This Dog Bed Made Our Pickiest Pups Fall In Love

Plus, it’s eco-friendly and looks great in our homes! 😍

Harry Barker Envelope Dog Bed

Why We Loved It:

It’s super comfy for our pups, and it matched our homes.

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If you’re searching high and low for a dog bed that you and your pup will be obsessed with, then you already know it can be difficult to find one that actually matches with your decor.

That’s why we were so excited to try the Harry Barker Envelope Dog Bed, because the company promises it will give your dog the best nap she’s ever had, plus it’s an eco-friendly and totally chic dog bed that looks just as good as it feels.

We were so happy to find out that our dogs loved it so much, and the company made good on its promises, so we’re giving it our official Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to find out more about what we loved.

What Is The Harry Barker Envelope Dog Bed?

This dog bed is an eco-friendly, sustainable dog bed that promises to not only give your pup tons of amazing naps, but also be stylish enough that you’ll be proud to display it in your home.

This bed comes in five vintage-style colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Tan

Once your package arrives, all you have to do is let the insert expand for a few minutes and stuff it into the cover, and your pup will be well on her way to some of the best snoozes ever.

Is This Dog Bed Really Eco-Friendly?

According to Harry Barker, the dog bed’s made with eco-friendly materials using sustainable manufacturing processes. The dog bed cover, created with cotton and jute, is made with natural and earth-friendly dyes that are also hypoallergenic. Plus, the insert is stuffed with eco-fiberfill made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

Our reviewers

We picked four Dodo pups who love snuggling up on soft surfaces, along with some parents who were looking for dog beds that looked nice in their homes.

Sully loves napping but oftentimes has a hard time making himself comfortable on dog beds. But as I have been on the hunt to find a cushion that he gravitates to, I was super excited about this one.” — his person, Olivia Sharf
Kamaka (Maki)
Kamaka (Maki)
We've had the same dog bed for two years, since we adopted her, and although she loved it, it was starting to show some wear and tear. Plus, it was made from very soft material that basically acted like Velcro for her (very high volume of) fur. The actual bed was getting a little worn down as well, but we wanted a new one (not just a new insert) for the issues stated above.” — her person, Sylvie Krekow
We just moved to a new apartment and have space for a proper dog bed. We also have a floor-to-ceiling window, where Amigo likes to lay down and stare out onto the streets. So we wanted a nice bed for him there.” — his person, Alejandro Alba
She loves finding the softest place in the house to sleep — whether that's a pile of clean laundry, our bed pillows or a fuzzy dog bed. I wanted to find an attractive dog bed that would look good in our house and still be comfortable for our pup.” — her person, Lily Feinn

Did our dogs like the bed?

When it comes to its promises of being durable, easy to clean and comfy enough for your pups, we think this bed totally delivers.

“I'm seriously impressed that Maki likes it so much, as she's literally refused to use other beds before, and that the insert hasn't shown any signs of getting out of shape.” — Sylvie K.

Kamaka loving her new Harry Barker dog bed | Sylvie Krekow

What We Love About The Harry Barker Envelope Dog Bed

It’s high quality

An important factor of any dog bed is durability. This dog bed isn’t just comfy for our pups, but it’s durable enough to hold up to scratching, digging and other typical doggie behavior.

“The fabric is well stitched together and made out of a heavy canvas-like material which seems like it'll hold up really well to wear and tear. The insert is very fluffy and fills out the cover nicely — it hasn't lost any of its shape so far. The stripes also line up nicely; this is clearly a very high-quality dog bed.” —Sylvie K.

It’s easy to open

The bed sets itself up in no time. After taking it out of the package, all you have to do is let it expand for a few minutes, and you’re all set.

“I found the packaging first and foremost to be super easy and not overwhelming! It was so nice to be able to just let the cushion expand after opening the box.” — Olivia S.

It’s easy to clean

With a removable cover that you can pop right in the washing machine, this dog bed is very easy to clean. It’s also prewashed and preshrunk, so you won’t ever have to worry about struggling to get it back on.

