This Bow Collar Is So Luxe

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The Foggy Dog Bow Collar

Why We Love It:

It’s stylish and sturdy at the same time. The bow actually holds its shape, and the company gives back to animal rescues in the U.S.

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You love the idea of accentuating your dog’s natural cuteness by adding a bow accessory, but will your pup enjoy it as much as you?

We were excited to try out the Foggy Dog bow collar on our own dogs to see if something so stylish would actually be comfortable for them to wear.

Well, it earned our official Paw of Approval because it’s soft, sturdy and incredibly adorable. Read on to find out what else we love.

What Is The Foggy Dog Bow Collar?

The Foggy Dog bow collar is a dog collar made with natural fabric that features an adorable detachable bow (meaning you could buy a bunch of their bows to swap in and out, or even have your pup rock the collar without a bow if you want).

The clasp and leash hook are made with a luxe metal to add an extra bit of polish and shine to this stylish accessory.

And for extra convenience, the collars and bows are machine washable — just make sure the water’s cold and on a delicate cycle and that you hang dry them after.

What Styles Does The Foggy Dog Bow Collar Come In?

There are two types of bow collars available from The Foggy Dog — bow tie and lady bow.

Both styles feature bow ties, but the lady bow design includes two flowing tails as well. The bow tie and lady bow styles include flannel, velvet and metallic options.

You can choose between small or large bows, and some collar designs even give you the choice between gold and rose gold accents.

Our Reviewers

We picked three Dodo dogs who are looking to spruce up their style a little bit to try on the Foggy Dog bow collar.

He can sometimes get pretty itchy if the collar is too coarse. Since being at home, I've pretty much taken his collars completely off, and he roams around the house without it, but as we're attending more locations, I really wanted something stylish that was also comfortable.” — his person, Victoria Barrios
We like cute collars, but because our Bubs is such a puller, function always has to come first. We needed something both cute and sturdy to hold up to his brute strength when pulling towards the park.” — his person, Kelly Guerin
Lucy is such a sweet and gentle soul but has a scruffy exterior that doesn't match. I just wanted a cute accessory to showcase her personality better!” — her person, Jane Yum

How Does The Foggy Dog Bow Collar Look?

In a surprise to no one, our dogs looked totally adorable with those fancy bows on their Foggy Dog collars.

Lincoln looks SO darling. He gets complimented every time we're out with the bow tie on. The gold accent is also such a nice touch. It looked exactly like the photos online, and it does a superb job of making Lincoln look distinguished.” — Victoria B.

Their new, fancy style caught other people’s attention, too, which means extra attention for our pups.

Anything Bubs wears that adds to his handsomeness will inevitably bring him more attention, which he loves. The bow adds a cute, dressier touch for photos.” — Kelly G.

And with so many styles available, you’re bound to find the perfect match for your dog.

“The pink fabric looked great on Lucy's light coat, and I was excited to show her off right away! The bow was a great size to be noticeable without being too over-the-top. Lucy gets more attention with her cute lady bow collar, and people are more inclined to pet her when she approaches.” — Jane Y.

foggy dog bow collar
Bubs in his Foggy Dog bow collar | Kelly Guerin

What We Love

There’s a lot we love about this Foggy Dog collar.

It’s high quality

The Foggy Dog bow collar is made with top-notch materials that make it so luxe.

The gold accent has a bit of weight to it, and the color we got was an evergreen flannel, which was soft and perfect for the holiday season. I was surprised at how sturdy and soft the bow was as well.” — Victoria B.

It’s especially nice that the bow doesn’t flop over.

“I love the size of the lady bow and how sturdy it is so it retains its shape well — no sad, floppy, droopy bows here!” – Jane Y.

It’s super soft

The Foggy Dog bow collar doesn’t just look great — it feels great, too.

“The plaid fabric is super soft to the touch and doesn't look at all rigid around Bubs' neck.” — Kelly G.

“I thought it would have more of a cardboard feel, but that wasn't the case at all. The quality of the fabric was an immediate upgrade from the other collars we've had. Usually, we get cotton ones, so this is our first flannel.” — Victoria B.

foggy dog bow collar
Lincoln looks so dapper with his bow. | Victoria Barrios

It doesn’t itch

You won’t have to worry about the Foggy Dog bow collar making your dog itch. Lincoln tends to scratch when he’s wearing a collar, but this accessory changed everything for him.

