The HandsOn Grooming Gloves Are The Deshedding Tools Your Pet Will Actually Like

Your pet will happily sit still for a grooming session 😻

handson grooming gloves
Lauren Hoepner
Lauren Hoepner

Anyone who's ever had a BFF who sheds a lot knows that grooming and deshedding are crucial if you don’t want your home to be covered in pet hair.

The problem? A lot of pets aren’t exactly thrilled about having to sit still while you brush and bathe them. (And five-second grooming sessions aren’t the most productive for you either.)

That’s why we were so excited to test the HandsOn Grooming Gloves, because they’re designed to make grooming as easy as petting your BFF — which is something he’ll surely appreciate, too.

Our trusted pet parent reviewer had been let down by grooming gloves before, but these were different. And that’s why we awarded them our official Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to find out what we loved so much about them.

HandsOn Grooming Gloves

Why We Love Them:

These gloves are great for deshedding! And because they’re available in so many sizes, you’re going to find a pair that fits well enough for you to function.

What are the HandsOn Grooming Gloves?

The HandsOn Grooming Gloves are textured gloves with rubber scrubbing nodules for grooming and deshedding your pet or giving him a good scrub during bath time. (Don’t worry, they’re non-abrasive!) The nodules on the fingers are shaped like bristles, while the ones on the palm are more round.

The gloves are also designed to help you give your BFF a relaxing massage, since the gloves’ nodules and flexibility will get his circulation going and distribute his natural oils for healthy skin and a glossy coat.

The HandsOn Grooming Gloves are made with a comfortable nylon fabric and have adjustable wrists straps to keep them nice and secure. Plus, they’re constructed with materials that are hypoallergenic, mildew-resistant and free of chemicals.

These grooming gloves come in five sizes — junior, small, medium, large and extra-large — and are available in a bunch of fun colors:

handson grooming gloves
The HandsOn Grooming Gloves in action | Lauren Hoepner

How to find the right size

Finding the right size HandsOn Grooming Gloves is all about your palm width circumference, and figuring that out is pretty simple. Just measure your palm width around the widest part of your hand (just under your knuckles), and you’re done.

Here’s which size to get, based on your hand measurements:

  • Junior = under 6 inches
  • Small = 6 to 7 inches
  • Medium = 7 to 8.5 inches
  • Large = 8.5 to 10.5 inches
  • Extra-large = over 10.5 inches

How do the HandsOn Grooming Gloves work?

Using your HandsOn Grooming Gloves is honestly as straightforward as you’d think.

To deshed your pet, just run your hands over his coat to catch any loose or extra fur. And since these gloves are made with hair-resistant materials, when you’re done, all you need to do is flick your wrists to shake away all that fur.

How much do they cost?

Most competitors cost, on average, $5 to $20 (sometimes for a single glove and sometimes for a pair).

A pair of HandsOn Grooming Gloves is a pricier purchase, since these gloves typically go for $30. But several retailers are offering them at a discounted price.

From Amazon for $17+

From Walmart for $18+

From Chewy for $18+

From Target for $27

Our reviewer

We had a Dodo cat who prefers to groom herself try the HandsOn Grooming Gloves to put them to the ultimate test.

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Pros of the HandsOn Grooming Gloves

There are a ton of things we loved about the HandsOn Grooming Gloves.

They’re really effective at deshedding

“They did an incredible job loosening hairs from Miele's coat — so much so that hair was flying off of her body as I ran the gloves over her,” Hoepner told The Dodo. “Her coat is looking great!”

Your pet will actually enjoy getting groomed

Not all pets love when you break out the brush, but our reviewer seemed to like getting groomed with these gloves.

“​​Miele pretty immediately showed me that she prefers the HandsOn Grooming Gloves to any brush we've tried on her before,” Hoepner said. “She was mostly relaxed while I groomed her with the gloves, sometimes even stretching out and rolling onto her back (things she would never do with a traditional brush).”

While Miele still eventually reached her capacity in each of these sessions, she was content long enough to get a good grooming in.

handson grooming gloves
Miele is so relaxed. | Lauren Hoepner

Using them is a great bonding experience

“​​I definitely assume being groomed with these gloves felt like a little massage to her,” Hoepner said. “It made me happy to feel like I wasn't annoying her when grooming her with the HandsOn gloves — it was basically like an extended petting session.”

They come in several sizes for the perfect fit

If you’ve ever worn gloves that are too big, you know you can’t do much of anything with them on. But because the HandsOn Grooming gloves come in five different sizes, you’ll be able to find the most functional fit for your hands.

“Grooming gloves I've tried in the past have been ‘one size fits all’ and too bulky to do anything dexterous with them on,” Hoepner said. “The HandsOn gloves fit super snugly to my hands and have a secure Velcro closure at the wrist.”

And the fact that they come in a pair is also a huge plus, since a lot of competing gloves are sold individually.

They’re pretty durable

The HandsOn Grooming Gloves held up well against kitty claws and teeth.

“Miele playfully nipped at and latched onto the gloves with her nails a few different times while I was grooming her,” Hoepner said. “It didn't do any damage to the rubber on the palms of the gloves, and didn't leave any snags in the nylon on the tops of the gloves.”

There’s minimal packaging

“They came attached to a simple cardboard label, no extra plastic, which I always appreciate,” Hoepner said.

Cons of the HandsOn Grooming Gloves

There’s so much to love about the HandsOn Grooming Gloves, but there are some things you’ll want to know before buying.

The hair-resistant design is actually a little inconvenient

“This was my biggest issue with them,” Hoepner said. “You have to stop frequently and get the hair contained and under control, plus you'll likely need to clean up the grooming area afterwards. Definitely some extra cat hair mess with these gloves than with a slicker brush.”

handson grooming gloves
The hair-resistant design made it tough to keep the hair contained. | Lauren Hoepner

They might not give you such a good grip on soapy grooming products

Hoepner didn’t bathe her cat during this testing period, but she did test out these gloves in a sudsy and wet environment — by doing some dishes with them on — just to see how they’d work.

And while the company claims the HandsOn Grooming Gloves will make it easy to grab and hold onto bottles, Hoepner found that’s not the case.

“The gloves did not fall off, but I was unable to hold anything wet or soapy with these gloves on for longer than a few seconds before the object shot out of my hands,” Hoepner said. “So I can't imagine handling soapy shampoo bottles or hoses with these on.”

They’re not truly waterproof

“The material itself may not absorb water, but your hands will not stay dry if using them wet,” Hoepner said. “The nylon weave will hold on to soap if you don't thoroughly rinse and wring them out.”

They’re durable, but not bite-proof

“The top part of these gloves is made of a nylon material, and I could feel every nip and scratch through the gloves,” Hoepner said. “So they won't protect you from cat bites or claws, playful or not.”

handson grooming gloves
The gloves hold up against play-biting, but they don’t make it hurt any less. | Lauren Hoepner

Are they worth it?

Cons aside, Hoepner feels the HandsOn Grooming Gloves are totally worth the price tag.

“They're definitely more expensive than most grooming gloves on the market, but they seem more durable and more sophisticated in design than any other option I've seen,” Hoepner said. “To me, these are a good investment, and I'd pay full price for them.”

These gloves are great for deshedding and will actually make the whole experience enjoyable for you and your pet. So here’s to a home free of pet hair!

HandsOn Grooming Gloves

Why We Love Them:

These gloves are great for deshedding! And because they’re available in so many sizes, you’re going to find a pair that fits well enough for you to function.
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