This Matching Bandana And Scrunchie Set Is Perfect For Cute Coordination

Sweet and subtle 👯

The Foggy Dog Scrunchie And Bandana Set

Why We Love It:

The bandana already comes in a triangle shape, so you don’t have to worry about folding.

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Matching looks with your dog can be a little too much sometimes. While some people love identical, in-your-face matching sweaters, other pet parents would prefer a subtler way to coordinate with their BFFs.

That’s why we were so excited to test the Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set. They come in so many cute colors and styles that we couldn’t wait to try them on.

It earned our Paw of Approval because we looked so great matching with our dogs in a way that wasn’t too over-the-top.

Read on to find out what else we loved about this set.

What Is The Foggy Dog Scrunchie And Bandana Set?

The Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set includes a pair of matching accessories: a bandana for a dog and a scrunchie for his parent.

The bandana already comes in a triangle shape, so you won’t have to fuss over folding it perfectly to get the right look. It’s also made with two layers of fabric, making it double-sided and extra durable.

The scrunchie is 100 percent cotton and features a bow that you simply have to untie to remove (in case you ever want to rock just a standard scrunchie).

The Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set comes in a bunch of fun designs, like “catch of the day,”“over the rainbow,”“upcycled denim” and more.

You can also throw both accessories in the washing machine with cold water (just make sure to let them air dry).

What Size Bandana Will Fit My Dog?

The Foggy Dog bandanas in this set are available in three sizes: small, medium and large. Here’s how the sizing breaks down:

  • Small: fits necks up to 13 inches
  • Medium: fits necks up to 17 inches
  • Large: fits necks up to 22 inches

The scrunchie, however, is one size fits most. So when ordering your set, select your size based on which bandana will fit your dog.

Our Reviewers

We picked four Dodo dogs with different levels of bandana-wearing experience to try out the Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set.

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Does The Foggy Dog Scrunchie And Bandana Set Look Good?

Matching with your pet always runs the risk of looking tacky, but our pet parents thought the Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set looked amazing.

I loved the design and the opportunity for us to match in a cute and subtle way.” — Gemma P.

The bandanas make our dogs look so dapper.

I loved seeing Telly wear it — he looks adorable with it on! Loved the pattern.” — Indiana M.

Plus, there are so many fun, vibrant and stylish choices.

I loved that there were so many color options to choose from. The colors are beautiful, and I love the little leather tag on it.” — Michelle B.

Even the seasonal styles work for any time of year.

“I love the red and black buffalo check design. It's generic enough to work year-round but still Christmas-y enough for our holiday cards.” — Tara B.

foggy dog scrunchie bandana set
Twinning! | Tara Block

What We Love

There are a bunch of things we love about the Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set.

Getting the bandana on your dog is easy

Folding a bandana to get that clean triangle shape can be a frustrating process if everything isn’t lined up completely perfectly.

But the Foggy Dog bandana already comes in a triangle shape, so all you have to do is tie it around your dog’s neck.

It's easy to put on since there are no folding requirements!” — Michelle B.

This also makes it easy to work with once it’s already on your pup.

“The smart shape of the bandana makes it easy to tie on and adjust.” — Tara B.

foggy dog bandana scrunchie set
The bandana already comes in a triangle shape, which means no folding. | Gemma Paolo

The scrunchie is versatile

If wearing a bow isn’t your thing, it’s nice to know you could always take it off your Foggy Dog scrunchie.

“The scrunchie is super cute, and I appreciate that you can remove the bow for a more subtle look.” — Tara B.

The bandana doesn’t annoy our dogs

Clothes and accessories aren’t for every dog. But our pups were completely unbothered wearing their Foggy Dog bandanas.

I believe with dog accessories and clothes that if they ignore it, it's a good sign. Kitty did not bite or pull at the bandana and was comfortable going on walks with it attached. She’ll wear it all day; I only take it off if I'm leaving her alone for safety purposes.” — Michelle B.

foggy dog bandana scrunchie set
Kitty has no issues wearing her bandana from The Foggy Dog. | Michelle Blam

The bandana doesn’t easily come untied on its own

Our pet parents also noticed the Foggy Dog bandana won’t randomly come loose and fall off.

“This bandana stays on Kitty as we walk, play and nap.” — Michelle B.

Even super active pups can’t shake it.

“Henry is nonstop all day since he's a puppy, and the bandana has stuck with him throughout.” — Gemma P.

foggy dog bandana scrunchie set
Look how cute Telly is. | Indiana Mérali

The fabric feels nice

Most of our human reviewers thought the material of the Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set was comfortable to the touch.

“The fabric is super soft and sturdy.” — Tara B.

The company gives back to shelter dogs

According to the company, The Foggy Dog donates half a pound of food to a U.S. rescue shelter for every purchase.

“I love that the sales for this product help shelter pups.” — Gemma P.

The Downsides

However, there are some downsides to the Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set.

The bandana won’t stay perfectly in place all the time

If you want your Foggy Dog bandana to stay perfectly positioned on the back of your dog’s neck, don’t expect it to stay there all day.

It does slip down as Kitty walks — for example, if I put the corner of the bandana at the back of her neck, it will shift to the front as we walk.” — Michelle B.

The scrunchie runs small

We also noticed the elastic in the Foggy Dog scrunchie doesn’t stretch as much as we would like.

“The scrunchie is a little small for my liking, and I don't even have much hair! I could only wrap it around twice, and it was very tight.” — Michelle B.

There are higher quality options out there

While most of our pet parents loved the way the fabric felt, one reviewer noted there are other options on the market that are made with more luxurious materials.

“The fabric did feel a little thin and a bit more cheap-looking than other products I've tried in the past.” — Indiana M.

You’ll have to wash the bandana a lot

If your pup’s a shedder, you might need to wash your Foggy Dog bandana pretty frequently.

“The fabric collects pet hair so definitely requires a wash after every wear.” — Indiana M.

Sizing can be tough for smaller dogs

While the Foggy Dog bandanas are available in several sizes, tinier pups might end up swimming in theirs. Luckily, some additional folding will likely solve the issue.

“Even the small bandana is a little big on my 5-pound Yorkie, so I had to fold it a couple times.” — Tara B.

The set’s a little pricey

The Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set costs $32, which almost our entire judging panel felt was on the expensive side.

However, it’s worth noting that buying the Foggy Dog bandana and scrunchie as a set is cheaper than buying them individually from the site.

Despite these downsides, all of our human testers will continue using their Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set, and would even recommend it to other pet parents.

Is The Matching Set Worth It?

The Foggy Dog scrunchie and bandana set is perfect for any pet parent who wants a stylish yet low-key way to coordinate outfits with their dog.

With so many fun designs to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

And since the bandana’s already constructed in a triangle shape, you don’t have to make a fuss over folding.


How to put a bandana on a dog

A lot of bandanas come in a square shape, so you’ll have to fold it in half diagonally to achieve that triangle look before putting it on your dog.

Before you go to tie it on your pup, put two fingers in between the bandana and his neck, so it doesn’t end up being too tight or uncomfortable.

Tie the bandana ends in a knot to secure it, and pull the ends to tighten the knot.

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