I think this is a great product! It looks good in our house and is easy to clean (an important thing when you have a dirty dog who sheds A LOT).” — Lily F.

Darcy enjoying her Harry Barker Dog Bed | Lily Feinn

It looks good in the house

While some dog beds can be a bit boring, this dog bed is stylish enough to be a beautiful piece added to your decor, not just another one of your dog’s things.

I also really like the design and colors. Very minimalistic. Very chic. Compliments our apartment well.” — Alejandro A.

Our picky dogs loved it

One of our pickiest testers, Kamaka, is notorious for hating new dog beds.

“She is EXTREMELY PICKY when it comes to beds. We've actually tried three others (one from Chewy, one from Costco, one from our pet store), and she literally refused to get on them, much less sleep on them.” — Sylvie K.

And in true Kamaka fashion, she did have a little issue with this one at first.

“She threw a tantrum for about 20 minutes, which is totally on HER, not the bed, because she's a husky diva.” — Sylvie K.

But after some time, Kamaka warmed up to the bed — something she typically doesn’t do — so we’re pretty convinced this bed has magical powers.

I think she realized how comfy it was pretty fast, and within an hour, she was sitting and laying down on it. Within a day or two, it was business as usual, and she was lounging all over it, clearly super comfortable and happy!” — Sylvie K.

Kamaka loving her new Harry Barker dog bed | Sylvie Krekow

It’s eco-friendly

Since Harry Barker is committed to making eco-friendly products, this dog bed is no exception … and our testers loved that!

Additionally, as a super environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic advocate person, I love that this is eco-friendly!” — Olivia S.

Sully enjoying his Harry Barker Dog Bed | Olivia Sharf

The Downsides

It’s a little pricey

This bed might feel a bit expensive, which can be risky considering some pups tend to be picky with the beds they like.

I am not sure if I'd spend this much for a dog bed without trying it out first and knowing my dog will actually use it.” — Alejandro A.

But when you get a bed like this, you know you’re getting your pup something that’s high quality, durable and eco-friendly.

“This product is not mass-produced and it's built to last. I think it would make a great gift or would be a good purchase if you REALLY want to spoil your pup.” — Lily F.

It has a funky smell at first

When you first open the package, there might be a weird smell. Luckily, it seems to go away over time — so no biggie.

It does have kind of a weird smell when you open it that doesn't go away after a wash for about a week.” — Sylvie K

Is It Worth It?

When it comes to the price tag, this is definitely a luxury product. Knowing that, we still recommend it based on how much our pups, their parents and the environment benefits from using it.

I think the price is definitely out of reach for a majority target audience, but for those looking for an investment and not ‘just any dog bed,’ the price seems fine.” — Olivia S.

Amigo and his Harry Barker Dog Bed | Alejandro Alba

“It's one of only two beds she's ever liked! We will definitely be keeping this and using it.” — Sylvie K.

Get the Harry Barker Envelope Dog Bed from Amazon for $140


How big is this dog bed?

The Harry Barker Envelope Dog Bed is offered in three sizes — small, medium and large.

  • Small bed measures: 24 inches width by 30 inches length by 4 inches height
  • Medium bed measures: 26 inches width by 36 inches length by 4 inches height
  • Large bed measures: 36 inches width by 46 inches length by 4 inches height

How do I wash a dog bed?

When it comes to the Harry Barker Envelope Dog Bed, washing couldn’t be any easier! Just remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle.

To dry it, you can let it air dry or tumble dry on low. The insert can be spot cleaned.

Why do dogs dig in their beds?

A totally normal and natural habit, dogs dig in their beds for three main reasons: She’s denning, she’s trying to cool off or she’s making a spot extra comfy to curl up in.

In the matter of her bed, it’s probably the latter. And while digging is normal, it can also make beds tear apart pretty fast. That’s why the Harry Barker bed is perfect for diggers — it’s built to withstand that nightly routine.

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