We Found The Perfect Slippers That Will Change Dog Parents' Lives

Find out why they're a favorite among Dodo dog moms.

Glerups Slip-Ons

Why We Love Them:

They’re really so versatile. They’re nice and cozy like indoor slippers, but have a rubber sole so you can go outside with your dogs without worrying about messing them up.

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Ever notice your dog getting into something he shouldn’t when he’s out in the yard (like his own poop, for example)? 

In that moment, nothing is more frustrating than having to struggle with your shoelaces, since you know every second that passes is crucial.

That’s where a good indoor-outdoor slipper can come in handy.

Katy, one of our Dodo dog moms, raves about Glerups Slip-Ons and swears they’re the perfect rubber-sole slippers for people who like to hang with their dogs 24/7.

Here’s why they earned our Paw of Approval.

What Are Glerups Slip-Ons?

Glerups Slip-Ons are unisex slippers with an open heel so you can slide them on your feet hands-free — which is great if you need to quickly run out into the yard after your dog.

The rubber sole makes these Glerups slippers awesome for both indoor and outdoor wear, so you don’t have to put on shoes to step outside with your pup.

The soft wool will keep your feet super comfy and warm in winter and cool in summer, and it absorbs odors year-round.

They come in five colors: gray, charcoal, cranberry, forest and denim. You can even choose between black and honey rubber soles.

(They’re listed in UK shoe sizes, but just check out the size chart to figure out which ones will fit your feet.)

The Judges

We picked two Dodo dogs who love their outdoor time to really test these slippers’ capabilities. (Though the real judge here was their mom, Katy, who is absolutely obsessed with these slippers and has owned them for years.)

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So … Did They Actually Help Us Hang With Our Dogs?

Since Glerups rubber sole slippers are made for both indoor and outdoor wear, Katy uses them to be able to keep up with Sasha and Norman — and her rotating door of adorable foster puppies.

I've been wearing Glerups for years — since I realized my husband was able to run outside after the dogs when he was hanging out in his Glerups, and I was stuck inside putting sneakers on. Since they have rubber soles, they're great for stepping out into the yard with the dogs to play ball or hanging on the deck with the whole family.” — Katy B.

The best part is that she doesn’t even have to switch footwear if she needs to jump outside.

“When I let my dogs go out in the yard, I don't have to put on shoes to join them.” — Katy B.

That level of convenience really can’t be beat.

“I also turned my dog-loving parents onto them, and they love how easy it is now to take their pup out to pee before bed.” — Katy B.

dogs with owner in Glerups rubber sole slippers
Katy wearing her Glerups rubber sole slippers while hanging out in the yard with her pups | Katy Brink

What Pets Loved: Playtime, Anytime!

Norman and Sasha may not have paid particular attention to the shoes Katy was wearing, but that’s just because they’re so happy she can hang out in the yard with them at a moment’s notice.

They like that I have no excuse not to play ball with them.” — Katy B.

What Parents Loved: You Can Literally Wear Them Everywhere!

According to Katy, the Glerups rubber-sole slippers are really convenient, especially as a pet parent.

My life revolves around hanging out with my dogs, and Glerups help me do this without interruption. Makes it easier to pick up poop, chase them around or enjoy a lazy Sunday on the deck with everyone.”  — Katy B.

And if you step in something icky, cleaning is a breeze.

It's easy to clean them even if you walk through the mud or step in poop. It happens!” — Katy B.

Plus, they’re super comfy year-round, which is a total win.

“They feel like walking on a cloud and are warm and cozy in the winter (I wear them with socks), and breathable and odor-absorbing in warm weather. I will be buying them for life.” — Katy B.

Not to mention, the Glerups rubber-sole slippers are incredibly durable, too.

“I had my first pair for years and they stood up to heavy indoor/outdoor use, including my pittie grabbing them in her mouth and running around whenever she got excited. Now I'm on my second pair of Glerups — it took me several years of heavy wear to tear a hole in the toe.” — Katy B.

Any Downsides?

The only thing in the con column is the cost. At $135, the Glerups rubber-sole slippers come with a hefty price tag.

But considering the mileage you’ll get, Katy feels it’s well worth it.

They're expensive but last for years, and I wear them more than any shoe.” — Katy B.

She’d even recommend them to other pet parents (like she did to her own parents, who are now hooked).

Our Takeaway: A Serious Splurge But Beyond Worth It!

The Glerups rubber-sole slippers are comfy, convenient and cute — which is really all you need in quality footwear.

And you really can’t beat the fact that you can wear them inside and outside, especially since the rubber soles make them super easy to clean.

While they may be a splurge, you’re sure to wear them all the time (and become even more of a full-time dog parent).

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