This Automatic Ball Launcher Will Change Fetch Forever

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iFetch Too

Why We Love It:

It does all the work for us! Our dogs really love it, and that rechargeable battery is super convenient.

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Your dog is obsessed with fetch, but all that throwing can have your arm tired before your dog’s ready to crash.

That’s why we were thrilled to try the iFetch Too, since it’s an automatic launcher that can send tennis balls flying pretty far.

After trying it out, we’re pleased to give this launcher our official Paw of Approval. Our fetch-loving dogs were obsessed — and it actually tired them out!

Keep reading to find out the other reasons why we love the iFetch Too so much.

What Is The iFetch Too?

The iFetch Too is an automatic ball launcher made for bigger dogs, since it works with standard-sized tennis balls.

This model is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries all the time. And according to iFetch, the charge lasts long enough for 300 throws.

The iFetch Too features four different distance settings:

  • 10 feet
  • 25 feet
  • 40 feet
  • Random distances

How Does The iFetch Too Work?

Getting the iFetch Too to work is super simple.

Once it’s all charged, you just have to put the ball into the opening at the top. The iFetch Too will take over from there, launching the ball automatically to whatever distance you’ve selected.

How is it different from the iFetch?

The iFetch is the original model of this automatic ball launcher.

It still works the same as the iFetch Too, by dropping the ball into the top opening and automatically shooting it out the front.

However, there are a few differences between the iFetch and the iFetch Too.

The iFetch is made with smaller dogs in mind as it doesn’t launch full-sized tennis balls. Instead, it comes with three mini balls. (They’re 1.6 inches in diameter, while standard tennis balls are about 2.5 inches in diameter.)

The distance settings for the iFetch are also different than the iFetch Too settings. It can launch balls 10, 20 or 30 feet, and doesn’t have a randomized option.

The iFetch isn’t rechargeable either. Instead, it runs on six C batteries or an AC adapter — meaning you’d either need to stock up on batteries or plug it into an outlet.

What Comes With The iFetch Too?

The iFetch Too comes with three blue, standard-sized tennis balls. The rechargeable battery and cable are also included.

Our Reviewers

We picked three Dodo dogs who are fetch-obsessed to see if the iFetch Too lives up to their high expectations of the game.

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Does The iFetch Too Work?

Our reviewers are big into fetch, so their parents were impressed that the iFetch Too kept their dogs engaged and interested, even without much involvement on their end.

In fact, our pups loved it so much that they played with the launcher until they were totally wiped out.

It kept a very active dog active and entertained. Izzie had full interest every time we used the launcher and didn't want to stop when we put it away.” — Emily F.

“The biggest pro of this item, first and foremost, is that the dogs are able to entertain themselves! It’s a great item and works just as it is meant to. We always say, ‘A tired dog is a happy dog,’ and the iFetch Too worked our dogs mentally as well as physically!” — Jordan S.

ifetch too
Tyson and Tebow love playing with their iFetch Too. | Jordan Shalhoub

What We Love

There’s a whole lot we love about the iFetch Too.

Our dogs are obsessed

Our pups loved the way the iFetch Too enhanced their favorite game in the world.

“​​Izzie LOVED it. She could not get enough of the ball launcher. She wasn't quite able to figure out how to put the ball in herself yet, but once she does, I can see her playing with this for hours.” — Emily F.

“​​Our pets loved this item and got so excited every time we pulled it out! They have fun while using it, and that is the most important part to us.” — Jordan S.

People enjoy it, too

And it’s fun for the whole family, not just your dog.

“My 6-year-old nephew loved it as well, and he had a great time playing with the dog by using it.” — Emily F.

The rechargeable battery is great

Our pet parents were thrilled by the convenience of the rechargeable battery. It was easy enough to plug the iFetch Too in to charge, and it stayed powered up for a while.

“It charged really quickly and was really easy to use. The battery lasted a really long time.” — Emily F.

“We love how easy it was to charge and use in any part of our yard.” — Jordan S.

The instruction manual is helpful

And if there’s any confusion, the instructions are super simple to follow.

“​​The switches and buttons on the back could be better labeled — but after reading the instruction manual, we figured out how to properly adjust the settings.” — Jordan S.

The design is so sleek

The iFetch Too has a modern look to it, and our pet parents loved that it wasn’t ugly or bulky.

“It looks great and isn't as big as I was expecting, which was a good thing.” — Emily F.

It’s durable

The iFetch Too can also withstand rough play with big pups, so it’s sure to last a long time.

“It’s super sturdy, even when our large dog decided to paw at it and knock it over!” — Jordan S.

ifetch too
Izzie patiently waiting for the iFetch Too to launch the ball | Emily Feld

The Downsides

As much as we love the iFetch Too, there are some small downsides.

It’s best for homes with yards

Since you need a good amount of room to use the iFetch Too with your dog, it’s best suited for outdoor play, which can be tough if you don’t have a yard.

That being said, you could always bring the launcher to the park with you since it’s rechargeable, but that can feel like a lot sometimes.

I think it's a much better investment for someone who has a lot of space. Unless you have a yard, it's a little big to take to the park. This would be fun at a dog park, but I don't think I would want to bring this launcher to the park every time.” — Emily F.

You can’t leave your dogs entirely unattended

Even though the iFetch Too makes it easy for your dog to play without you, you still can’t — and honestly shouldn’t — leave him unsupervised.

“​​We just had to be careful to pay attention so Tebow wouldn't play a little too hard for his age! It’s a bit of a learning curve to teach our dogs how to use the product. Every dog will be different, but ours still need a little bit of guidance, so we can't fully step away from playing.” — Jordan S.

It’s a little expensive

The iFetch Too costs $199.99, which both our pet parents agreed was expensive.

“While the ball launcher is a really fun thing to have for your dog, I would never pay $200 for it when my dog is just as happy when I throw a tennis ball for her.” — Emily F.

But our dogs loved it so much that their humans would gladly recommend this automatic launcher to other pet parents who would be down to splurge.

Is The iFetch Too Worth It?

While the iFetch Too comes with a hefty price tag, it’s a great holiday splurge for pet parents whose dogs are obsessed with playing ball.

Playing with it made our dogs so happy, especially since their parents didn’t have to end the fun early because of tired arms.


How do I teach my dog to put the ball in the iFetch Too?

It’s going to take a few steps to teach your dog to put a ball in the iFetch Too.

According to the company, the first thing you’ll need to do is get your pup to master a “drop it” or “out” command, using lots of treats and positive reinforcement.

Once he’s nailed the command, that’s when you’ll incorporate the iFetch Too.

When your dog is carrying a ball in his mouth, call him over to the launcher. Once he’s close enough, instruct him to drop the ball into the opening on top of the iFetch Too.

For this stage of training, it’s best to keep the ball launcher off, since the device is new to your pup, and you don’t want to overwhelm or scare him — just get him used to the action.

It can also help to hold a treat near the opening to make sure your dog is dropping the ball in the right spot.

Once your dog is consistently dropping the ball in his iFetch Too, you can start to turn the machine on and wean him off the treat rewards.

That way, he’ll associate the flying ball with the reward for a successful drop into the launcher.

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