“Lincoln doesn't itch! Every now and then, he might do a little shake, but nothing to the excessive scratching he'd do with other collars.” — Victoria B.

It’s not in our dogs’ way

While most pets aren’t used to wearing bows around their necks, this Foggy Dog collar didn’t bug or irritate our pups.

Lincoln didn't seem to pay any mind to the collar, bow tie or not. He was very comfortable lounging in his bed with it on and even running around.” — Victoria B.

Even Lucy, who doesn’t wear a collar very often, was unbothered.

“Lucy doesn't typically wear a collar all the time, so she only wore this for a couple of hours at a time, but it didn't seem to bother her at all.” — Jane Y.

Bubs showed some initial confusion when he first put the collar on, but it didn’t last very long.

“Bubs could feel the bow with his ears when he put them back and would whip his head around trying to figure out what was touching him. After a few times of circling the bow on his collar around his neck, he figured it out and never again showed any annoyance.” — Kelly G.

foggy dog bow collar
Lucy was unbothered by her Foggy Dog bow collar. | Jane Yum

It’s durable

You might not think a fancy, decorative collar like this would be able to withstand much wear and tear, but the Foggy Dog bow collar is actually pretty sturdy.

The collar has been able to withstand Lincoln’s fast running back and forth through the dewy morning grass. He did scratch at it once, but it held up to his scratches really well. Bow tie stayed on and all.” — Victoria B.

The bow is removable

If you don’t want your dog rocking a bow all the time, you can easily remove it from this Foggy Dog collar.

“It's nice that you can also remove it and keep the gorgeous plaid collar for more day-to-day uses.” — Kelly G.

Even the packaging is cute

Our pet parents appreciated that the Foggy Dog packaging’s as cute as the collar itself.

“The packaging was darling — the collar and removable bow come in a cute cloth bag.” — Kelly G.

The company gives back to shelter dogs

According to the company, The Foggy Dog donates half a pound of food to a U.S. rescue shelter for every purchase.

“Proceeds go to helping homeless pets! Gotta love a company you feel good supporting.” — Kelly G.

The Downsides

There are a couple downsides to the Foggy Dog bow collar.

It might not be the best option for leash pullers

The Foggy Dog bow collars are made with quick release buckles, which make them super easy to put on or remove.

However, one of our pet parents feels this clasp isn’t sturdy enough to hold up against a heavy puller.

I probably wouldn't order this type of collar for a strong pit bull who is naughty on his leash.” — Kelly G.

Attaching the bow can be tricky

Our pet parents struggled a little with the elastics that attach the bows to their Foggy Dog collars. They were challenging to put on, and they were so small we’re honestly surprised they didn’t snap on any of our reviewers.

“​​Though I appreciate the option of a removable bow, the elastic was so small and tight that I wondered if I was putting the bow on the right way and worried it would get damaged or snap. It's tight on the collar, too, so the collar kind of bunches up under the bow, which could be irritating to dogs.” — Kelly G.

It’s pricey

The Foggy Dog collar and bow set starts at $45, so it’s definitely more expensive than most collars (and even other options with bows).

But this set’s made with high-quality materials that look and feel more luxe than similar products on the market.

So, while all our human testers acknowledged the price was a bit much, they felt it was fair and would recommend the Foggy Dog bow collar to other pet parents.

Is The Foggy Dog Bow Collar Worth It?

While it’s a bit of a splurge, the Foggy Dog bow collar is totally worth it if you want to take your pup’s style to the next level.

It won’t annoy your pup or make him itchy, and it’s so luxe that it should last for a long time, meaning you’ll totally get your money’s worth.

Plus, you don’t have to keep the bow attached all the time, and could even swap it out with other designs for different occasions.


What size Foggy Dog collar do I need?

The Foggy Dog collar comes in extra-small, small, medium and large.

According to the company’s size guide, finding the right fit is all about your pup’s neck measurements. Here’s how each option breaks down:

  • Extra-small: for dogs with a neck circumference of 8 to 12 inches
  • Small: for dogs with a neck circumference of 11 to 16 inches
  • Medium: for dogs with a neck circumference of 14 to 19 inches
  • Large: for dogs with a neck circumference of 18 to 26 inches

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