We Tried This Mask And Bandana Set For The Ultimate Obsessed Pet Parent Look

Twinning, 2021 style 😷

Goodboy Matching Dog Bandana & Face Mask Bundle

Why We Love It:

Just look at it! It’s the cutest set ever. Not only will you be twinning with your dog, but the bandana and mask are also really well-made and super soft.

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Coordinating outfits with your dog can either be the most adorable thing in the world, or a little too extra — and there’s a fine line between the two.

Some pet parents love matching their pups head to toe, but others like to be a bit more understated when it comes to twinning with their pup.

So if you think matching accessories would be a good place to start, The Dodo’s got you covered.

We tried out Goodboy’s Matching Dog Bandana & Face Mask Bundle, and it didn’t disappoint. Here’s why it earned our Paw of Approval.

What Is The Goodboy Matching Dog Bandana & Face Mask Bundle?

This Goodboy bundle includes a stylish face mask and matching dog bandana so you and your BFF can look cute, coordinated and totally Instagram-worthy.

Both accessories are designed to be washable, durable and adorable, and are available in four different patterns. 

The inner layer of the face mask is made with breathable cotton. The ear loops are adjustable and the nose clip is flexible so you can find the best fit for your face.

The dog bandana is already cut in a triangle shape, so you don’t have to stress over the perfect fold. It comes in two sizes — small/medium and large/extra large — to fit everyone from tiny pups to big breeds.

The Judges

We picked three handsome good boys (and their excited parents) to give this set a try.

“Max loves tennis balls, snout scratches and broccoli. He eats everything — raw broccoli, raw brussel sprouts, etc. He’s excited for a meal no matter what it is. He’s never had an issue with his kibble.” — his mom, Sarah Butler
Guy was adopted in Israel and he responds to every command in Hebrew. He loves to eat tuna, run in the park and play with other dog friends.” — his mom, Joy Gavillion
“Amigo is very sweet. He loves a good squeaker toy he can tear into then gently nibble. He also loves treats, which we've used to train him and teach him fun party tricks.” — his dad, Alejandro Alba

So … How’d They Look?

Our pet parents were instantly obsessed with how cute their dogs looked in their cool bandanas, and loved having the opportunity to rock a matching mask with them.

Since I got the set, Guy has been wearing the bandana almost every day. I thought it would look cute, and it didn't disappoint! This set is beautiful. The design and quality are spot-on.” — Joy G.

“I thought it was cool and cute. I also love the color green. Plus, I'm a sucker for a good coordinated outfit.” — Alejandro A.

woman and dog in their matching Goodboy mask and bandana set
Guy and Joy | Joy Gavillon

What Pets Loved: All The Attention They Got!

Our judges and their parents looked so good in their adorable accessories that everyone they saw just had to let them know it.

Guy is very cute, but the bandana just makes him look SO cute, and he gets so many compliments when we're on our walks.” — Joy G.

“Amigo would be wearing the bandana and I wore the matching mask. We got a lot of compliments along the way.” — Alejandro A.

And our dogs loved that their matching bandanas weren’t too tight.

“Guy loved the bandana! It was the perfect size, so it didn't bother him at all, and he doesn't really like to have things on him.” — Joy G.

“The large was the perfect size for Max, who is 50 pounds.” — Sarah B.

“Amigo’s pretty great about keeping accessories on, so it was easy for him to wear it and keep it on.” — Alejandro A.

man and dog wearing matching Goodboy Mask and Bandana set
Amigo and Alejandro | Alejandro Alba

What Parents Loved: It’s Cute And High-Quality!

Our pet parents were really impressed with how well both the face mask and the matching dog bandanas were made.

The cotton felt really high-quality. It also felt like it would hold up well — he escaped the yard while wearing it, and it came back in one piece!” — Sarah B.

“The mask is adjustable and comfortable.” — Joy G.

“The mask actually has a slot for a filter, so it's safer than most. I also really like the shape of the mask. Then I noticed the fabric and how comfortable it was.” — Alejandro A.

And the Goodboy accessories were super simple to clean.

“Both things are also easy to wash and dry.” — Joy G.

And our testers felt $28 is the perfect price for this bundle.

woman holding dog wearing matching Goodboy mask and bandana set
Max and Sarah | Sarah Butler

Any Downsides?

The only problem we ran into is that one of our pet parent’s felt her mask didn’t fit perfectly, and said it was a little looser than she’d prefer.

Despite that minor issue, our entire (human) judging panel would recommend the Goodboy face mask and matching dog bandana to other pet parents.

Our Takeaway: Do It For The ’Gram!

This is such an adorable way to show off how much you and your dog love each other, without being too in-your-face about it.

The patterns are super cute and the material is soft, washable and high-quality, which is why we’re thrilled the Goodboy Matching Dog Bandana & Face Mask Bundle is so affordable.

If you and your dog are always down for a good photo op, then these matching accessories will really up your selfie game.

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