Here's What Our Cat Tester Thought Of The Viral Flopping Fish Toy

Think this flopping fish would be a hit with your cat? 🐠

Cats are super smart, and they feel their best when they’re mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day (when they’re not sleeping, of course). Cat toys can be an excellent way to bond with your pet and help him burn energy and feel happy and healthy.

So, looking for a new toy to keep your cat entertained?

With an increased battery upgrade in 2022, the highly rated Potaroma flopping fish toy might be just what you’re looking for.

For the purposes of this review, we wanted to put its “extremely realistic with lifelike movements” claim to the test. Did our cat tester love playing with this flopping fish toy? And does it provide a fun and interactive way for cat parents to bond with their kitties?

Potaroma Flopping Fish Cat Toy
The toy is well-made and super durable, but could've been more enticing and engaging for our cat tester. 

What is the Potaroma flopping fish cat toy?

When your cat touches this interactive kicker toy, its automatic built-in sensor springs into action, and the fish flops and wiggles, enticing your cat to try again.

The moving fish toy looks super realistic, and according to the website, its goal is “keeping your kitty on her paws and engaged in real time, alleviating boredom and loneliness and promoting cat's exercise when you are away from home.” And as mentioned above, the upgraded battery capacity makes each charge last longer.

Aolani, a rescue cat who lives with her cat parent, Caitlin Anders, a senior writer here at The Dodo, loves to run around her apartment and play with toys, so Anders was very excited to try out the flopping fish toy.

“I'm always looking for new toys for Aolani to play with,” Anders told The Dodo. “She loves chasing things, so I thought a toy that flops around could be perfect for her.”

Features of the Potarama flopping fish toy

Although it looks like a real fish, the 10.5-inch-long Potarama flopping fish toy is made from soft yet durable plush material (which is nontoxic), making it safe for cats to chew on and wrestle. It also includes a catnip pouch to help attract your cat’s attention.

“The packaging was straightforward and easy, and the toy itself is definitely user-friendly,” Anders said. “It wasn't hard to figure out, it's soft, doesn't smell weird, and is super cute to look at. I also really liked that it's motion-activated, so you can leave it turned on and it won't start flopping unless your cat comes near it.”

The motion-activated feature is definitely a bonus, since it helps extend the life of the flopping fish toy. A USB rechargeable battery and cord is also included, eliminating the need for batteries. We also like that the included chargeable motor is detachable for convenient cleaning of the soft yet lifelike toy.

How much does it cost?

At $11.69 on Amazon (on sale from $18.99), this cat toy is affordably priced considering its rechargeability, its interactive elements and its durability. Other similar automatic toys typically range from $15 to $35 on Amazon.

Pros and cons of the Potarama flopping fish toy

For the purposes of this review, we wanted to see how our reviewer, Aolani, enjoyed playing with the Potarama flopping fish toy. Unfortunately, the results were mixed.


The packaging

“Aolani was very excited about the little papers that came in the packaging describing the product because they'd been sitting on the catnip packet and smelled like catnip,” Anders said. “She played with those for days (typical cat move).”


“I really liked that it's motion-activated, so you can leave it turned on and it won't start flopping unless your cat comes near it,” Anders said. “That's important so that you can leave it switched on and your cat can come over and play with it whenever they want without it flopping around constantly. It's also rechargeable, leaving out the need for batteries, which is a big plus.”


“The flopping fish toy is definitely super well-made,” Anders said. “I'm used to some toys being flimsy, but this one is soft and seems super durable. If Aolani were to play with it a lot, I'm confident it would hold up well.”


The toy is made of safe and nontoxic materials, which means you don’t have to worry about your cat chewing on something that’s bad for him. Also, it’s super soft! “The second time I saw her play with it, she sat next to where I had placed it on the counter and snuggled with it,” Anders said.


The catnip

“The toy comes with a little catnip packet that you're supposed to put into the battery pouch,” Anders said. “Aolani smelled it immediately and was super excited. Once I put the catnip into the pouch and sealed it up, though, she was less excited because the smell dulled a lot and it was harder for her to tell there was catnip in there.”

Flopping motion isn’t very dramatic

“Aolani played with it a little bit, but the flopping motion isn't as dramatic or engaging as it could be, and I think that's part of the reason for her indifference,” Anders said.


Ultimately, it seems that size also has a lot to do with this toy and the compatibility it might have with your cat.

“Aolani is a smaller cat, and I think it's just a little too big for her, as she seems to prefer smaller toys,” Anders said. “She batted it around a little and sniffed it for a while because it was new and different, but after that, she lost interest.”

Is It worth buying?

Based on our tester’s experience, and the high ratings this toy has received on Amazon, we think the Potarama flopping fish toy is worth buying — if you have a medium to large adult cat at home. Sometimes size really is important, and this is one of those times.

“If it was a little smaller, I think she would wrestle with it and chase it around all the time,” Anders said.

Its durability is also a major selling point.

“The flopping fish toy is super soft and durable, so I know if Aolani decides to play with it vigorously, it's not going to fall apart easily or cause her harm in any way,” Anders said. “Plus it's cute, so I don't mind having it lying around my apartment. And I love that it's rechargeable and does away with the need for batteries. That's for sure a big pro.”

As interactive and durable cat toys go, this one is lots of fun — if your cat is big enough to enjoy it.

Potaroma Flopping Fish Cat Toy
The toy is well-made and super durable, but could've been more enticing and engaging for our cat tester.
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