Melanie T.

It helped us make sure our dogs weren’t getting into anything bad at night

Since a big portion of a walk is spent making sure your dog doesn’t sniff or eat anything she shouldn’t, this leash totally helps to ensure she isn’t picking up anything unsafe (like a chicken bone!), because you can finally see those dark corners.

“I'm more willing to take longer walks with Lucy at night and let her sniff around in darker spots with the LED leash lighting the way, so that's a win all around!” — Jane Y.

The Downsides

The leash itself is a little stiff

If you’re used to a flexible leash that you can wrap around your hand, this leash isn’t like that — although it makes sense since it has LED lights inside of it.

The leash itself is a bit stiff because of the LED lights, so trying to bundle the longer one to keep her closer would have been tricky.” — Sarah H.

Of course, since this leash is probably only going to be used for your nighttime walks, this probably isn’t a huge issue.

Some of the light settings are intense

If you have sensitive eyes, the rapid flashing light might bother you a bit. While it’s still helpful in certain situations (like how Sarah H. would use it to alert cars that she was nearby), it may be best to keep your light on the steady mode for a majority of your walk.

“The different light-up settings are helpful, but I definitely preferred just the standard ‘on’ setting! The blinking setting was a bit too strong for my eyes and had me seeing spots.” — Anna P.

It won’t solve your poop-searching issues

If you’re interested in this leash to assist in finding your dog’s poop at night, it might not be that bright.

“The light isn't quite bright enough that I can see where Piper has pooped for me to clean up, so I still need to get out my phone flashlight, which is a minor inconvenience but not more than that.” — Sarah H.

You can’t lose the charging cord

Because this leash uses a charging cord specific to the product, if you lose the charging cord, you can’t just use one of the other more common ones you have at home.

“This product has a specific charging cord, not one of the more common charging types, so I don't want to lose that, and that makes it less convenient.” — Jane Y.

Is The Illumiseen Leash Worth It?

When it comes to being able to have safe night walks, we think this leash is worth the price.

It's totally reasonable given that high-end leashes can go for upwards of $50 to $100. And for a bit of peace of mind and safety for me and my dog, totally worth it.” — Sarah H.

Piper and his Illumiseen Leash | Sarah Halliday

I’ll keep using this at night because it really makes me feel less worried when we go for nighttime walks, especially as it is getting darker earlier and we’re staying in a more residential area with less light!” — Anna P.

Get the Illumiseen Leash from Amazon for $24.99


How many sizes does the Illumiseen Leash come in?

The Illumiseen Leash comes in two different sizes: 4 feet and 6 feet.

How many colors does the Illumiseen Leash come in?

The Illumiseen Leash comes in six different colors:

  • Bright orange
  • Cotton candy pink
  • Neon green
  • Royal blue
  • Ruby red
  • Sunburst yellow

What if I need even more light?

This Illumiseen Leash pairs perfectly with the Illumiseen Collar.

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