These Leggings Really Are Resistant To Pet Hair

Goodbye, lint rollers! 😍

Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Crossover Plain 7/8 Leggings

Why We Loved Them:

Not only are they flattering and comfortable, but they definitely worked to resist all that pet hair.

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If you have a pet who sheds, you’re probably used to that lint roller lifestyle.

While wearing your pet wherever you go has become just another part of your day, maybe you’ve dreamt about a time you’d be able to just rush out the door hair-free after Netflix and chillin’ with your furry bestie.

That’s why we were so excited to try Halara Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant Leggings, because the company promises that these leggings will be resistant to clingy pet hair — and if any does get on your leggings, the fur can easily be wiped away with just a quick swoosh of your hand.

We were happy to find out our pet-parent testers reported that these worked amazingly for resisting pet hair, so we’re giving it our official Paw of Approval.

Keep reading to find out more about what we loved.

What Makes Halara Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant Leggings Work?

These leggings work because of their innovative fabric mixture that Halara has trademarked as PATITOFF.

Made up of 77 percent nylon and 23 percent elastane, this combination is a magic mixture that combats electrostatic absorption (i.e,. the accumulation of pet hair) by utilizing a new liquid polymer material (called elastane) in its finishing process. This attaches a nano-thickness protective film on the surface that works wonders to keep pet hair away from you.

While all that might seem a little science-y, the big takeaway is that this fabric is not only built to be durable, but it was created specifically to make pet hair not wanna hang out on it.

Are These Leggings Comfortable?

According to Halara, these leggings aren’t just built for your pet, but they’re also super comfortable and buttery soft.

In fact, the tight weaving and knitting techniques used to make Halara’s fabric makes it extremely smooth and slippery upon touch, and according to Halara, the handfeel of their PATITOFF fabric is almost as soft as petting your dog or cat.

Additionally, if you love matching and sets are your thing, you can also get a matching cropped cami.

The different colors you can choose from are:

  • Black
  • Dark blue
  • Light blue
  • Moss green
  • Stardust mauve
  • Wine red

For testing purposes, most of our pet parents tested the black leggings, and one tested the wine red pair.

Our reviewers

We picked two Dodo cats and four Dodo pups who all leave some fur wherever they go to see if these leggings really were resistant to all that pet hair.

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Did These Leggings Work?

When it comes to the promise of being pet hair resistant, these leggings totally did the job. And not only that, but our pet parents also loved how comfy they were.

“They're super affordable, the material is well stitched together/durable, and they're flattering and repel pet hair. What more could you ask for??” — Sylvie K.

Hansel and Gretel snuggling up to their mom in her Halara leggings | Mindy Bennison

What We Love About Halara Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant Leggings

They’re definitely pet hair resistant

These leggings worked for all of our pet parents when it came to being pet hair resistant (and if pet hair was found, it could easily be wiped off).

“First and foremost, the biggest pro is that it actually works! Both types of pet hair that we battle in my house were brushed right off the leggings and cami.” — Mandy B.

The leggings are cute (and practical!)

Most of our pet-parent testers loved the crossover waist and the pockets on the side to fit any small items they might need.

“The cute crossover waist was flattering on my body. The pockets were fun, and I could put my phone in there when walking around my house. You could slip your ID or keys in there also if you're going for a run or out walking your dog.” — Danielle E.

The pockets of the Halara leggings | Danielle Esposito

They’re high quality

Most of our pet-parent testers thought the leggings were well-made. (And they all loved the pockets!)

It seems well-made, especially for the price point! The material feels durable, the stitching is solid and even, and I love that there are pockets.” — Sylvie K.

They feel nice

According to our pet parents, these leggings felt so nice against their skin.

I loved the silky, buttery feel of the leggings and how they felt supportive and slimming.” — Erin H.

Baebo loves snuggling up to his mom in her Halara leggings. | Erin Hug

They work for both lounging and low-impact workouts

These leggings worked for some lounging around the house and held up to low-impact gym days.

“Since I also used them at the gym, I noticed they didn't roll down and get annoying during workouts like others can. So that was a plus! I don’t think they’d be ideal for high-impact or squat days, but they work well for low-impact, cardio or yoga.” — Danielle E.

Which makes total sense since Halara says they’re made for low-impact exercise anyway!

The Downsides

They run a little small

While these leggings do seem to run a bit small, they also might not be the best for those with long legs who are looking for a full-length pair.

I do find they ran a little small to size, especially the top, but that could just be the Christmas cookies talking! In all seriousness, I do wish the leggings were a little longer, as they run up a little above my ankle.” — Sylvie K.

You can see where the leggings’ length lands for someone with longer legs. For reference, Danielle is 5’5” and wearing a size medium. | Danielle Esposito

While shopping, keep this in mind and perhaps order a size up.

The material is a little thin

According to one of our pet parents, who tested the wine red pair, these leggings were pretty see-through.

The material is pretty thin and not very forgiving. It shows everything, including every pair of underwear I tried with it.” — Shayna P.

Keep in mind, though, that those who tested the black leggings didn’t report the same see-through issues while wearing the leggings around the house. So this could be because Shayna had the wine-colored pair.

Shayna in her wine red Halara leggings | Shayna Posses

You might not love the waistband

Not everybody loved the waistband, so it’s important to make sure this style is right for you.

I also didn't love the V-shaped waistband of the leggings. It looked fine while standing up and not moving, but I'm constantly having to adjust it and pull it up anytime I move.” — Erin H.

But don’t worry! You can still get the same pet hair resistant leggings with a straight waistband.

I didn't love the crossover waistband, but other people might prefer it, and I saw on their website that they sell a straight band version.” — Mandy B.

Are Halara Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant Leggings Worth It?

When it comes to actually being pet hair resistant and being able to be worn out and about, we think these leggings are totally worth it.

I think it's priced just right. I checked out their website, and it looks like they even regularly have coupons you can use, which makes it even more affordable.” — Mandy B.

Sylvie can hang out in Maki’s bed pet-hair-free in her Halara leggings. | Sylvie Krekow

“They're great for not getting covered in pet hair, and in an era of WFH, I'm a big fan of ‘business up top [or whatever is visible on Google Hangs/Zoom] … leggings/casual down below.’” — Sylvie K.

Get the Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant Leggings from Halara for $33.95


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If your older dog is suddenly shedding more than she did in her younger years, this is actually totally normal. As a dog ages, so does the lifespan of her fur — meaning that it falls off more often than it did when she was younger.

Couple that with the fact that older dogs tend to lounge around more, which makes it look like a ton of hair flies off when they do get up to move around.

Are there ways to combat shedding pet hair?

There are different things you can do to combat pet hair, with the most common one being consistent brushing. This pet hair brush won another one of our Paw of Approval awards for how great it worked at deshedding!

How do I care for these leggings?

There are some simple rules to follow when it comes to caring for these leggings:

  • Machine wash cold
  • Wash with like colors
  • Turn leggings inside out
  • Don’t dry clean
  • Don’t iron
  • Don’t bleach

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