This Dog Toy Really Is Indestructible

Our heaviest chewers couldn't make a dent 💪

Goughnuts Black Ring Pro 50

Why We Love It:

Our heaviest chewers couldn’t make a dent in this dog toy. It’s so cute when they try, though, and all that chewing keeps them busy.

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Finding a chew toy that can actually withstand heavy chewing is like finding a needle in a haystack.

So many toys claim to be super durable, but still manage to come apart after just a few minutes when they’re up against some sharp teeth and a powerful jaw.

That’s why we decided to try out the Goughnuts Black Ring Pro 50.

Did it actually hold up against some of The Dodo’s toughest chewers? Yes! Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Goughnuts Black Ring Pro 50?

The Goughnuts Black Ring Pro 50 is a dog toy that claims to be designed to hold up against the toughest chewers.

Its two-layer design is made with a natural rubber that has carbon reinforcement, so it’s supposed to be super durable.

The Goughnuts ring comes in four different sizes:

  • .75 (aka small): This is for dogs 10 to 40 pounds. It’s 1.31 inches thick, has a diameter of 3.75 inches and has a durability score of 68.
  • Original (aka medium): This is for dogs 30 to 70 pounds. It’s 1.75 inches thick, has a diameter of 5 inches and has a durability score of 88.
  • Maxx (aka large): This is for dogs 60 to 100 pounds. It’s 2.19 inches thick, has a diameter of 6.25 inches and has a durability score of 96.
  • Buster (aka extra large): This is for all dogs over 60 pounds. It’s 2.5 inches thick, has a diameter of 6.25 inches and has a durability score of 99.

While it’s designed to last a long time, it has a red safety indicator to let you know when your pup should stop playing with it in case they do manage to compromise the design. Basically, if your dog chews the Goughnuts ring so much that the red inner layer is exposed, it’s time to get rid of it.

However, if your dog does manage to chew through to the safety indicator, Goughnuts will replace it for you. All you have to do is send it back to them with a filled-out copy of their guarantee form and $8 to cover shipping costs for a new toy.

(You can also swap it out for a larger, stronger or different toy if you want — just let Goughnuts know and send them the money to cover the upgrade if there’s a price difference.)

According to the company, it’s also super simple to clean the Goughnuts ring (which is important because it’s sure to get slobbery) — just wipe it down with warm water and you’re done.

The Judges

We picked three of our heaviest chewers to make the testing extra rigorous.

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So … Did It Hold Up To Heavy Chewing?

Our judges (and their parents) were blown away by the Goughnuts ring’s durability.

This is the toughest dog toy we've ever had. Truly indestructible.” — Mimi K.

“This toy stood up to its claim as a great chew toy for the STRONGEST chewers. Romeo has been chewing it daily for over a month now, and it still looks and feels the same as the day we received it.” — Rachel E.

“Zuko is unable to chew through the Goughnut, so it will last a long time. It's one of the most durable toys Zuko's ever played with.” — Chelsi T.

dog with goughnuts ring
Luna and her Goughnuts ring | Mimi Kerbin

What Pets Loved: It’s So Fun To Chew!

Our judges loved the Goughnuts ring because they could chew it for SO long without their parents trying to take it away for safety reasons.

Romeo loved the new toy. He sniffed it, ditched the toy he was already playing with and took it to another room so he could enjoy a private chew session. He was very concerned that I was going to take it back.” — Rachel E.

“Zuko liked the Goughnut right away. Most of his other chew toys are kind of flimsy, so this toy was great.” — Chelsi T.

Luna LOVES this toy. Because it's so heavy, it takes some nudging to get her to chew it, but once she does, she's off!” — Mimi K.

dog with goughnuts ring
Zuko is so cute carrying around his Goughnuts ring. | Chelsi Thomas

What Parents Loved: They Won’t Have To Replace It Anytime Soon!

As pet parents to heavy chewers, our human judges were thrilled to finally find a toy their pups couldn’t destroy.

(How great is it to not have to replace a chew toy five minutes after you bring it home?)

“The size and weight of the toy make it very durable. Zuko is going to have this toy for a while, which is great.” — Chelsi T.

As soon as I took it out of the box, I knew this would be a gamechanger. Luna will have this forever.” — Mimi K.

“It is durable, well-made and stands up to normal wear, tear and play. The ring is substantial and dense, but not too heavy that it would cause damage to our home.” — Rachel E.

Our pups couldn’t make a dent in the Goughnuts ring, but they definitely tried — which was another plus because it ended up keeping them pretty busy.

“Chewing this toy is a good way for Romeo to exert some of his energy. It keeps him occupied while I'm working.” — Rachel E.

“The Goughnut keeps Zuko occupied. It's become one of his favorite toys.” — Chelsi T.

And it doesn’t have a squeaker, so that’s a huge relief for our pet parents (and their ears).

“It didn't have a squeaker, and that's always a win in our house. I also liked how the natural rubber did not have a strong, tire-like scent when I first opened it as many similar toys do.” — Rachel E.

They also loved that the Goughnuts ring is designed with their dogs’ safety in mind.

“I appreciate how this toy doesn't change texture as it wears down. Many of our other ‘durable’ toys are made of nylon and tend to become very sharp.” — Rachel E.

dog with goughnuts ring
Romeo doesn’t want anyone — including his human — to steal his new favorite chew toy. | Rachel Elman

Any Downsides?

Since it’s so durable, this dog toy is also really heavy — though it’s a worthwhile tradeoff for being virtually indestructible.

It's a bit large and heavy, making it difficult for Luna to carry it around to her preferred chewing spot(s).” — Mimi K.

Our pet parents were split about whether or not the Goughnuts ring is overpriced — it goes for $20.47, a bit above the average dog toy price — but two of our three human judges said they would gladly pay the retail price for it. And it’s actually a pretty good deal when you consider how often you normally replace your pup’s toys if you’re the parent of a heavy chewer!

As a result, all three of our human testers said they would continue using the Goughnuts ring, and would definitely recommend it to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: It’s The Toughest Toy!

Our judges really put the Goughnuts ring through the ringer, and it was absolutely amazing how well it held up.

We had our three toughest chewers do their worst — or at least try to — and all three rings are still perfectly intact. Plus, all our judges loved playing with the Goughnuts Black Ring Pro 50 so much that it’ll keep them entertained for a long time.

It’s slightly more expensive than most dog toys, but it’s actually built to last, which means you won’t have to spend a ton of money to replace it over and over.

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